Don’t call it Climate Change,, Call it NATURE ABUSE

 For the sake of simplifying the debate on Global Warming or Climate Change, where it’s too easy for some people to dismiss or deny. Not that changing the wording will make it easier for diverted minded people to admit it anyway but, I feel that Calling it Disrespecting, taking for Granted or Abusing Nature and its resources is more accurate anyway. Makes it UNDENIABLE. Do people not take one another for granted? Do those who stole all the leverage not use that leverage to torture, exploit, bomb, pillage, oppress and impoverish? The fact that humans and animals are also part of the natural world and are being severely abused, its pretty safe to say, So is the Earth! You can’t have one without the other.
   I’m tired of those suffering from “Mental Climate Shift” and don’t see it to then use their mis-aligned mind to say there’s nothing wrong, and calling those who are pleading out from experience, wrong! When are we going to recognize that those with Mental misalignment ARE, in fact, mentally mis-aligned and STOP allowing them to take us further and further out of alignment by depleting ourselves trying to get through to them??
 Its the largest scale of a Co-Dependent relationship we can get! Melody Beatty needed to write Co-Dependent No More for the Larger scale! Books are only written and directed at the little guy. Who’s going to call the Gov, Corps and anyone else who has  false power what they are, Addicts and Co-Dependents? Most people don’t even recognize the signs and symptoms of Co Dependency.
  Those in the know must come together and build a community away from those who will take them on a never ending joy ride.
 Environmental disaster does NOT only have to do with the Earth’s environment. It has to do with people and their Emotional, Physical & Spiritual Health of which we are severely Sick! It’s sick on top of sick for a person who is clearly misaligned to standing in their shit while claiming they don’t see anything wrong. The fact that they don’t see anything wrong is what’s wrong. Of course someone  who’s sick will not see it. They’re IN it, hense the saying, You can’t see the forest through the trees. John Bradshaw, Eckhart Tolle, Stephen Levine and many others talk about the ability to step out side of ones self and “see” themselves. If people are too identified with certain aspects of themselves instead of seeing these parts as just that, Parts of who they are, they will not have the ability to see outside of their false, imbalanced self.
 How can people who are ill and can’t see that they’re ill capable of seeing? The entire point is to be able to admit that we are All unnatural, ill to some extent. Admitting that IS healthy. We’ve All been indoctrinated into this un sustainable, ultra masculine, capitalistic system from the get go. Its in US that we need to eradicate the problems. Its OURSELVES we need to look at. The Addicts will never be able to see themselves as addicts unless WE hold a mirror up to them and show them.
 The way back to nature and health is for people to interact and have healthy, empowering, win-win exchanges with each other and to speak truth to power hungry fake leaders. That’s how nature works! Cultivate what’s healthy and just then challenge the Sick in oneself and others. Health and fitness isn’t having a loser mentality of being a follower, going along, cow towing to the Sociopaths saying, “there’s nothing you can do”.  That’s “Climate shift”, not being able to see the loser you’ve become. People need mental defibrillation in order to get a healthy rhythm going again. People are in such a mentally chaotic, lost state and are very disoriented. How do people get disoriented? By interacting with physics and the laws of nature. We just need to accept the answer we get and do it, or at least acknowledge it and admit we’re not going to do it. If your lost or complacent, it helps to know that much at least. But, to have a defeatist, complacent, go along, there’s nothing you can do attitude at least know it.


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