Are we Really This Blind? The Story of Kalief Browder

Another incredibly tragic story to hear about our wonderful broken system. At times I feel completely hopeless that things will improve. Hearing these stories about such blatant corruption and abuse that goes unimpeaded makes me just want to give up.
 The amount of sickness in this world is out of control. There are too many people who are not brought up properly then need a job. All we have are broken “families” turning out broken kids who go get jobs as “Correction” officers on Rikers Island so they can beat up teenagers who haven’t even been found guilty!
 We have a True Mental/Spiritual Health Epidemic on our hands and not nearly enough is being done about it! How SICK do we have to allow things to get?
 If anyone has not read the New Yorker article Before the Law by Jennifer Gonnerman or watched today’s Democracy Now on the case of Kalief Browder, Please watch or read!
 The level of injustice in the world blows the mind!
 I truly fear there’s no hope! Its way too out of control. The only way anything will improve is when the system completely breaks down and that won’t be before many, many people are traumatized emotionally and physically, or worse.
 The world is out of control!
I know the answer is for people to slow down and be more Present, that too much momentum has taken over, like a train with no driver. But, that’s not going to happen any time soon.
 The level of Unconsciousness among “leaders” is appalling. Talk of more wars, more invasions of Syria against ISIS calling them Terrorists while never looking in the mirror at themselves.
 It seems pretty clear that Obama does not give 2 shits about helping people. What’s his track record? The U.S. Military is there for Oil. Many people know that yet, the insanity continues. Obama says he’s there to protect the people yet, the children they’re supposed to be protecting are the ones they’re blowing up in order to kill the guys who are supposedly harming those children! It makes NO sense! Its blatant lunacy we’re living in!
 I learned about balancing Hard & Soft years ago. When is Obama going to learn it? The answer from the White (dirty) House about ISIS is “What are we supposed to do, Nothing?” How about, do something different than force, than more war which only perpetuates more violence and killing?
 What is wrong with Obama? He can’t “see” that he’s just creating more terror? So, he’s either deaf, dumb and blind or he knows what he’s doing and its all pretense. He wants to kill civilians and children. He can clearly see the results of his actions and that his tactics are not working yet he continues doing it More! That’s INSANE!
 The Laws of Physics apply to everyone Mr Obama! Even You will fall skiing if you can’t ski. The laws of Nature won’t bow to you anymore than they will bow to anyone. Rank doesn’t make anyone immune to Natural Law. Stop denying the feedback you’re getting.
 Even Dr Ron Paul said it on Breaking the Set about the U.S. Striking Syria that its about Cause & Effect. Even the Prez needs to Be Present and Pay attention to what he’s doing. Everyone does, like the Correction Guards at Rikers, the cop who put Eric Garner in a choke hold and the other cops who were all on top of him. Maybe it IS too late for many people who are just too far gone.
 Most people did not recognize early on that something was wrong in their own home and research and study how health, respectful relationships should work.
 Why I go back to the “family” is because not many people were brought up well and taught what they need, or had quality “parents” setting a healthy example. What people grow up with they think is normal.
 The “family” is as diluted as the $, the quality is a fraction of what it once was. Diluted $$ that everyone follows creates a diluted quality world.


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