On Tues 10/14 at approx 4pm Russell Brand arrived at the birthplace of Occupy Wall St to show support for a system that works for all which is the theme of his new book, Revolution. I do not have nor have read the book but I was there to film at his book reading at Strand books later that same evening.
 At his appearance that afternoon at Zuccotti Park Russell Brand thanked those in the Occupy movement and accredited them as being responsible for his “own Awakening”, before making his way with the crowd surrounding him a few blocks away to Wall St and the steps of Federal Hall.
 There Russell Brand made his way to the platform of the George Washington statue, where I was just to his right, where he began to address the crowd; Harrison Schultz and Lorna Shannon of Occupy Weed St and Occupy the Need Act (written by Dennis Kucinich who were asking him to come to Washington Sq pk that eve to participate in civil disobedience for the legalization of medicinal marijuana.
 See my youtube channel April Watters, and Demotix for videos and Pics.
 After a few mins a NY state Ranger politely requested Russell to dismount the George Washington statue and move over to the barricaded pin on the steps to the right of the statue. With that, Russell stood up and hugged the Ranger and moved towards the instructed area. The ranger then turned to me to do the same.  When in the new “free speech zone” began bringing attention to how compromise needs to be done by ALL. RB was demonstrating how a simple request to move to the barricaded area was an easy compromise. You can here me saying in the video that its the people who do All the compromising and how the compromising that’s needed must be done by those who do None!
 A simple gesture of compromise for RB maybe but, for those of us who’s lives are compromised everyday for years, we say its time for those who are forcing us to do All the compromising to DO some of the compromising for a change!
 RB can afford to compromise, the rest of us have done enough and demand change!


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