They said Preacher Marvin Booker had "NO VALUE", Looks who’s Talking!

Another story, that happened in Denver 2010, of an innocent, non violent, homeless preacher who, a group of bully, infantile, developmentally arrested cops pile on top of and kill with impunity. Frail, 56 year old Marvin Booker, was homeless by choice, his family said. He wanted to be like Jesus and MLK and had memorized MLK’s speeches, is family was lose to MLK. He wanted to Preach on the Street like Jesus. It wasn’t stated in the Democracy Now piece what he was arrested for but, it was while he was in police custody in the precinct where he was killed because he wanted to go and get his shoes. The female officer at the desk told him, “No” when he attempted to go retrieve them. Mr. Booker pulled away and went to go get his shoes and was piled on top of by 4 or 5 large cops, one of which was over 250 lbs and Mr. Booker WAS only 135 lbs at 56 yrs old and frail. Mr Booker was cuffed and placed in a carotid choke hold. His gasping for air was considered by Officers to be “Resisting”, Yes, It’s called Natural Law! Breathing! Then proceeded to TAZE Mr Booker while he was lying motionless cuffed and on his stomach!  
 The cops are using the same BS excuse that They felt threatened! If the people let this slide then its clear, the people Are the Problem! The public has enough evidence that the system and those working for it (aka themselves) is corrupt, sick, dysfunctional, on Ego and power trips, not responsible enough to have that kind of power & authority. That the quality/Nature & “ripeness” of a person is not is Sync with the level of Maturity the position demands. The same goes for All “Authority” including “parents”.
 The cummulative effects of the ever growing Gap between reality/nature, things that have Real value and the fake $$ we have come to be fooled by is becoming more and more painfully Obvious. When will people start aligning themselves with reality? With truth, decency, compassion, giving, community, the environment & natural law? The very things the intentionally diverted ponzi scheme $$ system is seeking to destroy.
 Can’t people see what’s happening? What these cops are doing, and anyone like them who does not stand up for decency and honesty, is the accrued “bank account” of how people have been being “parented” for generations. Again, disconnected from nature, from fitness, self actualization, trusting ones gut, that people should be being raised with. So what does that mean? It means that most “parents” are illegitimate as authority figures as much as the system is. In fact, the 2 are snyonymous. Parents work for the system training their children to conform and blindly obey them rather instead of raising the child to have healthy dissent and critical thinking.
 We are living in a Larger dysfunctional “family”. Most people were not brought up right and related to in healthy, fit ways that teach self respect and respect for others. Most people are in emotional and Spiritual debt and have no idea of the meaning of life, why we’re here. They were not taught and are actually discouraged from thinking independently. People NEED a Spiritual Training,, Martial Arts,, Meditation, Yoga,, that teaches balancing the hard & the soft,, compassion with firmness. As long as people are NOT learning these Invaluable Practices,, we will continue to live in a Society of Misalignment and imbalance, Period.
 I like to use simple examples such as learning to walk or ride a bike. The obvious object is to find balance. To use our mind/body connection to master the action. Same with driving, skiing, guitar playing. We need to focus and be Free of distractions. If someone were pushing us over as a toddler while trying to stand and walk, what would that do? Yet, that is exactly the world we’re living in except we’re 30, 40, 50 & 60. The very people who we need to help us balance are intentionally distracting us and pushing us over. Preventing us from reaching self mastery then calling it life.
After murdering Mr. Booker the cops and lawyers then began smearing him, saying that “he had No value!” Only those who have no value Themselves see others the same way! The cops and lawyers are the ones who have NO value! Life is a mirror! A man who chose to live as Jesus or MLK has Way more value than any paycheck seeking cop, judge or lawyer!
 Reginald Homes of the New Covenant Christian Church said on Democracy Now,, the Family of Mr Booker “Forgives” the officers but, does want them removed from there positions. This is against the way Nature works,, True forgiveness Must be Earned. The Officers need to take responsibility and suffer the consequences of their actions THEN be forgiven. Forgiving them before is like rewarding them for remaining in Denial of what they did. There MUST be an EXCHANGE,, that the way Natural Law works. We can’t just make up our own Math. It won’t Work.  


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