James Risen of the NY Times,,

“We’re worried about National Security” is the lame excuse being given yet again! By the Obama Admin. General Hayden who at least is getting some of  it and saying we have to protect journalists sources and Freedom of the Press. Hayden at least is aware and engaging himself in the “Art of Surgery” and the intricate procedure of “keeping the people safe” and protecting journalists. The only problem is, the Obama Admin is not the least bit interested in keeping people safe or They wouldn’t be the ones taking peoples rights away in the first place! How can a Gov who claims to be “protecting the people” be the very ones to be trampling ALL over the Constitution and treating its own citizens with, Guilty until proven Innocent”. Reminds me of a parent looking through their teens drawers looking for drugs as if its the teen who’s the problem when Dad is an alcoholic and womanizer. The unclean with “power” trying to “clean” only creates more dirt! Heed the feedback! Life is a mirror. Again, blinded and clinging to their false position of “power”, they continue to see the. True feedback and Facts as wrong rather than their own behavior and approach. The way we do when we learn Any activity/skill. Its the feedback that we’ve fallen while skiing that helps us learn to ski. Denial of this fact will keep us never mastering anything. Hence, the society we have now.
 It’s James Risen, journalist for the NY Times who is PROTECTING National Security, Protecting the people from an Over reaching Gov/Admin who the people need protection from! It’s the Obama Admin, the CIA and NSA who are breaking Laws, skipping over Due Process, spying on innocent People, stripping the people of their Constitutional Rights and has prosecuted More Whistleblowers under the Espionage Act than Any other Admin in History!
 It isn’t National Security the Obama Admin is worrying about, it’s that Their own Constitution Rights Violations will be exposed!
 Hayden said, “we need a strong Gov to protect the people but not so strong that it violates their rights”.
 First off, its not supposed to be the job of the Gov to “protect” people. Its the job of any authority to raise people to take care of themselves and Not Need the Gov any more, just like “parents”. Not ARREST our development so we can’t grow strong and replace them, the way Natural Law intends!
 What I hear Hayden saying is the same thing I used to realize myself at a young age when I was growing up in dysfunction/abuse and made to believe I had to take care of the “parent” so then they’re in a better position to then, take care of and “raise me”. Which could never happen anyway because bailing out those who are supposed to be there for us Only perpetuates the same Debt, because it’s going against Natural Law. It’s those who don’t have it,, “giving” to those who are supposed to be giving to them! It’s BACKWARDS MATH! If I took care of my parent so they could take care of me, my taking care of them would never end. I would be driving the very behavior I was trying to combat. It would, which many dysfunctional/Abusive relationships do, be a VICIOUS Cycle. As long as the person, group in the “arrested” role is “giving” to the “leader” who should be able to afford it emotionally to give to them, the debt will never end because it’s being Driven from the NECK UP, without SEEING the FACTS and Feedback GLARING Them in the Face!  Debt is Psychological/health, not financial. Its the psych deprivation of the PTB that creates fake debt. Not the $ itself, which is only a symptom.
  As long as the people refuse to see that its those claiming to be “protecting” them who are the very ones violating their privacy, rights and criminalize them instead, the, Addicted to Powers that Be will use our weakness to criminalize every move we make. Especially our vitality, our vibrancy, our dissent and intelligence. Some people are not willing to lay down to the illegitimate “leaders” and see them for who they are. We can only hope others realize and join in.


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