Psyche Debt perpetuates Psych Debt! it’s Natural Law!

It reads at the beginning of a Truthout article by Jessica Lee, “When it comes to this summer’s Israeli bombardment of Gaza and the slaughter of more than 2,000 Palestinians, including 500 children, it’s easy to wonder if American apologists for Israeli atrocities are living in an alternate reality.”
YES! That’s Exactly what is happening! NO different that a person Lost in the woods with hypothermia setting in more and more, their mental status is Diminishing! Thereby perpetuating their poor choices and making more and more of a MESS! One has to be able to have the Conscious ability to Know they’re in an diminished mental status,, which is unlikely, to be able to see out of it.
 I’ve tried to say this for decades,, MENTAL HEALTH/ILLNESS is the most important thing. People with power and $$ are and will be Nothing but destructive if they are Not mentally balanced, healthy and uncorrupted. Once someone has been bought and corrupted, it will perpetuate itself until exhaustion or until it’s met with sufficient resistance. Newton’s First law of Motion,, an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted on by an external force. The system MAN has set up DOES NOT RULE OVER NATURAL LAW!!!
 The Excruciatingly Painful evidence that Man’s Illegitimate Positions and Roles are NOT what they say. Labels and Titles going One way,, Reality and Actions going another! Common People!! Let’s get moving in Getting these FAKE “rulers” out of their Positions! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
 Do some Physical Exercise! MEDITATE! Practice some Yoga,, embrace your Fears! Take a DEEP BREATH and Proceed Anyway!! FITNESS and Challenge are WHY YOU ARE ALIVE!! Not Excuses, Enabling, Co Dependency and Dysfunctional relationships with the Mentally deranged  people in “power”. And I certainly have valid compassion for those who are, in Fact, Mentally Ill,, they just don’t belong in the Drivers seat of the country and the world! Like I said about my own Parents when I was 6 & 7 years old. We CANNOT Emotionally and Physically afford to feel sorry for people who are driving us over a CLIFF!
 Like children with Alcoholic, Abusive, Addicted parents,, Acknowledging it is the first step! Seeing how it effected you is another step. Taking action Remove the Problem is the Second. As painful as it might be to acknowledge that your “parents” are Mentally Ill and disconnected from Reality,, and Creating that False reality because they are Mentally Ill AND in Power, It MUST be done. Your “Parents” are NOT there FOR you! They are there FOR the Mentally deranged, ADDICTED Corporations and the Bankers and Gov who are in Kahoots for their own delusions at our expense!
 Time to start performing the Months long intricate Surgery of separating ourselves from the system like conjoined twins!


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