Abuse of Power is Abuse of Power, no matter what the scale

More and more people are saying and realizing what I’ve been saying for over 4 decades, “those who are supposed to be protecting and standing up for you are doing the opposite”. No where is that more of a betrayal than in the “family”. If people had heeded the warning then, had taken seriously then when I told people of the abuses taking place in my house and had seen it as a symptom of a larger, more serious problem, we would not be living in the Corruption at Epidemic proportions by “leaders” we are today. The People created it by not stepping up, by making excuses, by minimizing, by not digging deeper inside of themselves, by not wanting to be inconvenienced, not wanting to break a sweat and get Fit and find out how Mentally Unfit they really are!
  At 6 and 7 years old I was More on the ball, more sharp and adult than Any so-called grown up around me. Every “adult” I was surrounded by was IN on it. Every “adult” around me had the same casual attitude about things that needed to carry more weight. Not ONE “adult” around stepped up to the plate, acted as a Role Model, intervened and gave the teaching or set the example needed. Not one aunt, uncle, grandparent, neighbor, teacher, No one! No one was Fit and knew how to act Healthy.
 What does that say about us? What does that say about our society and people who are supposed to be adults setting examples and being fit role models? It says They FAILED us!!
 There was NO standard or quality established when I was growing up. Instead of an attitude of having the bar set at a position where we’re reaching up was the objective, instead, I was being taught to lower the bar. Set it lower and keep lowering it.
 When a child is born they come into this world Clean and Fresh! The more dirty or dysfunctional/abusive the environment they’re forced to live in is, the More intense and adverse the reaction of the “Clean” person there will be. That shows that the child is HEALTHY and its the “parents”/Society who need to step it up. Not, turn around and fault Natures intelligence for setting the standard of quality too high! You can’t reach it? Too bad! Keep practicing! Don’t make the effect the problem instead of what’s Causing it! That’s how the Psych Debt gets passed down! We can’t even see that people are a part of Natural Law. They’re going to respond the way nature is supposed to respond when screwed around with, neglected, abused or any other form of Frankenstein treatment deranged “man” can come up with!
 Many people today talk about Capitalism and the Crooks rigging the Economy as the problem. Which it most certainly is. But, its those who grew up in more stable families that see it from that perspective. When you grow up and you “family” is the source of the abuse, you have a different perspective and experienced it earlier yet, at the Same time, are LESS able to speak out about it because you’ve been silenced and intimidated into submission that much earlier. Those who have MORE of a reason to speak up can’t, they need others to help. They are speaking up just Not with words, Nature speaks another language that Must be Felt and “seen” with something other than the eyes. People need to be More tuned in. That is our true nature, to be perceptive. It’s the disconnected from Nature System that made people Blind to the illness that’s right in front of them. 
 Now, people are speaking out about Police Brutality, Government Corruption, Corporate corruption and abuses and how those who are supposed to be protecting and keeping us safe are the ones doing the violating, well, Welcome to MY world, I Say! I’ve been saying this for over 40 yrs and NO one took heed! So Welcome!
 Abuse and neglect in the “family”, a label only backed by No real ingredients!, is the Worst kind of abuse. Its the end of the line! No where to go from there. I would gladly bet that All the Police abuses and corruption All stem from people growing up in dysfunctional/abusive families. Its quite Obvious, the facts don’t lie! People are Not being taught and raised to be the Healthy, Fit, stand up for Truth and Justice people that they are capable of.
 I was reading books like crazy at a young age on Conscious Communication skills, relationship techniques; mirroring techniques that if more people were practicing we would not be in this Mentally Ill epidemic we are today. I was talking about Mental Health and the importance of it decades ago and no matter how much $$ or prestige a person has, if they’re not Mentally/Emotionally/Spiritually healthy,, they are still sick and addicted and will wreak havoc if they are in power. I don’t know what people are waiting for. I guess it was the trauma and stress of what I grew up with that made it instinctual to turn to theses teachings but, it needn’t have to happen to others for them to sit up and take notice. The fact that it’s happening to another they know should be enough to say, “Something is wrong here”.
 The Fact is,, People have allowed Themselves to neglect their Health on ALL levels for TOO long and Now we are paying the price.


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