Doesn’t Matter if you’re a Judge or a Garbage Collector,, there is NO substitute for PRESENCE

We have gotten to such a point in society that has gotten so disconnected and detached from nature that we’ve come to believe man’s fake cities and towns are Real. We have people in high power positions like judges, lawyers, politicians, even parents who make these life & death decisions which are not even connected to health and nature. It doesn’t matter who you are in life or what your title is, ultimately everyone needs to be connected to natural law or the positions held will end up being used for destruction. In fact, its those in higher positions who need to be connected to reality and health even more.
 There is NO substitute for being Present, In the moment, being awake and aware, not unconscious. The fact that so many in power positions are unconscious, checked out, not paying attention while “doing” their jobs means that what they’re doing is more destructive than helpful. The fact that so many people go along with putting “guilty until proven innocent” in jail, participate in blatant criminal and corrupt behavior that destroys the future while criminalizing normal behavior.
 Why isn’t health, especially Mental health, more of a priority? The fact that it isn’t proves that we’re living in high levels of Mental/Emotional pollution. Why isn’t healing modalities like therapy, communication skills, mindfulness, active listening skills more household terms and behaviors? We are in desperate need of these skills and yet they are still not practiced enough and taken seriously enough. Are people are going to wait until its too late?
 Things like caring, giving, compassion are Not weaknesses like we’ve been brain washed to believe and yet I do not see people engaging in it enough. All living creatures need Love, care, soothing, replenishing, to be held,    while others need to be challenged, stood up to, held accountable, held responsible, made to suffer consequences. And yet what we have is the exact opposite! People coddling and bowing to those who need to be stood up to and held accountable while blaming and passing it on to those who need the care and replenishing!! Because people have allowed and sucked up to the criminals for so long while blaming and criminalizing the vulnerable, the momentum of that has gained such speed we’ve come to believe its natural when its SICK! People have No idea what or where health is we’re so lost and disoriented!
 Its a Catch 22 that the more people are coward to stand up to the Real Sociopaths and surrender instead, it becomes a bad habit like eating junk food that accumulates into a disaster over time. People are completely oblivious to their extremely bad relating, co-dependent habits that are amounting to the extermination of other people’s on the other side of the globe. Its a transference of energy that, with each passing second that masses of people are blind to, adds to a reverberation across the planet forcing others more vulnerable to pay for what we fail to step up to!
 We’re in an emergency situation and have been for decades and instead of stepping it up people adjust themselves to it and get used to the fact that there are populations of people being genocided. “Hey, its not happening to me” is the attitude.
 Attention, affection & appreciation are the 3 A’s Barbara DeAngelis wrote about in her Making Love Work program. I guess people these days don’t care about having fulfilling, close, healthy, respectful, functional relationships and/or are simply not interested in doing what needs to be done to cultivate them. We talk a lot about the “Economy” and yet many people make no effort towards a Real economy with other people. Relationships are the Real Economy! Things that are Real, that come from Nature are what we should be focusing on instead of diverted, manipulated, fake, man made garbage, materialism, competition, and war.   Barbara DeAngelis talked about giving your partner Attention, Affection and Appreciation 3 times a day for 3 minutes to make deposits in their bank account and them yours. We can’t expect to make “withdrawals” on our relationships if we never make “deposits”. Make sense doesn’t it?
 Because the Banksters have diverted $$ away from reality by lying and making $ up out of thin air, so that has created DILUTED relationships! A thinning out of the Nutrition and quality that is being passed down. The more Fake $$ is being created out of Debt, the more any “New” Humans being born will be DEBT if not treated and raised with value and quality. Human Beings and Human interactions are part of Nature,, they need to be nurturing or they will make us Ill.


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