Debt Thinking Perpetuates More Debt ! FATE of the EARTH Conf NYC with Vandana Shiva

 I attended and filmed some of the speakers at the FATE of the EARTH conf this weekend at Cooper Union of which Vandana Shiva was one. I’ve heard her talks and love what she says. Because her words inspire and revitalize me they Must be Nourishing! The body just “knows” and responds. Its not an intellectual experience. This is exactly what she was speaking about.
 She talked about how Monsanto and Corps like them “are Criminals who make food to be a Commodity”. She said, “the “food” the system makes isn’t even food its Anti Food”. She went on to say, “real food is supposed to nourish”.
 These are the very words and facts I’ve been talking about for 4 decades about relationships and the Family system. Humans are a part of Nature, they’re supposed to NOURISH, make healthy, build up, and strengthen. If our families are not healthy and nurturing they make us sick and stunted instead of healthy and strong. The “family” over time has become just like Monsanto, creating “Genetically Modified” children, “intellectually engineered” people instead of well adjusted Adults that Nature demands. We’re “told” to toughen up when we feel Real feelings and facts. Feelings Are Facts! That’s how we know the world and our environment. How else to we know what is what, if not by our feelings. When our authentic feelings are not liked by the so called “authority” around us, we get Our Factual feelings get treated like they’re Negotiable when they are not. The way our bodies respond,, especially when we’re kids, IS the Answer, Period! When Our feelings are not met with respect and healthy boundaries and instead get violated and trampled, we get put into a Psych/Emotional debt that can last a lifetime.
  Our healthy emotional needs become compromised while we’re conditioned to Ingest “watered down” love and caring. If our bodies have a healthy response to the poor quality treatment we receive, we’re put into a health debt even further by being ridiculed or minimized for being Healthy. That is exactly what is happening today when people are being criminalized for having Healthy Dissent, for being Healthy Whistleblowers.
 If we were raised with Nutritious families we would not be where we are. Its that simple, the facts don’t lie. The Fact that people have been lulled into a walking sleep shows that “parents” are not teaching their children to be a Fit and healthy as they can be. I’m not talking about anything so incomprehensible here. I’m talking about having the Right to be what we are; Healthy! We’ve come to believe absence of Cancer is healthy, not being bed ridden is healthy, working ones whole life in some miserable job for a pension is healthy.
 Of course, no one is going to tell us or help us to reach our full expression of ourselves. We’ve settled for a slave existence and have even come to blame ourselves for our inability to reach self actualization. Please see my youtube video April Watters with Andrew Kimbrell. That’s how the Psych Debt gets passed down. The “family” system gets diluted along with $$ and our Mental Health, then if you can’t reach full Maturation its YOUR own fault! This is just another form of Socializing the Mental gains while Privatizing the Mental Debt! When the Psychos that Be want to be in a relationship with you they will but, when there’s a loss, you’re on your own! We ALL know people like that and have had to deal with them at one time or another. WHY is it so difficult for many people to believe those with All the power don’t play fair, continue making excuses for Corrupt Leaders and blame the people for their own situations? To this point it’s easy to see what’s going on and to a point people ARE responsible for their own situations but when those is “power” don’t play by the rules,, and don’t want to be held accountable, right, then it’s OK to Blame the people who are Not even in a Power Position. The rules will change to suit the Power Addicted no matter what! We have nothing but a continuous Mind Game to see through and if we are not fit enough we will lose! They will give us ALL they have and will intensify it the more we see through it. Are we prepared?


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