Red Cross’ Secret Disaster,,LIES! Dysfucntional, Debt based thinking, again!

There it goes again! The lack of Fitness and the increasing disconnect from Reality and Natural Law. In the report, The Red Cross’ Secret Disaster by Justin Elliott, on the less than adequate response from the RC the days following Hurricane Sandy. Two weeks after Sandy hit, Red Cross Chief Executive Gail McGovern declared that the group’s relief efforts had been “near flawless.”. Well, as usual, its not up to the RC to determine whether or not their operations are “flawless”. Its the job of outsiders to critique the RC to decide. Look what allowing the Fed and banking systems to regulate themselves has done. That’s the whole point! Obama, who is the charities honorary chairman, told everyone to donate to the RC, that “they know what they’re doing”. The organizations internal assessments acknowledge that the charity left some victims in dire circumstances. “Handicapped victims slept in their wheelchairs for days”. One of the truck drivers during Hurricane Issac, Jim Dunham said, “we were sent way down to the Gulf with nothing to give. The RC’s relief effort was worse than the storm”. From interviews and documents, the RC lacked basic supplies like food, blankets and batteries to give out in the days after the storm. Some supplies even went to waste, the RC THREW OUT tens of thousands of meals because it could find the people who needed them.
 It always comes down to the SAME THING over and over. BREAKING the vicious cycle so we can improve and change. Every situation comes down to this “simple”, basic FACT. But, because people are ILL and don’t know it, have been so programmed to function in the OPPOSITE way that Fitness functions,, the sickness continues. DENIAL, LYING, Defending, making excuses for, not admitting mistakes or acknowledging being wrong, are ALL UNNATURAL things we were PROGRAMMED into , that Are NOT NATURAL healthy behaviors. If we do not get it soon, that the way we behave is SICK, we will just continue to Destroy ourselves and others. the MATH is the MATH. I have to point out the same thing over and over gain because it keeps coming up over and over. We are Disconnected from Natural Law. The more we live and perpetuate Fake, Man Made habitat and thinking, the More we shut out Truth and Fitness. then, the more Nature and truth will be pushing it’s way in! How these heads of these organizations such as the RC make it through life amazes me! How to they deal with feedback when they walk and drive? If people can’t handle Hard Facts,,, Don’t be in a Leadership role!
  How do these people handle a day on the slopes if they don’t know how to ski and physics being a constant reminder showing them otherwise? They don’t ski or engage in challenging activities, that’s how! They Can’t handle any accurate feedback coming from Natural Law! People have been living in this Fake, Man made Habitat for so long they can’t handle any healthy feedback.
 A piece from the report reads, Richard Rieckenberg, who oversaw aspects of the Red Cross’ efforts to provide food, shelter and supplies after the 2012 storms, said the organization’s work was repeatedly undercut by its leadership.
Top Red Cross officials were concerned only “about the appearance of aid, not actually delivering it,” Rieckenberg says. “They were not interested in solving the problem — they were interested in looking good. That was incredibly demoralizing.”
  THIS IS WHAT LIVING IN A MONETARY SYSTEM DOES! It makes EVERYTHING FAKE, It HAS TO ! Because that’s what $$ IS! People get more and more Addicted to the $$ and further away from “Nutrition”, Truth, what’s real and Health.

Another example of how “leaders” are gripped by Mental Illness! The further we get from nature’s feedback the more Truth and Natural Law will feel like a betrayal. As long as people keep far away from fitness, from organic activities like skiing, biking, yoga, Relationships with other Humans, anything involving physics that cannot be bought and manipulated into giving us the answer we Want instead of the answer that Is, the LESS Fit they will be and the more they will find the FACTS excruciating! No different than an overweight person on a tread mill! This goes Especially for “parents”. So-called leaders are letting down those who are completely dependent on them with all their Denial and Lame excuses! Its simple, like you do when u learn to roller skate or ski, you ADMIT when you fall! Then you can adjust your moves and coordination so you can improve and master the skill! Its the Same principles that go for Every other  activity in life. Denial and excuses do Not teach you to walk!
  Its our $$, image first world that has conditioned people to lie and deny instead of come CLEAN and tell the truth! And this is the American Red Cross! This is not Wall St. Oh but wait a minute,,, is it?
 How will we ever solve problems if “authority” and those working for them continue Lying!?
 Truth is the way out. Lying is QE3, 4, 5, 6 and on and on! Kicking the Debt can down the road that has come to a Dead end a long time ago!


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