Who do Children of Abusive Families Sue?

When people think of pollution or environmental issues they usually think of the Planet and environment. People typically don’t think of human relationships, the family system or parenting as a way of destroying nature and yet, I believe, it is even more so.
 People don’t think much of it when children are born and “raised” in low quality ways. Its become much to normal to live in sub standard ways. When a child is born and its not respected, wanted, valued or given the time and attention they need to grow to be healthy, balanced, responsible, mature adults, they’re Literally, being polluted and physically harmed.
 People talk about environmental degradation, fracking, oil drilling, the Keystone pipeline, profit before people but what causes all this? Where does it some from? Why do people not respect nature or themselves? Because they didn’t get what they needed as children that’s why. They didn’t grow up feeling loved and respected for who they really were, they didn’t get what they needed when and in the amounts they deserved.
 Human beings are a part of the Natural world and have NON Negotiable needs that MUST be met in adequate amounts or we create Monsters, mutants, criminals, Ego maniacs, mentally imbalanced “adults”.
 We have lived way too arrogantly for much too long and its going to end very soon. The imbalanced, Ego driven mind/intellect does Not dictate to Natural law, reality, the body. Its the other way around. If we think we will get away with disrespecting nature by disrespecting children, by diluting the care that we pass down, by taking advantage of their vulnerable position to get over on, we are sadly mistaken.
 2 weeks ago I attended and filmed the Techno-Utopianism & the Fate of the Earth, Why Technology Will Not Save The World. Videos can be found on my youtube channel, April Watters. Speaker after speaker discussing the Fate of the Planet and how Technology has too many unintended consequences that just ends up creating more problems thereby creating a vicious cycle. The problem being the fact that $, profit & Ego end up taking priority which divert the solutions from ever being able to solve the problems. “Man” continues to do the same thing over and over, use the same faulty thinking over & over. He can’t grasp that Nature can possibly be the answer and not something he can make $$ off of. Because man and his thinking is sick and disconnected from nature, how can we ever solve the severe problems we face? In order for us to solve the problems of the environment we need healthy people with healthy thinking to take charge. How do we get sick, addicted people out of the way?
 I feel myself, my body doing its best to try to be healthy, function healthily and break free from the brainwashing I grew up with. As I get in touch with real feelings of rage I’m struck with immense clarity! I’ve known it and have been saying it all my life but, was never allowed to. There was no one to give me and leverage or any support. When I think back to when I was trying to grow up I want to drop to the floor at how utterly ignorant and destructive everyone around me was. To have ones normal, healthy behaviors made to be wrong and criminal while bailing out those responsible THEN, telling me that I should feel sorry for those who I needed to rely on to take Good care of me is beyond comprehension. And to have neighbors and extended family nearby and, instead of being on the side of the vulnerable and standing up for me, they make excuses for the incompetent “parent”. THIS IS MANGLING NATURE and HEALTH and the Greatest Betrayal ever bestowed! Because there is No one to stand up for the vulnerable it might seem as though “authority” is getting away with it but, nature is not that stupid.
“Parents” that do not do right by their children are the Greatest betrayers of trust and deserve the consequences. I’m So SICK of people, illegit “authority” wanting to make up their own dictates of how Natural Law should function instead of Natural Law dictating to them!
 Does “Man” really think they can do a better job than Nature?? Does man really think he knows better than the Ultimate Intelligence of Natural Law? Man ALIGNED WITH Natural Law is intelligence, man at odds and Ego full is Sick and Dangerous and needs to be Stopped!
 When children or people have Valid, healthy feelings and expressions and “authority” uses its position to oppress these natural drives, all that’s happening is the Debt of Nature is growing and will blow up in our face one day.
 I’m sick of people saying things like, “oh, don’t be angry”, or “anger is not good” or,”don’t say that, that’s not nice”and “oh, be forgiving” and on and on. All they’re doing is living life from the neck up! Things have to happen in REALITY with Natures demands satisfied. Not because someone Said so!
 If your body feels something it feels it, Period! That’s the answer! This idea that people with illegit power like “parents”, “cops” or “judges” are to be obeyed based on Rank Only and Not because they’re backed by justice and truth is Tyranny!
 The reason our system is falling apart is because of the break down of the family system and the fact that people have allowed themselves to be Bought! The family is part of Nature. Children DEMAND a healthy relationship environment to grow in like we require Clean air and water.
 “Parents” have NO right to subject their children to anything less than an adequate environment to grow in. Its the family where we learn what we’re worth. Its the family where we learn what healthy relationships are. If we live with people who don’t treat us the way we deserve or hold us to a high level of respect, how will we know when we’re being abused or mistreated in life? We won’t be able to tell the difference between a healthy relationship and an abusive, unhealthy one because the poor treatment will feel too normal.
 If we want to save the Earth and environment we better start looking more towards human relations. Humans do to the Earth what they feel about themselves and what was done to them. They will continue turning the landscape of the Earth into their own inner image which has been trashed.
 When I hear people talk about the illnesses they suffered at the hands of the U.S. Military who did Nuclear Bomb testing on the island where they lived, when I hear about the Indigenous people of the Amazon suing Texaco over the dumping of toxic waste which made them sick,, I think, “Who Do Abused Children Sue?” A patient suing a doctor for malpractice, an auto maker put out a faulty car part that kills people, people have recourse and can sue for the death of their family. Who do Abused Children sue? When they grow up they end up being their own worst enemy because they have internalized the abuse against themselves and are Now doing the work FOR the System TO themselves! They become an accomplice in their Own Demise! How do you get to the bottom of that when the people aren’t even capable of complaining or speaking up? When they’re so intertwined with the abuse they even defend it? That is the Most Challenging Cause of all!


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