Nature is Constantly trying to assert itself!

Backed against the wall. That is what is being done to our health and to nature. Whether people acknowledge it or not, Emotional & Spiritual is part of our health.  Although people may “think” they’re getting somewhere by looking the other way at work when they see “small” injustices or corruption happen everyday and choosing the $, they are very wrong. Nothing in this world is more satisfying and rewarding than being Emotionally & Spiritually Fit. Even just writing that sentence is an oxy moron. To have to write that it’s satisfying to be healthy when they are one in the same is backwards. How much longer are we going to choose fake   $ and man made “math” and man’s made up idea of justice over nature, peace and health before we realize the $ was not worth turning our soul Black for?
 Every day I can feel my own body and the truth that I’ve tried to express for decades pushing its way forth, like an overdue 10lb baby, only to be met with resistance by the very people who should be acting as the “midwife”. How is a person supposed to live when the very people who they Need to be on their side are the very people suppressing them?
 How can there Not be “Global Warming” when there is a CLEAR and definite WAR against the health and vibrant Nature of the majority of the population? When the majority of people are not allowed to be healthy and speak their truth? When activists, whistleblowers and those who dissent are treated like criminals and arrested? When Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern is arrested for criminal trespass in the “3rd degree” for trying to ask David Petraeus a legit, challenging question? The fact that the extreme, addicted, Corps; Monsanto, the Koch Bros and banksters want the “freedom” to make “profits” completely unregulated and no one, not even  Nature can have a say is the epitome of severe levels of Pathology. The facts are the facts. The world is worrying about a Physical disease like Ebola spreading yet, we have a world wide Mental Health CRISIS on our hands and not enough people are dealing with that! Why is Ebola more of a concern than a Mental Disease when a Mental Disease is just as deadly for those who fall victim to it? Look at all the people being harmed by the Addicted Koch Bros, JP Morgan, Monsanto, Oil companies, the banksters and FED who function unregulated then, when they clearly “spread” their disease around, it goes ignored and unaddressed!
 The environmental crisis in at the Human level. Not being allowed to speak truth and be healthy all my life. How Blind are people? When there’s no one on your side your entire life and it’s the “family” that’s actually the one condemning you for standing up for yourself and speaking out.
 A person without a Real, supportive family doesn’t stand a chance! Physically a person cannot grow properly without a healthy environment to grow in. A child, aka, NATURE REQUIRES adequate treatment and respect. Nature CANNOT be gotten over on! Not even the Perpetrator can get over on Nature! They are effecting their health whether they know it or like it or not.
 If a Corp head goes to play golf one day and he’s not very good at it, he can use all his $ and influence to rig the game in his favor but, ultimately, only by winning legitimately does a person truly benefit. Real satisfaction can only be had by accomplishing something for Real. Imagine trying to rock climb and cheating? How satisfying is that going to feel? Legitimately making it to the top of a mountain is the only organic way to inner satisfaction.
 The reason the 1% are insatiable is because they do not earn or deserve what they have. It has no nutritional value because they cheat and so its ultimately not satisfying, which is why they become addicts who will never find real satisfaction because only what comes from nature brings Real fulfillment.


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