Matthew Hoh from the Center for International Policy

A Big shout out to Matthew Hoh from the Center for International Policy who spoke so honestly on Democracy Now yesterday. Speaking so candidly about Mental Health issues like alcoholism and PTSD is key to our Salvation. Suppression of feelings, hiding emotional wounds, pains, fears And our power and healthy self admiration is what drives our $$ focused, war addicted world.
 The fact is, the REAL economy is the body’s economy, each persons health on All levels of physical, emotional & spiritual. Man is creating a $ economy that reflects his/her health economy. People get put into debt on all levels by not receiving what they need early on in their lives. Most people do not receive adequate emotional “nutrition” when they are young and develop emotional imbalances later on. Corp heads, bankers and others would not have the $ and power addiction they have if they were healthy and received the right amount of respect, attention or validation they required as children. People can say all they want, “oh get over it” or “tough builds character” but, ultimately, Natural Law determines what cultivates optimum health. NOT people! Saying it again, walking, biking, skiing, tennis, guitar playing All involve aligning WITH Natural Law! Not arguing, denying or resisting it. Physics doesn’t end when not engaging in these actions. All these unhealthy Corp heads and Eric Holder, head of the “just us” Dept with his, Banks are “too Big to jail” remarks has NO business leading the Dept of Justice! A TRUE leader would say, “NO one is above the law and above jail!” This attitude of, “it will harm the economy if we jail them” is the same BS as whistle blowers harming National Security! Its a LIE! The only thing they want to protect is their cushy relationship with Criminals and Not face their own Co Dependency! No True leader would ever say that a banker CEO is Too Big to Jail! That’s the exact opposite of Real leadership! A true leader would step up to the challenge! Too big means they deserve to be tackled even more! The American people better not accept this!
 Being emotionally unhealthy and imbalanced has become the new normal, man having given nature the make over it needed to suit him. All the unhealthy, abusive, harmful child rearing practices have been so ingrained they have become “2nd Nature” which is anything But natural!


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