The $ supply is POISONED!

Like getting food poisoning and trying to determine the source of which it came, so is the same for the $ system.
 Those controlling and manipulating it are ill and are spreading their disease around not by bodily fluids like Ebola, not via airborn pathogens but, by the circulation or Lack thereof of $$.
 People and society will continue to deteriorate and get mentally and physically sicker unless the issues and control of $ are taken away from the hands of the immature, harmful and irresponsible banksters! Period.
 Natural Law, basic Common Sense and decency will continue to be assaulted and mangled by the mentally deranged with control. The Laws of Nature will continue to be overridden and gouged out and the Debt and Diseased $ system put in it’s place until somewhat healthy, sane people step forth and resist. By continuously allowing Basic Common Sense to be run over while sitting by and not stepping forth, we are setting ourselves up to learn about Natural Laws No Forgiveness Policy the HARD way!
 The more time that goes by where we do take care of our own mental and physical fitness by challenging those with “power” who continuously erode and devalue poorer, displaced people, the more displaced people will be created. Its the way a sick, inefficient system functions.
 A simpler way to look at it is the human body. Its a smaller system and functions either healthy or not. A system is a system is a system. Whether its the body, family, neighborhood or Corporation. We are ALL connected under ONE bodily system whether we accept it or not. The more it gets resisted, the more the violence will persist and intensify thereby destroying everyone.
 When someone has signs and symptoms of illness or imbalance that imbalance might show up in one part of the body as pain or a physical expression like a rash. Because ONE part of the body or one system is ill or imbalanced doesn’t mean the illness is isolated in that area. It means the Entire system is sick and imbalanced. If someone in a family expresses the anger, rage, drug addiction, gambling problem it means the whole family is off balance, NOT just the person expressing the addiction. If the people within the system are Not willing to look at and accept their part in contributing to the problems, they will continue. Simple.
 Nature cannot be gotten over on, around, under, on top of, side stepped! Only through!
 Like John Bradshaw said, “the only way out is through”.
 Everything comes down to emotional health. Everything! People Must be willing to do the painful work of acknowledging their own unresolved pain when they were victimized OR victimized others. Otherwise the Emotional DEBT perpetuates and exacerbates. More and more people will be victimized by the Unresolved Emotional Wounds of those who have seized power.
 This morning I read an piece written by Psychologist, Dr Seth Farber about a woman who was involuntarily committed to a Mental Hosp, who wasn’t really sick, and assaulted by another violent patient who was that patients roommate. The assaulted pts name was Gloria who ended up nearly going blind by having her eyes punched several times.
 To make a long story short, of course, the hosp took NO responsibility for the assault and placing a dangerous pt in the
Same room with the pt. And for the fact that the victim was FORCED! Against her will to be in the Hosp in the first place.
 Most lawyers covered for the hosp and informed Dr Farber that they couldn’t prove the hosp was negligent! Its not only Banks who are Too Big to Fail or Jail! And as long as this is the case, as long as institutions and lawyers who represent them participate in Mind Fk, denying truth and reality and covering up corruption for $, they are inadvertently contributing to the inevitable EXPLOSION that they are guaranteeing.
 Its simple. Man cannot override Natural Law! Even in their own Soul.


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