As time goes on I really see how I was on the right track decades ago. What so many more people are seeing and coming to understand today I knew and was pointing out over 40 years ago. The only problem is, not having anyone on your side. Waking up has so much more to do with leverage and the support we either receive or don’t. We “get it” when enough people also do which allows us to get more air under our wings. We can know things consciously yet, still unable to get anywhere due to the lack of support.
 The family system is just a smaller system than the larger one we all share. Its important to look at the health of the family in determining how our society arrived where it has. There is much questioning and revealing the corruption of the Gov, Corps and Wall St and yet questioning how we were raised is just as important. The relationships we had growing up with out primary care givers, usually known as our parents, has such an impact on who we turn out to be and yet, in society its not even acknowledged. What if health were more of a focus than $? What if we valued and pursued what has true wealth rather than getting caught up and lured away from our souls by man’s fake idols? What if we were so proficient at basic emotional health that we recognized immediately when we were diverting and took actions to right ourselves?
  So many people are speaking out today and blowing whistles on the NSA, the CIA, the Gov, Military, the “justice” system and getting all kinds of support. Where were people when I was speaking out against abusive power when I was just 7? I received the Opposite. At a young age I believed people stand by you and would back me when a person is courageous and steps forth, “people will naturally back me”, I thought. Was I WRONG! All I was met with was opposition and support and excuses for the “perp”.
  Its much easier to step on the vulnerable and yet I stood up to abusive power decades ago and had NO support! People won’t join you until you have the support of others on your side. But, how can you get people on your side when those who are supposed to be on your side are the ones abusing and opposing you? They’re the one’s who are supposed to be on your side! Yet, are the very ones condemning you for being alone! Because They don’t have the courage to stand by you, they blame you for speaking out!
 It’s like a white blood cell saying, “I’m not gonna go help that Red Blood cell from that virus until other white blood cells do it first”. The fact that people don’t have it in them to do what’s right without needing others to do it first when THEY need to be first! They ARE First! TAG! You’re it!
  That shows the level of Deterioration of our Society! When the ADULTS don’t know they’re supposed to be the ADULTS and Step Up! This lack of response shows the level of IMMATURITY, the level of IRRESPONSIBILITY and COWARDESS and the fact that people are not WORTHY of having children!
 THEY are the ones who are supposed to be Stepping up, being responsive, being FIT! Not waiting for someone else to do it. Turning away from doing what’s right, not standing up to the challenge, is a reflection of you! Not the person your turning away from. People think they’re dissing another when it’s They Who are the Real cowards!
It takes much more strength and courage to stand up to an abusive parent and yet you’re least likely to get the support someone like an Edward Snowden gets. It’s easy to support someone who is already supported., someone who is ALREADY confident. Edward Snowden had the Courage to come forth because of the way he was brought up, because he had a “bank account” of self respect which only comes from Nature/REAL Family.
 Children battling abusive Parents have NO LEVERAGE and can easily DROWN and become their own and others enemies. Intimidated into submission or by not having a healthy person or system to grab onto, a person can Easily drown in their own Fear and Grief then glorify the abuser. This is the course the DISEASE of Emotional Illness will take if not intercepted. That’s why any young person who is able to stay conscious and speak out against an abusive parent Needs to be Supported. People doing the right thing and speaking up need healthy people to grab onto to pull themselves up and problems to be dealt with. Not having healthy people to turn to for help is the equivalent to total Bankruptcy! DEAD IMMUNE SYSTEM! We’re not creating enough Fit people to stand up for justice as fast as we’re creating more people who will be victimized by the system.
 It’s like Emotional MONSANTO! We have to be planting and cultivating ORGANIC seeds in our children so they can grow and spread health around. If there are not enough Organic Parents planting and raising Organic children, then when people need help,, there is No “Account” to turn to! Just like Monsanto Crops,, we’re spreading Monsanto kids and families, not Real, Not Organic!
What will happen when Not enough Organic people to stand up for what’s right? We will be Overwhelmed by More people who NEED than those who are able to fight to protect them. The world’s Immune system will be Exhausted!
 That is what this system has become. More people are preying on people than there are Awake, courageous people to protect them!
 Those who’s JOB it is to help or serve are doing the Exact Opposite! It’s the Job that’s the Problem because a Job does Not guarantee someone will care. Most times it’s the Opposite, the person is there for the $$.
That’s what’s happening,, LOW QUALITY, GMO people show what they’re made of when they choose $$ over human life! That is NOT a REAL Person, they’re a Genetically Modified person!
  Starlings falling from the Sky,,

Why Did 5000 Birds Fall From the Sky in Arkansas? – The Wire

thousands of herring washed up on a beach in Norway, Whales washed up on a beach in New Zealand,, What do we think this is a sign of?? This is what I’m talking about! Humans DISORIENTED. I believe that when I was young, like everyone, you’re much healthier and more in touch with a higher intelligence. That Alignment gets rewired over time by so -called “parents” and society training you to obey Man’s system at the expense of Natural law. The Fact that NO ONE responded to me as a child, the same lack of Response by the Air Force on 911, in the sharp, on- the- ball way that an Organic, aligned person is meant to shows that our inner compass, our inner “sonar” has been screwed with.
                              The Importance of Organic Human Farming
 Parents are supposed to support and be there for their children. Its not the child who is unworthy its the parent who has no self worth if they do not stand up for their child. When children are left to be on their own when there should be someone there to reinforce them emotionally, that child will grow up in emotional debt, underdeveloped and psychologically weak. Children need healthy parents there to lean on in order to develop quality character. Children cannot grow to master their emotions without healthy authority too see them through to maturity. A Parent needs to have healthy leverage within themselves to counter the emotional weight of the child. If a parent is not mature enough and emotionally healthy the child will throw the parent off balance and the parent will lose their Inner footing. This is not the fault of the child. It’s not the child who is supposed to be worrying about the balance of the Parent. If this happens, the development of the child will forever be compromised. This is how Parents are like the Bankers,, robbing the child of their energy when the parent should be protecting and adding to it.
                              It’s ALL about healthy Family Farming!
 We MUST look at these Painful issues if we are to save ourselves from the Frankenstein world we are allowing to be created by default. We must look at our relationships and ourselves and admit our lack of fitness. We MUST turn to Health and what’s REAL if we are to survive! Remaining in Denial will only perpetuate the destruction. It’s the Emotional pain that people continue to avoid that keeps the Addiction and the Debt going in circles.
  It was automatic for me at a young age to turn to books on the abuse and dysfunction of the family. In my gut I knew that a healthy family functions much better than what I was experiencing. I knew I was being robbed and harmed and no one spoke about it or acknowledged it. Sick is normal. The facts are right in front of people and they refuse to see.
  It’s Not the problems or the mistakes or the hurt that is the Problem, it’s the DENIAL. The DENIAL keeps it all going rather than dealing with things. It’s the Uncomfortable we need to move towards, not away from. Challenge is Good. Challenge is how we get strong and grow for REAL, not Fake like the PTB do by BUYING, CHEATING, MANIPULATING and FORCING things there way. The 1% are the exact OPPOSITE of Rich, Real, Organic people. They are total FRAUDS and those next to you deserve more of your respect and empowerment than ANY Corp head!
 How can we be so shocked today at the condition the world is in when I, as a 6 and 7 year old, had more sense than adults to point out truths that they didn’t even have the sense to back me up on? I can’t believe people can’t sense how fucked up and backwards the flow is! Its so obvious, like a vacuum cleaner spewing dirt instead of sucking it in.
 People simply have such a poor, underdeveloped relationship with themselves and don’t trust their own judgment. Most people are not taught to use All of what they have that what they’re not in touch with ends up burning them.
 This is why in Yoga practice the idea is to be “Toned”, “engaged” physically and Emotionally. Its the SLACK in our emotions that goes un-utilized that ends up wandering.
 We need Authentic, Spiritual practices such as Martial Arts, yoga Mediation and Tai Chi in our lives
 that are not about profit but are truly about the good of people.
 We are the Vacuum “Cleaner” that spews instead of sucks,, bows to Criminals instead of confronting them, looks the other way when we should be standing up, transfers our cowardess onto our children when we should be Championing them.
 Every time we allow an opportunity to pass when we didn’t act with Decency and Moral Courage,, we turn more and more into a GMO person.
 It’s a basic FACT,, that we had better start Respecting and Giving Natural Law it’s Due,, or we will be pay a severe price. We are way Too ignorant and disrespectful to Natural Law.
 Columbia University historian Rashid Khalidi on Democracy Now this week and basically summed things up very simply,, “Something has to Give”. The Israelis will Not give up their Choke Hold on the Palestinians then blame them for lashing back.
 As Long as we have such Arrogant, Above Natural Law Attitudes, killing will be a Normal part of our lives.  Rashid Khalidi also said that it’s the U. S. who are keeping this conflict going. Hmm BIG SURPRISE !


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