GMO!! It’s NOT Just SEEDS!

Still haven’t finished watching GMO OMG because I had to stop it so many times due to all the light bulbs that were going on in my head! I can’t help but Freak out saying again, “knew something was wrong when I was 7!”
 I have been trying to tell “family” and neighbors All my life that I’m being harmed by living in this house! The domestic violence, neglect and the GMO upbringing I was receiving was damaging me.
  I might not have know then directly about GMO’s, the FED, Wall St or the Insatiable Sociopath of the Corps, but your body doesn’t need to know any of those things to know that it doesn’t feel well, that its being harmed and damaged, that those who are supposed to be Family are supposed to be looking out for your welfare and be responsive and on the ball when its brought to their attention that harm has come to you. And when those who should have a healthy and sharp response to your concerns has, instead, the Opposite response, such as, reacting as if its an inconvenience that your healthy body is having a healthy adverse response to an unhealthy environment. Something is very wrong!
  It doesn’t take a Rocket scientist to know that, like GMO crops, this is the Emotional version of a GMO response! Its anything but a fit response.
 I might not have known and there might not have even been GMO’s when I was a kid as there is now but, NATURE KNOWS!! If we were a healthier society and were more connected to Natural Law we would recognize and be Immediately more responsive when our Society or someone close to us diverted or was being led astray! The fact that many people are nearly completely unresponsive! To the blatant diversion that is happening right in front of our faces is a Clear sign of how Sick we truly are! We’ve adjusted ourselves to the disease so much, gotten so comfortable with living with it, we don’t even react.
 The responses I received as a child were, in Fact, DEBT responses. Reacting as if Health is the bad guy. Like the “Modification”, (and who even knows if its just modified? Monsanto might even be totally altering the genetics of the plants altogether) of the plants that Monsanto wants the public to believe is for the “good” of the people and will feed the starving, the way we “raise” or kids is being “modified”. What were training our children to “tolerate” is less quality than they deserve.
  The bar for which we measure our standards has eroded also along with Organic Farms and doing things WITH Nature rather than regarding it as an inconvenience!
 So, just like Monsanto is telling the public that their GMO seeds are more sustainable over time than Organic farming, which farmers have said is not true, that GMO is Better than Nature! I was telling people, in so many words and actions, that the body is not Wrong! The Body knows!
 The fact that so many people are brought up and, without even realizing it, we’re being Genetically Modified! We’re taught not to even listen or trust our Own instincts! We’re taught not to listen to or trust our Own feelings and emotions. We’re trained that what our body Naturally feels is wrong, bad, sissy, whatever! We’re trained to do exactly to our bodies and healthy feelings what Monsanto and Big Corps want!!!! To believe Nature is Wrong and “Man” can do better! That creating GMO people is better than Natural.
 I’ve been trying ALL my life to hold onto the little that’s left of my Organic Self! The authentic Me that’s buried alive! Unable to gain the momentum to dig myself out! Trying to bring someone’s attention to the fact that what I and they Naturally feel is what they should be following! Listen and Trust the Body!
 I’ve been building a “Debt account” of stress and anxiety, PTSD over time due to the build of of knowledge and clarity from Educating myself with Not enough Healthy people to Exchange with!
 Nature is ALL about Exchange, fair and even exchange. Having healthy persons respond to your valid feelings with EQUAL weight ! Not the GMO way of relating that Monsanto and the Banksters! Also! With their GMO $$ monetary system!!


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