From GMO to Ferguson, everything is manipulated !

It seems pretty clear exactly what’s happening here. GMO everywhere! Literally, NOTHING! is allow to run its Natural course. The outcome is not the answer that IS, its the answer that someone (usually those who hold the control) Wants it to be.
 I am convinced that if Monsanto can convince people that Man can do better than Nature in producing Real food, which is untrue, its been proven that Organic agriculture produces more over the long haul and that GMO only creates the Illusion it produces better, in the short term.  Fact is, because people at Monsanto are already disconnected from how Nature works, Biased, they’re not going to do test 30 years down the road. One would have to have an “Organic”, unbiased outlook already to know that to test for real quality, they need to look further into the future.
 Of course Monsanto has an agenda so they’re going to say GMO is better than Nature. They’re not going to allow the facts out. They’re going to manipulate the process until they get their desired outcome, which is like them, unnatural and illegitimate, not unlike our “justice” system these days.
 You think these lawyers, prosecutors, “sheriffs”, police, judges and who ever else is involved is going to allow the Organic judicial process to unfold naturally and they’re going to accept the answer they get whether they like it or not? Cops, lawyers, prosecutors and those in “law” enforcement are supposed to want truth and justice to be revealed. That should be their focus but, most people have an agenda, most people are Dirty and cannot handle the Organic process to be left uncontaminated.
 Just like a Diet, people who have been eating garbage for decades cannot handle too much health and nutrition all at once. The more unhealthy someone is the more of an adverse reaction they will have to something that is pure.
 The process Must be contaminated because that’s the only way those behind the system can function! They would all melt into a sizzling puddle of chemical toxins if the process went along healthily and they just let the outcome be what its supposed to.          So, its the public that the adverse reaction gets passed onto. The public, obviously, has no agenda except accountability for an unarmed black youth, which is reasonable.
  The over processed, GMO system cannot and will not be able to stand health and Truth!
 The same way Frank Serpico was not allowed to be a cop and simply do his job without being Forced to be on the take. The crooked cops around him couldn’t take the fact that he was not In on their game.
  Like Peroxide on a dirty cut, there’s no avoiding the sting.
  All one has to do to see truth is look at the Math, the chemistry, the very things the crooks fear, like holding a cross up to Dracula, watch the reaction. Look at how the dirty react to truth. Its easy to spot if the truth is Organic and pure enough.
 In an article posted in World Socialist Website,, Andre Damon writes,,
St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Robert P. McCulloch’s statement Monday night that no charges will be filed against Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson for the killing of Michael Brown is a TRAVESTY of justice.
The entire process through which the grand jury arrived at its decision is a legal FRAUD. The outcome is not the result of fair judicial proceedings, but political calculations. The grand jury returned the outcome the state was seeking: no charges for the police murder of an unarmed African American youth.
 He then went on to say,, “There is never an excuse for violence,” Obama said. That is, in the name of respect for the law, Obama—who is responsible for untold violence all over the world and the destruction of democratic rights at home—gave his stamp of approval to a decision that essentially grants police a license to kill.
  From the beginning, the three-month grand jury process was utilized as a way of bypassing a public trial for Brown’s killer. Under conditions of an actual trial, the facts of the case and the testimony of witnesses would be subject to adversarial proceedings. Instead, the prosecutor, who is known for his connections to police, substituted secret hearings behind closed doors, with evidence manipulated to produce the desired result.
The ruling and subsequent police crackdown express the breakdown of democratic forms of rule in the United States, under the pressure of the growth of social inequality and the drive to war. The war on terror has come home.



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