Another NON Indictment!! Eric Garner Protest

On my way now to Union Sq for yet another protest against Police/Corp abuse, this time for “clear-cut” case of Eric Garner. The case that the whole world saw on video that occurred in broad daylight!  So much for having it on video! The message is clear! The Psychos that Be make up reality! What makes people think the System will treat them any better than their “parents?”.
 How many people out there actually grew up with parents who were Democratic? Who were fair? Who actually admitted it when they were wrong or who acknowledged when/if they were behaving in less than Stepping Up to the Plate ways? Parents who truly loved you and saw to it you had a good life? Taught you your worth and how to be treated in life? The fact is, too many parents are not teaching their children what they need to know to be a truly quality, healthy and just person who knows their rights. That’s what makes it so easy for the masses to be dumbed down.
 I do believe there Are quality parents out there who do lead with a certain standards but they’re  rare!
Please! Let this Math sink in. There is NO getting over on Natural Law! The More Man’s “laws” are out of Alignment wit Natural Law,, the More Natural Law will Step up! It’s Like trying to steer Out of a skid,, it just makes it worse. Or try to QE 3, 4, 5 your way out of Debt,, It doesn’t work! It just adds to the problem.
 The way humans are treated and regarded as kids what they will turn out to be! If a child is living with people who are not mature, healthy or responsible that child will turn out the same!
 Too many “parents” are simply NOT qualified! They lack the maturity and the Emotional Health to Raise a child to be well adjusted. If you’re feeling uncomfortable by reading this, that’s a good sign! We’re supposed to be uncomfortable! Exercise is supposed to challenge!
 If people are always looking for things to feel good and seek pleasure All the time, you’re heading in the wrong direction!
 This society is what we get when we do Not Exercise! Nature does not screw around! It will destroy us, and in the most painful way, if we do not align ourselves with its laws! Look what happens when we allow ourselves to be led by “man”. People have allowed themselves to be Too Domesticated, “Genetically Modified”, stripped of their Natural, Organic instincts and enslaved.
 We are not meant to live in this Man-made, manipulated system, Period! We’re being herded and diverted more and more into the Meat Grinder!
 Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Ramarley Graham and the more recent shootings of black youth are the TIP of the iceberg! Just like the Vietnamese in the 60’s, the Palestinians for 60 years, dehumanizing people is the first step to slaughtering them. Calling them Gooks, Niggers, towel heads, animals, demons, etc is how the Ignorant justify killing. You’re not allowed to be different. It shines the light on ignorance! It takes effort and a level of maturity to stretch and expand oneself to grow and get to know another who is different. We have the gift of being able to broaden ourselves by taking the time, (aka, Nature’s process) to get to know others, if we were aware enough. But, in our, destroy the Natural Process to make the Sociopaths “Richer” world we live in, there’s no Time! When taking the Time to do things properly is exactly what we should be doing!
 Everything is GM and stripped of its Natural Process. We must stop it and restore.
 On way home now from huge protest for Eric Garner. As I was leaving the NYPD had the protesters pretty much cornered on the elevated Henry Hudson Pkwy. As a made my way east on 57th St away from the West Side Hywy there were several NYPD vans racing down to the WSH you thought Osama Bin Laden was down there. These are peaceful, innocent, unarmed American Citizens and the cops were acting like we were being taken over by Terrorists. Where were they when the WTC was being attacked? There wasn’t even one air force plane to intercept the “drones”. The cops are awfully tough when it comes to non threatening people, where are they when it comes to Real emergencies?
 I was standing on a short wall on the WSH near maybe 50th St and started talking to Officer Griffin.


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