GMO People

I don’t know what else to call it. I had a pretty lengthy conversation with Dr Seth Farber last night about Mental Illness, what is it, is there such a thing? Dr. Farber said he doesn’t believe there’s a such thing as Mental Illness, at least as far as the “Official” version in concerned. The Mental Health “industry” is not in Business healing people. Just like “law enforcement” or the “justice system”, everything exists to make $$ at the EXPENSE of the Very thing the Inst should be For! Except for maybe a few decent people.
 I began telling Dr Farber about how the $$ system has been Genetically Modified! Fact! $$ is created out of DEBT! That means, in order to keep it going More Debt must be perpetuated! if Corps. Wall St, Banksters are not Emotionally healthy people and become addicted to $$, it only stands to reason that certain pockets of the population, the environment, morality, justice, compassion will ALL become, is becoming extinct.
 If $$ is a note of and is created out of Debt, that means people will be Forced to engage in criminal, dishonest, immoral, unconstitutional, even murderous behavior in order to Acquire it. Or the other way around,, because $$ is an expression of the Mentality of those controlling it who have Dishonest, Corrupt, thievery personalities,, they then, create $$, which should be backed and controlled legitimately, out of their own Low Self worth.
  If the $$ system has been GM’d without the public being made aware of it, like eating GMO “food”, doesn’t it make sense that it will make people Sick over time?  $$ is not Real, $$ is not Natural or Organic and can be manipulated in any way by those who control it.
 Just like Monsanto does not want GMO’s to be labeled, neither do the banks or the Fed want the public to know that the $$ system is fake and GM’d.
 As “food” and $$ have been diverted from what’s real and natural, so are people who use and consume it. The further away from nature we get, the Sicker we get. Simple. Nature is what heals. Allow a caged animal to go outdoors for the first time and see what happens. Give a human being what they need physically, emotionally or Spiritually and see the transformation.
 I have been saying it since I was a child. What people NEED and deserve is withheld! In order to control! That’s what the system, be it Society or the “family” does!


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