One Law of Physics for the Ruling Criminals, Another for US!

One thing I know for sure, most people do Not make the effort to look close enough at what’s happening right in front of them. Too many people are completely Unconscious to how they’ve been programmed to keep themselves and their fellow “little guy” down. I see it ALL the time! Its the people who scapegoat and gang up on their fellow man and protect the Psychos that Be. I’ve read posts on Social Media and have spoken to people who take the side of the Police in the cases of Mike Brown AND Eric Garner saying things like, “He had a history”, “the tax payers get to pay for his kids now”.
 People like to or want to focus on these petty criminals because, I believe, they’re too coward to point the finger where it needs to go. The Government, Corps and Wall St!
 Those at the Top are supposed to be in Charge. They’re supposed to be the “authority”, that means, when things fail or go wrong, THEY’RE at fault! Not the people! Its like blaming the children for the dysfunction or abuse in the family system, which happens more times than not. Not that many people don’t already know that the Gov does Not work For the people yet, its still under the guise that it does. So, if the Wall St., Corp owned Gov. Doesn’t really work for the people, let’s amicably break up!
 Its like being in a marriage where one person is blatantly cheating and the other wants a divorce but, the one cheating won’t divorce and won’t stop cheating! They want to be single and married at the same time while keeping the other person in total limbo.
 Why should the Gov give us a divorce when it can continue using and exploiting us against our will and we’ll always be in a vulnerable position unable to do anything about it? Unless enough people realize the abuse and have the courage to leave, those who are ready to break up remain hostage.
 It seems very difficult for a lot of people to see the larger picture that the Eric Garners of the world are the scapegoats for the Psychos that Be. They don’t see that the entire system is connected and nothing can happen in one part of the world or country that does not have an effect in another, remote  part. Just like the physical body cannot have one part of the body be out of balance without that imbalance expressing itself in another part of the body.
 People who think that what happens to people like Mike Brown or Eric Garner is some kind of freak, disconnected, isolated event is what’s wrong.
  I believe people unconsciously take their frustrations and rage out on the vulnerable because they were in theses types of situations themselves early on where they were vulnerable, mistreated and powerless.
 The newly released torture report revealing the incomprehensible acts done to prisoners who shouldn’t even Be Prisoners, I wonder to myself, “What makes someone treat another Human being, who has done Nothing to them personally and, maybe isn’t even guilty of anything! so horribly?
 I read in Alice Millers book, For your Own Good, not that long ago about the horrific abuse Adolf Hitler suffered at the hands of his father who was an Officer and he had no one to turn to for protection. His mother was not there for him and he had no one to express his hurt and anger to. Being forced to hold all his rage inside, he eventually made it through the ranks and unleashed it onto the Jewish people.
 Because we live in a world that has a blatant disregard for health, the Natural Environment and the vulnerable populations and continues to perpetuate blindness for the sake of Crapitalism, our Natural World and the environment of many humans will, inevitably be the place where the Pollution collects.
 There is No Way around Natural Law! I will say that in every blog post because its true! Natural law will not be gotten over on!
 Despite factual evidence, despite reality those yielding control just deny any accountability, deny any responsibility, call facts Other than what it is when it comes to themselves. On Democracy Now, one guest, Reed Brody from Human Rights watch, spoke about the CIA Torture report saying how the CIA was calling the Torture with a more tame label to let themselves off the hook and also when caught lying then saying, “it was a mistake”. Torture? A mistake! The arrogance and sheer Mental imbalance of people with so much power is terrifying!
 Its clear that people who yield so much power are clearly not mature and responsible enough. Its ridiculously evident that people are in desperate need of help and healing. If we only lived in that kind of a world. Why do we not live in a world that values truth and healing? Hitler, in Alice Miller’s For your Own Good, explains that he was able to get so many people on his side by tapping into all the anger that others beside him were holding it from repressed abuses they suffered as children. Where else would it come from? Feelings and energy don’t just come out of know where. People who are loved, valued and raised healthily are simply not going to get off by treating others in such unimaginable ways. It has to come from unresolved, undigested hurts and humiliations they suffered at some vulnerable point in their lives. Nature makes sense. People don’t just do things for no reason. People torturing others doesn’t just come out of nowhere.
 Because we live in a society that does not value health and truth and getting to the bottom of things, we might not ever put and end to these atrocities.


One thought on “One Law of Physics for the Ruling Criminals, Another for US!

  1. The perceptions being spoken of are built on the secular world . There is so much more here than what you are seeing. We do not see things as they are we see things as we are. Open the door to additional light. Your Body is a temple your spirit is eternal. JESUS and Mary are the only ones who LOVE Humanity like GOD does. Merry Christmas Cat.


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