RIGHTS are NON Negotiable!!

The fact that the Police killings have been associated and lumped in with the recent protests against Police Brutality is simply a way of using Peoples right to protest something that the PTB can give and take away when ever it suits them.
 Like the attacks on the WTC on 9/11, this idea that it’s people’s Rights that are somehow up for debate should scare the Living Shit! Out of the public. But, No, what do many in the Public believe? “If I haven’t done anything wrong, I have nothing to hide”. The People themselves have been trained to negotiate with what Should be NON Negotiable!!!!
 These are the same issues I was trying to bring light to at the age of 7 in the abusive environment I had to live in. I was being raised with that VERY attitude! That the Very things, your Self worth, confidence and Your Rights, were something up for sale in times of “emergency”. Oh, there’s domestic violence and divorce so anything goes! We’re in no position to be worrying about Your Self Worth, the VERY sacredness its our Job to Protect! There it was! As plain as day! How it all happens, how people learn to allow themselves to live SMALL. To be alright with losing what they were Born with. What they come into this world with that is Theirs! And NO one, Especially “Parents”, have a right to steal the very “muscle” they’re entrusted to build up.
 So, again, the issue comes back to, How does someone stop themselves from being robbed by the very people who are supposed to be protecting and building us?
 “Parents” are working FOR the system! When people try to grow in that kind of environment at such a young age, they have NO protection from the system!
 That’s exactly what’s happened! The system has invaded everything! Steals everything, INFECTS everything! Without healthy people Raising healthy people, Organic,, concentrated Nutrition! People, WHO will know better to stand and resist rather than bow and conform?
 The fact that we’re living in a country that knows no boundaries of Greed, “power” (not True power), domination or profit under the guise of “safety”, Proves that the PTB will do Anything, Say ANYTHING to get “into your pants!”
 The fact that people BLINDLY trust people who they’ve never met rather than treating them like any stranger who needs to clear Due Process. But, Natures Process gets too much in the way of the PTB’s path of running over decency!
 WHY would people grant their Gov what their Gov will steal from them in a second? Why would someone be on the side of a Gov that is stealing their rights? The VERY “Sacred Land” they’re supposed to be Protecting? The very same way I lived as a child and I knew better at 8 years old!
 WHO is teaching people to protect their rights? WHO is teaching people that Rights are Rights! Like Muscles that need exercise and strengthening, rights need to be exercised to keep fit and be sharp.  Anyone who asks you to surrender what needs protecting, you should SCREAM!! And run the other way as fast as you can, You’re being had!!!!
Again! Its an INSIDE job! Who better to rob you and get over than those closest to you?
 As time goes by, the system has made its way Into your house! Like the words of James Madison, “I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedoms of the people by those in power by silent and gradual encroachments than by sudden and violent usurpations”
 If you’re not being treated with dignity and respect by Parents when you’re at your most vulnerable then, HOW are you supposed to have the leverage to know you’re being taken? When you’re not raised with fitness and a certain quality standard, these standards deteriorate and die! People grow to be accustomed to feeling small, to live with less of themselves than they had when they were born!
 If “parents” can’t or don’t even know how to manage your resources when you’re young and they treat you and your feelings as if they’re not important, you will grow to believe its normal to have no esteem and end up being a poor negotiator of your own worth.
 The “family” is where it all starts. We learn our worth by the way Source figures respond to our legitimate grievances. If we get responses like we don’t matter because we’re children and we have no say, which was considered Normal Parenting in those days and these days, then we can’t be shocked that this is the accruement of those actions.
 Even for those in charge in our Gov who think its their prerogative to play and be frivolous with peoples personal “body parts”,, Resources belong to the PEOPLE,, Not for the PTB to Spend any way they feel. 
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