We Need more Organic Human "Farmers!" We have ENOUGH GMO People!

Nature, what we’re ALL entitled to, has been bought and owned and controlled by a few Sociopaths. We were raised that this is correct. We were conditioned to believe we all have a chance and the opportunity to achieve success and reach our dreams. How can that be correct when not everyone starts out the same? When some start their lives inheriting more and are already ahead, they’re naturally going to always be ahead and continue to acquire more. That is a basic concept to understand. We’re trained, however, to believe its our fault if we can’t make it. The fact that many people start out in life with ridiculous challenges, heavy repression and abuses while others inherit privilege and wealth has no baring on who will succeed and who won’t, we’re made to believe.
The fact that we’re being conditioned backwards, the opposite way Physics and Natural Law work also, has nothing to do with whether or not we succeed.
The fact that my gut KNEW when I was very young what was going on and that what I was being told was the opposite makes the tension in my gut even tighter.
  Everything is coming full circle. Things I’ve said decades ago and was not allowed to say but, didn’t realize were as bad as they were, are becoming more blatant. The fact that many of us live like prisoners in our own bodies never allowed to be ourselves.
 What I experienced and knew at a young age was just a micro cosm of the macro cosm. It was evident to my gut instincts early on that we were living in a backwards, anti-health, anti-nature, debt based society. Ignore problems today and dump them on your kids and their future. Whether people/parents intentionally do it or not, they’re the ones passing the Emotional Pollution onto their children. This is the way the $$- before- everything system is designed. It was as clear as day when I was very young that it was the PEOPLE who were working towards their own demise. Its right in front of their faces and they don’t slow down enough to take a look. Everything is hidden in PLAIN sight! The people ARE slaves, are uneducated, have low self worth, can’t see that they’re destroying Real wealth while blindly following $$.
 It wasn’t the mistakes, the harm, the abuse that was the problem. It was the denial and refusal to see it, admit it, take responsibility for it and take steps to change it. Its a Debt on top of Debt mentality, aka, Sick and dysfunctional. Its the perpetuation of the Psych pollution that is the problem, like a car that burns oil.
 Its parents that perpetuate the slavery. It’s the, Innocent is Guilty country! Might makes right! Bullying country we’ve created All because people Snort the fake $$ too much! Because the $ system is at complete odds with Nature and has dominated the system, nature and normal healthy development became a commodity! People see the environment being destroyed, animals being tortured and killed, people in other parts of the world like Gaza being exterminated with funding from the U.S., innocent people being held and tortured against their will WITHOUT Due Process of law yet they can’t see that they’re own environment and personal health is being eroded.
 Like soil erosion or the destruction of forests, people can’t see that they’ve lost a good amount of their health and rights. They’re so used to living without it they don’t even realize they’re participating in their own annihilation. Like a person suffering from hypothermia their mental status is impaired and once that happens they make poorer choices. A person has be optimally healthy to be able to make clear decisions. Once Psych debt and low self worth sets in, aka Debt, it continues to spiral downward, like bleeding to death.
 Who in the world teaches people when they’re young how to preserve and grow their Emotional Health and self esteem? Who is going to teach people how to manage their Mental & Physical health “economy?”.
 The PTB do not want people to be healthy and smart. No matter how much they claim the contrary. The proof is in the facts. This is a forced Relationship that the 1% would rather not be in and vice versa.


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