Chris Hedges Article,, PRISON state in AMERICA

I never, in a million years, ever thought I’d be living in a world where some humans would “profit”, which isn’t really profiting, off the Torture and dehumanization of other Innocent people. The newly released but, heavily redacted torture report shows the low level even “doctors” and “psychologists” are willing to stoop. I’ve said this for decades. Its the quality of a person, underneath what they do for a living, that counts the most. Its the foundation of a person that the job and everything else is build on top of that determines who someone will become.
 I could always feel at a young age that society was moving faster than my growth and that people are forced to get jobs, make $, be “somebody” out of sync with the Natural Process. So you’re a cop, a doctor, a judge, a president, a correction officer but, you’re underdeveloped. You’re immature, irresponsible or worse, emotionally wounded. Have “undigested” business from your past that never got resolved and cleared up. There’s still a clog, a blockage that our, keep consuming, keep destroying, keep making fake $ that doesn’t even satisfy or fulfill, system will not allow us to slow down and take enough time to deal with.
 Those at the “top”, another illusion, are not truly benefiting from this system either. They’re Nothing but Junkies who will Never find satisfaction from “power” consuming, from war and genocide because, like $, all that is GMO, no nutritional value, empty calories. How can anyone expect to find gratification from GMO??
 That’s just Debt perpetuating itself. The Addicts that Be will never admit that they’re not getting TRUE, plus side, nutrition from their GMO “power”, like Russell Brand did, because they’re unable to. They’re caught in such a downward spiral, in such momentum, like Any drug addict, they’re being carried away and are taking everyone with them. Unless enough Natural Law steps up to even slow them down to a significant degree, they will continue on because there’s nothing and no one Real enough and substantial enough to counter them. An object, person, Corp, idea, addiction in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. No amount of GMO $ and power makes a person immune to the Laws of the Universe. The GMO people in “charge” are only there because they’ve convinced many people to stray away from Natural Law also and become addicted to Debt based $ and “power”.
 I couldn’t even finish reading Chris Hedges article last night on Prison state in America. I knew things were bad and that there exists the CCA, the “Correction” Corp of America, a Corp put in place so a few at the “top” and others “below” actually create the ILLUSION that they’re profiting.
 The Gov has turned everything over to private Corps to deal with and steal $ from “prisoners”. I put quotes around certain  words to illustrate how the term no longer represents its original meaning.
 I encourage everyone to Please Read this article. Crapitalism has reached such advanced diseased proportions. Don’t let it take your soul with it. I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that so many people have to be involved in order for all this human rights violations to occur. Many, many people have to consent in order that people be imprisoned for ridiculously minor “offenses” in the first place, let alone abuse their rights even further once they’re in the prison.
 I find it incredible that so many people participate in these atrocities all for GMO $. This is not the healthy, rewarding, true wealth way that Nature functions. Healthy humans take pleasure in helping other humans. Normal, sane people feel healthier and satisfied doing good for others. When did so many people cross the line into finding satisfaction doing such harm to people who did nothing to them and who are completely innocent?
 In reading Chris Hedges’ article I was, again, brought back to how I grew up. Every time I turn around now, all I do is hear or read someone saying exactly the same thing I was trying to tell people that I was experiencing very young.
 The Family isn’t exactly Family when you’re not taught your rights, not raised to feel valued and respected, not taught to have healthy self worth, don’t feel safe or protected. I believe people learn about $$ and value better by the way they’re treated and interacted with while growing up. $$ is only part of it. 


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