Nature and Your Body are WRONG! Man Made, GMO is Better!

If the PTB can get you to accept that, they’ve got you for life! Its no accident that people are not raised to be “All you can be” using the catch phrase from the Army. So if you have to join the Army to be All you can be then, what are people doing who do not join the army? Obviously, not being All they can be. There’s something very important that people do not pay attention to and will bite us in the ass if we don’t. Physics, Natural Law.
 Last night I had on my show on Dr. Robert Duncan talking about Cyber warfare, mind Control technologies that he developed but, has gotten into the wrong hands and being used remotely torture people. Those with all these gadgets and tech will continue to expand and inflict themselves upon “good” people NOT because they’re mental extremists totally, that’s part of the problem but, also because there’s nothing and No one stopping them! Physics. If the people do NOT own their power and take what’s rightfully theirs, those they’ve given it to will use it against them, period. This is how Natural Law works.
 Yoga is ALL about this! Also Martial Arts. BE Engaged, Be Present. What does that mean? It means live life Organically, in the moment, spontaneously, “freshly”, “cleanly”. Most people are not taught to live that way. They’re taught to live GM, genetically modified not General Motors, instead of Organically.
 Be Engaged as in Yoga practice means be alert in a relaxed way. The way Nature does. Nature doesn’t struggle. If you have to kill yourself to get ahead, the system is rigged. When you do things with Nature there is no need to struggle. Living in a balanced state of relaxed alertness means you’re paying attention moment to moment and living Pay-as-u-Go rather than the unnatural, Get-into-Debt then, Pay-a-Bill way we’ve been conditioned.
 I write about my experiences “growing up” because I hear way too many people talking about what I was telling people decades ago and was not allowed, and was shamed and humiliated for pointing out. Essentially, being on the ball and smart is criminal. There it was, right in front of everyone’s face yet, they’re too Blind to “see” it because man is IN on the GM of Nature. The deterioration of Health and Nature/ the Ecology was right there and people are helping it along! Instead of seeing it and turning it the other way!
 There is NO greater way to screw someone over than “parents” getting over on their own children. I believe that is what’s at the root of the inequality and enslavement we live in today. “Parents” getting their kids to lower the bar, to accept less-then standard treatment by those who should be stepping up for them and teaching them to be All they could be.
 If “parents” are not raising their children to be fully fit and all they can be then, what are they doing? What is the point of reproduction if it isn’t to create someone as exceptional as they are capable? A human life has the capability of accomplishing SO much and being So much and if “parents” are not even capable of realizing that and utilizing ALL their child’s potential they’re wasting their time!
 This is why the “psychos” that Be are “reproducing” and creating “children” by giving birth to all this tech that’s being used against the public. What the people do not own the PTB will take and use against you. That’s Natural Law.
 The way Yoga practice goes; its about integrating All of your parts physically, emotionally & Spiritually. There are many parts of ourselves we’re trained are wrong or bad and we expend an awful lot of energy holding down. Well, guess who’s using it? Those emotions; certain aggression, sexuality, a certain amount of pride or Ego, fear if you’re male, anger if you’re female, typically.
 According to Nature we All have these emotions and need them in balance. Not only if you have $.
 We created a country where people purchase the “right” to be a deviant and get away with it. Yet, dump their consequences and Emotional fumes on the innocent. This is the way man creates a GM society. Not the one Nature created. And I, for one, do not believe “man” can do better than Nature.
 We’d better get back to the Laws of Nature and Sanity, common decency before Psychological deviance gets even more tipped because if it tips anymore we’re done. The PTB already have such a. “god” complex, have gone so far to the dark side it will be impossible to bring it back without a lot of torture and death.
 Imagine if it was you or someone you know and love being detained and tortured. You just might find a way to get it in gear.


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