Capitalism is the CHOKE HOLD on the masses!

Its a vicious cycle. People do not have and are not able to accumulate enough of themselves as fast as the system steals from you. That’s why its hard to gain  leverage and density to negotiate ones  worth in life. When underdeveloped, immature people procreate they perpetuate the “digging into the muscle” system. Not enough people put enough time and energy building, helping the system to just take. Passing down to children the lack of knowledge and ability to be able to lift themselves up. Parents should be able to provide an environment their children can grow and develop in. Not one that’s abusive and tears down the “muscle” of a person or isn’t conducive to building. Families should build, not tear down. Parents need to grow up themselves so they have more ability to set an example of how to live an admirable life. Humans are part of nature. We have the ability to cultivate, to grow, to build. People just gave their power over to a system they thought was looking out for them. A system that’s looking out for you is not going to keep you codependent, keep your development arrested.
 The best thing a person can do is allow themselves to feel their genuine feelings of anger, of missed dreams, of a stolen life, missed love, missed opportunities of being ones best. Listen to and trust your gut. The system wants you in your head where they can decapitate it from your true intelligence in your gut.
 Trying to find fulfillment by chasing $ when a person is physically & emotionally underdeveloped is like a drug addict trying to get high off of smoking it.  Only Nature satisfies.  Only Nature fulfills and heals.
 The family, relationships are a part of nature and is the only thing that has the power to grow real value. If people only Knew it
 Early in my life it was very clear. I didn’t, and many others didn’t, except they don’t see it because they don’t have the “muscle”, get to grow to acquire enough “muscle” before they’re required to go out and make $. When you come from not privileged means you end up living a “burning the muscle” existence. Even if you come from $ you don’t always get to be who you authentically are. When you’re poor it can be harder to be who you are but, it depends on the values and strength of the family.
I could feel myself being pushed out of my house at a young age to go make $ before I even grew and developed my gifts and talents. Too many don’t get the chance to build their “muscle” before life invades their life and tears it down. A person is left with not enough ability to negotiate their worth. That’s why So many people put $ first. There’s a kind of “tracheal deviation” occurring. Its what happens when one lung gets punctured and deflates bringing the trachea and anything down the middle over to the collapsing side. When people don’t have the opportunity to grow in a healthy environment so they can be armed have leverage and feel prepared to negotiate with the world they can remain in a chronic state of TD indefinitely. $$ keeps the TD in place so a person can never reach their full level of development and have the ability to take down the psychos that be. This is why its crucially important for people to turn to “God” to what’s Real and develop what’s within, turn to what’s within because as long as people chase $$ without muscle, they’ll be in a trap forever.
 It makes no sense that there’s so much fighting in this world over the god of $ when so many claim to believe in a real God. I don’t understand how or why so many people worship “man/$” and have allowed him to take over when so many claim to believe in a real God. Why don’t enough people follow and practice the actions of a real God over worshiping at the alter of man/$$?  Isn’t it obvious that man has created and worships a fake god at the expense of the real one?  The system is designed to keep people away from their instincts, away from developing their muscle and maintain a level of ignorance and mental/spiritual debt so they can be manipulated and controlled and never be a threat to the Criminals.


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