MLK spoke about Nature

Natural Law is my favorite subject. The subject I am most passionate about because NL is All there is. I turned to fitness, weight training, Yoga & meditation early to find the Truth due to an abusive, domestic violence environment I “grew up” in. The simple fact is, NL Is Truth, physics IS truth. What or who is not held to NL? Who will not succumb to gravity if they trip and fall? Who will not die if shot by a bullet? Bleed when cut? What ball will not fall to earth if dropped? Who will not be emotionally imbalanced when they behave with extreme behavior? People fight over religion, some people claiming to be the “chosen people”by god, when, what god exhaults some people over others? It isn’t Real religion, its mans Incorrect interpretation of it to suit his own false Ego.
 In meditation books I’ve read its written; to make contact with the authentic You under the programmed self. John Bradshaw wrote many books on the False Self. I think of the instructions on a package of adhesive that says, “surface to be glued must be clean and dry”. Well, the same goes for people. Before anything will adhere, we must clean all the emotional injuries and false information from atop our Authentic selves or all we will be doing is responding from the old surface stuff that needs to be cleaned away, thereby, perpetuating nothing but illusion.  No easy task in this world that keeps the momentum and distraction going and keeps people from slowing down enough to tune in.
The truth is, legitimate PAIN is a Gift! Pawning it off on others more vulnerable does not bring satisfaction! Its the equivalent of taking an elevator to the top of a mountain instead of climbing it. That’s the COWARDS way out! (Unless you’re disabled.) Seek false power in order to escape legit scrutiny then transfer the discomfort they avoid onto others. Its the same thing slight- of- hand parents do to their children. Its all to easy and unconscious.
 All man is doing is interpreting religion from his old, worn out surface info that needs to be cleaned off instead of interpreting it from the clean self. We have to make the effort and take the time to do the inner house cleaning first. Then we can see clearer that the only religion is Health and Natural Law. Interpreting religion to exhault ones group higher than others in Not True Religion. Its a Ponzi scheme just like our $$ system. It’s man who wants to be above others. Some Men want to be above while others below. God creates balance. Different but, balanced. Like the different systems of the body. They are different and carry out different functions yet all work together to keep our body alive. The liver or the endocrine system doesn’t act higher than other systems or organs.
 MLK also spoke about mental, emotional imbalance and being Maladjusted. A subject I studied all my life. Again, health, nature. What could possibly be more important? What cuts through everything else and unifies everyone? What simplifies everything and makes things much easier to understand?
 Life is simple and straightforward. Man is trapped in his head that’s decapitated from his body and refusing to take a minute to look at the facts. Even when the facts disprove what some men believe, they STILL fight the truth! Good luck with that. Fighting God, not such a great idea.
 The “comfort” the PTB protect isn’t comfort at all. Its fear, insecurity and the illusion that they’re powerful and “successful”. That’s all it is, an illusion.
 Yoga is about doing positions one can do with Integrity. That means, do the pose you can do for Real. The full pose is a goal. Where you are now is where you are. Yoga is all about doing whatever pose you can do today and that’s ok. BE where you’re at. There’s nothing wrong with that. Its an illusion that being somewhere else is better than where you actually are. Tell the truth. Be where you are. Do your pose With Nature and cultivate it as you go. Its more real. Certainly a lot better than the fake poses those who “think” they have power are doing.
 The PTB are have the position but their pose is Inauthentic. Simple. They are fake. Their power is an illusion. They hide behind torturing & imprisoning the innocent to keep up the charade. They’re terrified of being found out.


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