GREECE, Ending BAD relationships. "We have resembled Drug Addicts craving the next dose. What this Government is all about is ending the addiction".

I literally cannot believe more and more people are saying what I knew over 4 decades ago.
 They might not be saying it exactly like that out right but, that’s what it’s turning up to be. No matter where it is, home, work, church, school, community, your “Gov”, Corps. Everything comes down to how healthy, or Not, we relate.
 If more people were aware of and recognized the signs and symptoms of an unhealthy or potentially abusive relationship anywhere, so much trauma and pain could be avoided, not just for those involved directly, or, Not even those directly involved but, those who will ultimately suffer the consequences of the decisions of those relationships.
 Its clear that some relationships, especially of Companies, are meant to be unhealthy for the public. In the article originally posted on also on Moyers & Co. Titled, These Five Corporations are Making Millions From Mass Incarceration, No 1 on the list is a Corp named Turner Construction. From the article,,,,
 According to IbisWorld, Turner’s average annual income for prison and jail construction came to $278 million per year from 2007 to 2012. This represents lots of money in most quarters, but qualifies as only slightly more than pocket change to a firm that earned $9 billion in total revenue for 2013. In almost a century and a half of operation, Turner has been involved in building New York’s Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium and constructing corporate headquarters for Boeing and the RAND Corporation. It has about 5,000 employees worldwide.

 Like many of the firms that reap profits from the prison-industrial complex, they keep quiet about it. Their website highlights their role as the “leading builder of green buildings.” They also proclaim on their website: “We have the highest ethical standards in the industry. We ‘do the right thing.’” Perhaps doing the right thing might include pulling out of prison and jail building altogether, especially since an income cut of $278 million would reduce their annual revenue only by about 3 percent.

 So, a cozy relationship for some = the end of the road for others who are much more vulnerable in a society where “profits” trump morality.

 In an interview on Reason TV with former NSA coder William Binney he describes it the same way. He developed a system called Thin Thread that worked efficiently to allow the NSA to find information they should be looking for. “How do you figure out what’s important in that data to pull out?” Certain targets within analytics. Referring to Thin Thread, Binney said, “In late Nov. 2000 we had the entire problem solved” yet the NSA instead, went with Trail Blazer, a program that didn’t work and cost more money. “Because it helps build their empire”, says Binney. “Adds more people to the Gov. Roles, adds more contractors, more contracts, more $$, you get a bigger budget”.
Bill Binney was frustrated that the “intelligence” community did not provide the type of intelligence it took to prevent 911 and it aided in his leaving the NSA. “When you have an agenda that focuses more in a corrupt way, when you’re focused on $ acquisition as the main issue as opposed to intelligence production you’re defeating the entire purpose of the agencies”.
 It isn’t too difficult, when one chooses to look, when a relationship they’re in isn’t in one with them!  The question remaining then is, what are you going to do about it? Why is it that it took a Bill Binney along with J. Kirk Wiebe and Edward Loomis to come out about what the NSA was doing when other didn’t? Why do most stay in an obviously Abusive agency that is violating the Constitutional rights of the very people they’re supposed to be protecting?
 Like the Corporations who profit off of Mass Incarceration and Bill Binney said, “to help build an empire, more contracts, more $$”. So our own country will turn on us to create the illusion that they are creating “wealth” for themselves.

 Today on Democracy Now, Yanis Varoufakis, the Finance Minister in Greece, in summing up the Cure for Greece’s debt situation he used health terminology which, ultimately, everything comes down to, by saying “Greece, as of now, should be taking another Tranche of loans,, NO. It’s not that we don’t need the $$, we’re desperate but, my message to our European partners is, For the last 5 years Greece has been waiting for the next loan tranche. We have resembled Drug Addicts craving the next dose. What this Government is all about is ending the addiction”.

In my writing my goal is to show that dysfunction and abuse in the family system is NO different than Debt and Abuse anywhere. It’s ALL the same. The EU and the IMF have “remortgaged” Greece.
From a website called Wizzley,, Who does Greece owe Money to,,
When external investors identified a potential problem with Greek public finances they significantly increased interest rates on loans, mainly through fear of a collapse. It was in fact these rising interest rates which were the major contributing factor, rather ironically, to the Greeks not being able to service their debts. Foreign investors had inadvertedly created a higher level of risk for their investments as a result of acting on their fear, possibly even causing the situation that they had previously dreaded. Greece subsequently began to default on payments, unable to service the spiraling debts, and the nation had their credit rating downgraded. The result was interest rates being pushed even higher and the countries International Overdraft Facility was suspended within a matter of days.

  The Finance Minister realizes Not to take another Tranche of loans attached to all kinds of austerity measures,,, From BBC News, the EU and IMF insisted that Greece embark on a major austerity drive involving drastic spending cuts, tax rises, and labour market and pension reforms.
These have had a devastating effect on Greece’s already weak economic recovery. The latest Greek budget predicts that the economy will shrink by 6.5% this year and by a further 4.5% in 2013.
The IMF made clear that it would only consider the debts sustainable if they could be brought down to 120% of GDP by 2020. The IMF will not lend money to a country whose debts it does not deem sustainable.
From YAHOO Best answer to Who Invests in Greece’s debt,,, Banking is an international business. Banks always invest some of their cash into “safe” investments, including the sovereign debt of other countries. Greece, for example, had a lot a debt which was purchased by banks in other countries. If Greece is unable to pay off that debt, banks around the world have losses on their Greek bonds. So just as influenza is contagious and spreads from person to person, bad debt from one nation is contagious and spreads from country to country. In a worst case scenario, a Greek default could cause other economically weaker countries to default, which in turn could cause defaults in more countries, etc.

MY QUESTION IS,, Who is dong the “HELPING?” Is the end goal to Really help Greece out of Debt or is it for others to “profit” off Greece’s Debt because, YOU CAN’T HAVE BOTH. Do the “helpers” Really want to see Greece lift itself up and out of Debt or “profit” off of it’s miseries? In the Above paragraph on Yahoo Answers,, it says,, BANKING IS AN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS,, that means,, they look to “profit” off of “helping” ,, which is Not HELPING. In everything I’m reading about Greece, I keep reading things like,, if Greece doesn’t repay their Debts “A Downward Spiral” will occur. Again,, MY QUESTION IS,, WHY is it Greece paying back it’s Creditors,, yes, sure,, MINUS the interest,, that is the Focus and NOT on those looking to “profit” off of Greece’s ills?
From the BBC Q&A Greek Debt,, If Greece does not repay its creditors, a dangerous precedent will have been set. This may make investors increasingly nervous about the likelihood of other highly-indebted nations, such as Italy, or those with weak economies, such as Spain, repaying their debts or even staying inside the euro.
If investors stop buying bonds issued by other governments, then those governments in turn will not be able to repay their creditors – a potentially disastrous vicious circle.

Here is something promising,,, The vast majority of Greece’s private-sector creditors agreed to write off about three-quarters of the debts owed to them by Athens. They also agreed to replace existing loans with new loans at a lower rate of interest.
In the latest agreement, Greece’s lenders have found ways to shave an extra 40bn euros off Greece’s debtload.
However, in return for all this help, the EU and IMF insisted that Greece embark on a major austerity drive involving drastic spending cuts, tax rises, and labour market and pension reforms.

SOMETHING HAS TO GIVE, if there’s NO Give,, everything just gets tighter and tighter. 
 Banking “Laws” and Natural laws are Not aligned. Humanity and Natural Law demand that there be some Give in life. Our physical body is designed with Give,, with space, ligaments, tendons, bursar, sinuses, all make it possible for our bodies to move, to have range of motion with limits. If our heads didn’t have sinuses they would be too heavy for us to lift! That’s what our economy is like. No Free space.
 Banks and other lending institutions want Guarantees, no risks, want to profit and never Just Solve the problem. People, even Banks, need to act from their Humanity Once in a while.
 The facts are the facts. the situation and the results don’t lie

 What those who choose corruption will eventually find out, because they’re cheating and stealing $$ instead of earning it legitimately, it will not bring the satisfaction they seek. Its EMPTY CALORIES when nature’s process is completely skipped over. They’re screwing themselves like a bunch of Junkie Drug Addicts like those cheaters down on Wall St.
 Like any relationship, in order for it to be satisfying it needs to be cultivated. Like a marriage and a family, relationships need the time and attention put into them. This is the Only thing that can bring about True satisfaction in our society. When an entire Agency like the NSA, those Companies who “profit” from the Mass Incarceration  of millions of Innocent people, the Military and now the militarization of our Police is literally built on pure Evil.


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