The Perpetrator is the Victim

 I just had a light bulb moment with a friend from Occupy on the phone and it became quite clear what the problem is and Why the little guy is losing and always will be if they don’t wake up and Do what needs to be done. Simple. Its ALL about the math! End of story. The people need to learn to be Selfish. Selfish as far as the 1% goes and others who are not awake go.
 Every penny, every ounce of. energy, every crumb of resource needs to be accounted for. An inventory needs to be taken of what the people have, what each individual person in the “community” has, skills, energy, equipment and focus it like a LASER beam on the Solution.
  In the conversation with this friend it became clear to me why the little guy is his own worst enemy and will never lift themselves up. Because they waste energy where it should not go, bail out people who need to be held accountable. They don’t know how and don’t seem prepared to do what has to be done. They want to afford luxury attitudes that they simply cannot afford.
 I wrote in a previous post about Portugal and how they finally were ready to Genuinely solve their rampant drug abuse problem in the year 2000 where 1% of the population was addicted to heroine. The PM and others got a panel of doctors together to put together the best drug treatment program and vowed to do what ever these doctors told them to do. That’s it. You have to just take a close, honest look at the problem, do the math, put together solutions and do what needs to be done. Portugal legalized all the drugs and took all the $ they spent on criminalizing the drug abusers and put it all towards the treatment program the doctors developed. The drug use went down by 50%.
 Its not so hard if people really want to solve problems. Reading Barbara DeAngelis books on healing relationships she also had VHS tapes at the time of couples engaging in active listening skills, mirroring techniques and other skills to help clear out the emotional baggage that built up before and after they met. That’s just it, how many couples are willing to do that? How many people care enough and want to work on their marriages enough to practice these skills?
  My friend said during our conversation about how to live in society and make $ without losing too much of yourself and still be an activist. The fact that some humans still struggle with this when we shouldn’t have to choose between $$ and oneself also, says a lot about the society we’re living in. However, I was expressing how my conditioning has been that in order to get $ I had to give up who I was since I was a kid in my house. To have a roof over your head and clothes on your back you had to be a slave and thank your parents for not aborting you. I expressed how I needed to retrain myself and not give up who I was for a job and $. This was the way to turn things around.
 The conversation went in the direction of anger and holding those responsible, responsible. My focus was the “family” system and not the 1%, Wall St or the Gov.
My friend ended up saying what everyone else used to say to me a million times growing up. “You can’t blame your parents!” Wow. How convenient! They can undeniably harm, abuse and maim you, sometimes for life, but you can’t blame them?! What an ingenious plan! The criminal says they can’t be held accountable! And those working for them. Am I the only one who sees the connection between this “family” dynamic and what is happening to our country and that the Powers that Be do whatever they want and do not get held accountable when THEY are Clearly the Criminals!??
 My “parent” had No problem making a totally innocent child  guilty as hell by the time I was 8. I could feel the “prison bars” slam at around that age.
 I use the Central Park 5 as another example and the fact that they were shafted by the city of NY. Coerced into false confessions, interrogated with no lawyer present and were made guilty for something there wasn’t even Any evidence for. The city clearly did not want to do their job and find the truth, they wanted to get the case “solved” and forced it to fit 5 teens it didn’t even fit. Does anyone of these prosecutors, cops, detectives get held accountable? Lose their jobs, do jail time?
 We live in a system where  injustice and corruption have accumulated So much leverage that the its inconceivable for the innocent people being criminalized to hold the Real criminals accountable?? Have I gotten that right? Talk about Climate Shift! Why is that? We have those in the white house being revealed by the Senate CIA Torture report that they our own Gov tortures those held indefinitely, without trial at Guantanamo, Dick Cheney, John Brennan and Donald Rumsfeld all getting away with War Crimes and there’s not even a Chance of them being prosecuted!
 Meanwhile, our jails are filled! With innocent people being beat up, held in Solitary Confinement, tortured And put into Debt while they’re in there for basically, being normal and having reasonable responses to the horrible things that happened to them that are created by those we won’t prosecute!
 So, my friend saying, “you’re “parents” aren’t responsible, we have to hold the system accountable”, is avoiding dealing with the issue in the Moment. Because the reality is, they ARE the system! Those unconscious people working For the System Are the system and Are the Powers that Be!
 When we raise children, or the way we’re supposed to raise children, is the give them increasing responsibility the older they get. A “mental bench pressing” if you will. That’s how people BECOME responsible, by holding them responsible. If we say, like my friend, “your parent was nuts or unhealthy or unconscious, they can’t be held responsible” IS the problem! It will continue to make people More irresponsible.
 Its the same argument at  Auschwitz. “I was just following orders”. Same debate over Chris Kyle in American Sniper. Those perpetrating the crimes acting for those at the top are just as responsible. Ignorance is not an excuse. The PTB will Not afford us the same luxury!
 Every ounce of energy needs to go to the people! They need to engage and pull up on themselves and not allow ANY Slacking! The slightest letting down of ones guard is enough leverage the ptb need to continue grinding up more innocent people up in their machine.
 The movie Apollo 3 is a good example. They had an explosion on their craft which blew out an O2 and something else. They had only 12 watts of energy to get their craft back to earth from how many millions of miles out in space. They cannot afford One Slight F up! They had NASA engineers and scientist working to create a makeshift “conductor” to channel the 12 watts efficiently so they could get home.
 That’s the way the people have to be. Not slacking, not luxurious, not leaking energy on things they cannot afford.
 People telling me when I was a kid, and still now, “oh you can’t blame your “parents”, or “oh, no body taught them so they couldn’t teach you” does nothing except give the perp the leverage they need to beat us completely. ALL energy and support must go where its needed. On those getting screwed! Period! Like in Greece. The Finance Minister woke up to the Ponzi Scheme. He knows that Greece didn’t even see the $ they supposedly borrowed and all they got was the Debt. Exactly what John Perkins talks about in Confessions of an Economic Hitman. Greece will not turn out like Portugal if those involved don’t Genuinely want to solve the problem and take Politics out of the equation and just deal with it from a basic HUMAN standpoint.
 Greece is seeing the problem and Does want the problem to end and is taking steps towards getting out of the abusive relationships with the banks and investors who don’t really want Greece free from debt.   Who benefit from keeping them in it like they try do to every other vulnerable country and culture in the world.
 Being in the NOW, and dealing with those right in front of you, holding those accountable who are right in front of you and  not diverting the problem just to those in the “white” house or the heads of Corporations and banks.
 Those who were the guards at Auschwitz who herded the people and directed them towards the chambers, who manned the doors, ARE responsible. Are they children? How was I made to be responsible/guilty at 6, 7 and 8 and on when you’re at your most innocent and yet those who clearly Are responsible are not??
The answer is right in front of our faces.
 We cannot afford to not hold those responsible to account. Every time we don’t, it gives them that much more leverage to do it to us and condemn the next innocent person! Its basic physics.


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