WAR MADE EASY,, How the President & Pundits SPIN us to DEATH, Norman Soloman

 Norman Soloman, a media critic on Democracy Now last week on how the “gov” Spins the war agenda. How they claim to be wanting to end wars when all they really do is expand and make them worse. Deliberately, due to being owned by the banks and Corps who are racking in the cash and depopulating the planet.
 Also see, War is a Racket by Smedley D. Butler.

Norman Soloman said it as simply as it can be put. This “gov” “spins” information. I call it, GMO info, like Monsanto Media, to feed to the unsuspecting public, which many are beginning to wake up to. Just like this country does to its OWN citizens, criminalizing non criminal behavior and jailing people for non crimes, extorting them like the Mafia (actually, the Mafia has more integrity) that’s what this country does to other “brown” countries.

 Norman Soloman went on to say,, “The Obama Admin. preaches against endless war while doing more than any other President to make endless war policy, 2nd to none in Creating Enemies so the Spin Cycle, War Cycle, the Destructive cycle continues”.
 How is it possible that the public in America doesn’t know this country is falsely criminalizing and demonizing other countries when its doing the same thing here to its own citizens! I guess people want to believe all those Americans are in jail to have their “Freedoms protected”. They’re there for their own good. To save them from themselves and who they “might” become. What they are or might become is simply a normal, healthy, critically thinking person.
 Norman Soloman pointed out, “this Administration is operating in overdrive as sort of a FOG MACHINE to keep from the American People realities of the War Policy”.
“This white house prefers the uninformed consent to the Governed”. 
 The point I want to get at here is… the “spin”. The system uses momentum to keep everything rolling.
 It’s all tying in now, that the System NEEDS “Enemies” and “terrorists”.
 Norman Soloman points out that the Obama Admin. is using the 2001 AUMF to be open ended “Ride for all it can in Search of Enemies”. Without Geographical boundaries that will define this war the search for Enemies is Open ended and Infinite”. “I should add, Not only a search of enemies but, the CREATION of Enemies”.
 The “Family” system creates “enemies”. I was one by the time I was 8. There is a reason many people, Not all but, do not know how to relate in healthy ways that cultivate healthy relationships and Built Self Worth rather than deplete it. Nature is about replenishing and cultivating. Nature is about balance. Crapitalism is about constant raping. There’s NO way the 2 can coincide. 
  The Gov is just a larger version of the “family”, a micro cosm of the macro cosm with people Not investing time or energy into Conflict Resolution, active listening tech, or communication skills. “Farming” skills so-to-speak.  These skills NEED to be exercised or nature will disappear, simple. If people are not investing the time and energy it takes to create organic relationships, health, justices and respect, those things simply won’t exist. The Momentum of cultivating  “enemies” and “terrorists” will pick up more and more speed and careen out of control since they’re easier to create and can be done faster, like GMO. Creating True health and healing takes time, effort and energy, Nature’s way. Things the GMO monetary system cannot afford or desires to do.

 It’s “simple”. For the human race to survive and live with any trace of decency and humanity those qualities need to be “grown” at a rate counter to the rate the Sociopaths that Be are creating violence and “enemies”. Like battling Cancer. Because its easier and faster for the Sociopaths to make GMO violence, those who care to oppose would have to be doing it at a rate double that.

 When I was young that’s what I was attempting. As natural as it is to reach for water when you’re thirsty I automatically read books on healthy relationships and how they work. It was a natural response to want to learn to cultivate healthy connections and build families and communities to counter the domestic violence, abandoning, traumatic, unsupportive, uncaring environment I was forced to live in. I was the only one who wanted it or saw the need and was actually DOING something. People I knew didn’t care. No one else wanted it badly enough. They just didn’t see the need. They were happy with the way things were going.
 The same thing on a larger scale is now happening in Ferguson & the St Louis area and the mainly African American residents. They’re being put into a Debtors Prison, scam, Ponzi scheme that soon will be everywhere, done to everyone if it is Not countered. All the weight the public was putting on the system that was keeping it going,, NOW has to take all their Body Weight and Counter the system. Like the movie SPEED,, when the bus was forced to turn doing 50 MPH,, everyone on the bus had to move over to one side to keep the speed and momentum from flipping the bus over. This is what we, the Public, enough of us, have to do to counter the weight of the Corrupiton, 
 When I was younger I used to think to myself, “Is this it?” “This is your choice, to be the Abuser or the Abusee?” I studied how healthy relationships, mutually respectful relationships function and proceeded to attempt to create them. It didn’t turn out very well. When you’re the one being screwed, you’re naturally the one looking for “peace”, at my expense, I might add. You have no choice but to fund things yourself, then end up  Emotionally broken even more than when you started when people are not interested. 
 The “family” system is a Debtors Prison! Its the first system that trains people to be in debt, or not by whether it cultivates Self worth and builds confidence.  Many “Parents” put children in Emotional, Spiritual & physical Debt by treating them disrespectfully and neglectfully. The child, now being in a physical state of deprivation and stunted growth, has NO choice but to try to get their needs met using unskilled, debt based, addictive behavior and try to get it from people who don’t have it.
 Talk about a Rigged system! The larger system, being severely corrupt and getting away with it and the public not doing enough to counter it, can only add up to a gradual deprivation of the needs of children and a “capitalization” of the “family”.
 Child abuse has been around for a long time and seen as normal. If people, families, can’t even see that the disrespect and Children- Should- be- Seen- and Not- Heard attitude has simply created nothing but a Society being cut down  and that will become a full Blown Hell, there is no hope.

 People do not want to work hard for something that works. They’re too busy being carried by momentum. It’s too hard to change the momentum the system is going so people let the current continue taking them in a very Destructive direction, not even applying minimal brakes. 

 I felt it myself when I show up at a protests against L3, the company that makes the drones used to kill mostly civilians in the Middle east, and I get there and there are,if you’re lucky, 10 people who show up. It’s deflating. 
 Newton’s laws of motion are; an object in motion stays in motion unless acted on by an outside force. An object at rest will remain at rest, inertia.
The “Powers” that Be and those who do not resist them are like a run away train with no driver running purely on momentum. They are like a muscle that is all stretched out.
 The fact is, though, it takes less work to do what’s right! It costs more energy to run an inefficient system and an inefficient mind/body.
 A child in need is less likely to get it because its much easier to take advantage of them or to minimize them than to help lift them up. It takes effort to lift someone up but, not as much as abuse does.  Besides the fact that there are not enough caring people to help.
 All it takes is one person to help and give someone in need a small push. The added problem is the fact that many people in need are not starting from the point of simple inertia, they’re actually buried, and pretty deep at that, which requires even More effort and those who care.
 People who don’t have much “credibility” or status in Society are more likely to be looked down upon and scapegoated than helped, which is what they truly need and deserve. Their already GUILTY,, for being Vulnerable.
 Its all Math.


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