Police Brutality,, Just the Larger Abusive "family"/Malcolm X Anniversary

I’ll start off by sharing something I’m going through right now that illustrates that Debt and criminalizing people is the whole point.
 I received a ticket on my car a few  weeks back for the inspection sticker being expired. I had planned on getting it inspected that day. The ticket was for approx $65. I had the car inspected that day and mailed in the proof, the receipt, in the mail the next day. I continued getting letters in the mail accruing more and more fees. I tried sending in the receipt again and appealing the ticket through the mail. No such luck. The ticket got up to $125 threatening with things like garnishing wages, seizing your property, etc. So I went in person to try to explain that I’m on limited resources and lucky I could pay my rent. I have a brother with a partial disability I had to assist. People have lives and issues they’re dealing with and the system treats you like you’re a criminal. That’s because it NEEDS you to be a “criminal”. That’s how the system is designed. Its not designed for people to have much recourse. It, basically, was a waste of time to go in person to try to explain my situation. Even if the ticket was lowered would have been a relief. The man behind the glass told me my “case is over, closed”. I had no recourse, no way to explain legitimate issues I’m facing. I attempted make a partial payment of $50 there on the spot and even there they wanted to charge another few $ for fees! I said, “forget it, I’ll just write a check when I get home”, which I did.
 I feel like the system is like a kind of “drone”, terminator that cannot be reasoned with, is incapable of compassion or any kind of understanding. It truly is like a machine that knows nothing except imprisoning, criminalizing, and $$.
 This is what I’ve been attempting to tell people All my life! This is exactly how I “grew” up. Criminalized by the time I was 8. I felt like I had to be my own lawyer to investigate my case to prove I was innocent and that I was framed. Just like the system, and the system is just like the “family”, its designed to pass down the guilt, pass on the shame.
 How can a child of 7 or 8 be guilty? Its physically impossible. Of course it’s those in “charge” who are the incompetent ones using the innocent to collect all their garbage.
Are they going to acknowledge and admit that? Are they going to take responsibility? Admit they were wrong or made mistakes? Some maybe, most not. The amount of Psych Debt an abused child inherits in this world is crippling. When the very people who are supposed to be there for you, helping to build your confidence and self worth, protecting you, are doing nothing but undermining and stripping you of your worth then, its clear they’re not “family”. Is it any wonder then, that banks rob people, hospitals and doctors are just after the $ many times. Nearly every field has been contaminated by $$ and “profit” over people. GMO over Nature, presence and Organic experiences.
 Vulnerable = Guilt in this world. That should scare the Hell out of people! The “family” system has literally been reduced to a “Criminal factory”. No different than animals in a slaughter house where the mother pigs and cows kept immobilized and constantly pregnant only to have their offspring ripped from them. The innate bond that is inbred in nature being completely destroyed. No different than Corporations like Texaco/Chevron dumping toxic waste on the people in the Amazon only in dysfunctional “families” the “parents” do it themselves. 
 The People’s Climate March that took place in NYC this past Oct. turned out somewhere over 400k people marching for the environment and the future, the lives of their children and grandchildren. That is what people are supposed to be doing. Obviously, if we need a march for the environment and children’s future then, what have we been doing up until now? Dumping and trashing it, that’s what. Not only the Earth but, the house they live in. The emotional garbage dumping people pass onto their children is no different than what the Koch Brothers Companies do to the people living nearby.
 Dumping on the future, abusing the vulnerable on so many levels and for what? To feed the Sociopath system at the expense of your children! How Fn stupid is that? 
 It’s Not the 1% who are to blame, It’s the PEOPLE.
 There’s no getting over on Nature and Physics and we are dangerously disconnected from it at this point.
 When I was a kid, not only did I not have anyone in my “family” on my side and having “parents” slack on their responsibilities and set such a low bar for themselves and their behavior rather than admitting when they mess up and at least attempt to move in a better, more fit direction. Instead, I had neighbors and extended “family” All making excuses for the “parent” telling me, “oh, your poor mother” which might be well and true but, the fact is, its completely criminal to be shaming a child for standing up for themselves and Not bailing out and feeling sorry for a parent who neglects them. It’s a TOTAL fudging of the #’s, “cooking the books” and taking Blatant advantage of someone in a vulnerable position who is Depending on you! 
 We need to start RAISNG the BAR! And Stop making excuses and letting people off who would actually Benefit from being held accountable. It’s Natural Law and Nature’s intelligence when instincts kick in, when a child has nothing and No one but their own innate intelligence to rely on then, “parents” are even Overriding that as well! The “adults” go into an out of the “power” role as it suits them. They use the child as an adult when they feel like, then, when the child’s instincts kick in and they take charge and actually Know better than the “parent”, the GMO “parent” feels threatened then, uses their Fake position of “authority” to control and steal credit from that child. It’s just a smaller version of what the banks and Corps do! That’s Debt ontop of Debt!! As the former Economic Hitman, John Perkins said, “it’s a double, tripple, quadruple Whammy!” When those who are entrusted with securing a child’s security and protection are falling down on the job and setting the bar so low, it doesn’t get any more Cowardly than that! Because it’s not on the level of “National Security” like Edward Snowden,, it gets NO attention! Yet, it IS on the level of National Security, because kids are growing up learning to tolerate what is Intolerable! Taught to take on Debt, programmed to take abuse and love your enslaver. 
 It’s about calling things what it IS! Screwing one’s Head on Straight.
 People who think they can set the bar so low and pass the mess and debt onto their children is the Opposite! Of Real Family. If people think Natural Law is not recording and keeping track, keeping a Check Book of all of it, they’re sadly Mistaken.
 Children are not some Blank Check for “parents” to withdraw from recklessly and not make the correct deposits. Children and our bodies are just like the Earth. They’re limited. Resources are limited unless they’re cultivated and replenished. The Body KNOWS when it’s being screwed over and left in debt and will assert itself to get what it needs unless it’s intimidated or threatened into submission. 
 Today was the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X. I attended and filmed a small action in NYC in Harlem and at Workers World Party Solidarity Center.
 In listening to the speakers talk about the police brutality of his day and how the police work to maintain the status qua and keep the rich, rich and the poor, poor, I couldn’t help but think of the “family” as the same thing. “Parents”in too many cases, oppress rather than really raise their children up to be truly Fit. Its about knowing the wealth one has when they have a child. You get back what you invest. Parents who do not see the wealth they have in front of them because they do not see their own worth just end up screwing themselves over. Children, when loved and treated with respect and allowed to grow in healthy enough conditions, end up reaping many rewards for their parents later on.
 The same with Society. The Corps who are Total Junkies, which is not even a strong enough word & the resulting intoxication is not even a strong enough word, think they’re making out by oppressing the masses when they’re only destroying themselves. But, I guess it doesn’t really matter does it?


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