William Binney on Awake Radio "They traded the Security of Everyone in the U. S. For $$"

  The theme is the same no matter who’s involved. Whether its the NSA, the Military, the CIA, Corps, Police Depts, the Just Us Dept, everything can all be brought down to one thing, $$ over people.  This eve on Organic News on Awake Radio that I do every Tues eve at 6pm EST William Binney was back on. Mr. Binney, highest-level whistleblower to ever emerge from the NSA, was a leading code-breaker against the Soviet Union during the Cold War. He resigned after 911 due to Washington’s overuse of mass surveillance which Binney knew to be in direct violation of the very Constitution the country is supposed to be preserving.

   Binney said the U.S. has more ability to mass surveil than the Soviet Union did during the Cold War.
 The NSA will be able to collect 966 exabytes which is the total of internet traffic in a year.

 “The ultimate goal of the NSA is total population control”, Binney said. Some reason for a little optimism is a recent Supreme Court decision that make law Enforcement need a warrant before they can search a smart phone.
 The NSA is not just pursuing “terrorism”, like it claims, but, also, ordinary citizens going about their everyday communications.
 “The budget was not the problem, NSA had plenty of a budget to do it. They didn’t need any more $$ to make that happen. The issue was they wanted to build the budget up”, Binney said. “They wanted more $$. So you don’t do anything that would take away the problem you’re using to get more $$”. “KEEP THE PROBLEM GOING”, was the issue, Binney said.
 If they get rid of the problem they get rid of the need for more $$.
“A lot of contractors got “rich” off of it”, Binney said.   

“Tom Drake found all the data on 911 sitting there” but didn’t catch any ones attention.
 “You make analysts dysfunctional by putting all that data on top of them, Humans can only do so much”, Binney said in an interview with Tragedy & Hope.
 “$$ was the issue, not solving the problem”.

 John Kiriakou was on in the second hour and revealed the same pattern.
 Lying. Just as Obama and the NSA blatantly lied about not Spying on Americans, the CIA also blatantly lied about not using torture.
 If they lie enough, deny enough and repeat it enough, aka exercise, shaping something into what you want it to be,, it eventually takes shape. And, as long as a good number of Americans listen and trust everything the Gov says, there’s going to be tremendous problems.
 The CIA is also about keeping problems going for $$.
 John Kiriakou admitted he was not arrested for leaking “classified” information. “People in Washington leak classified information all the time”, Kiriakou said. “David Petraeus, Leon Panetta, it was because I leaked about Torture”.
  Prosecutor Macbride saying that John Kiriakou “betrayed a trust!”
 These illegitimate institutions manipulate the good guys trying to expose abuses who end up being the ones pleading “guilty”. It’s the CIA who’s betraying the trust! Just like the NSA, the “white” house, the Military, and the Just us system passing their shame and guilt onto decent people who have more courage than they could ever hope to have. They hold so tightly to their delusion that the Gov is super human and so exalted looking down on and standing above everybody else. As long as the “Gov” maintains that attitude of never being self critical or admitting to mistakes and holding other “officials” accountable we can expect many more dangerous situations because that is a very dangerous position to hold. We had better start taking much more seriously that fact that we have Complete MAD MEN running the country and nearly the entire world.
 There’s a book called Shame and Guilt about abusive, neglectful “parents” who pass on their shame and guilt to their children and it can definitely be applied here. That’s exactly what’s happening in these agencies, the country and the world.

 Everything is about denying reality and using $$ to beat Americans over the head constantly with  lies that are so obvious, you’d have to be a total moron to believe it. This is what it’s coming to. We’re all going to be living under one huge, umbrella of mental illness and the people who see what’s happening will be tortured or killed for being healthy and decent. The healthier and more moral a person is the more they are going to clash with those who are living under the $$ delusion. We had better hope there are enough mentally healthy people in this country to counter the deranged. It will be all about chemistry, natural law, health, what people are made out of. 
  During the show Dr. Robert Duncan asked Bill Binney how he came to do what he did. Where did he get his morals from? Bill Binney naturally gave credit to his upbringing. He spoke about his father and grandfather who both served in the Military and who lived by and believed certain principles. This is not a surprise because that’s where everything real comes from. Where else does anything of worth come from besides nature. Humans are a part of nature just like agriculture and they way they’re “raised” has everything to do with who they turn out to be. Just like those who have No morals at all. Upbringing determines how a person will be physically constructed. 
 There is a War against Reality and people had better get a good handle on what it is or they’re going to lose it. 
 This is why I can’t stress it enough about Fitness and health. The closer we are to nature the better and in this country we’re being diverted from it more and more every second. 

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