"Family" as Debtors Prison

  I’ve been hearing a lot about debt lately and it seems that Debt is becoming more and more of a problem instead of less. And not just financial debt but, more importantly, emotional & spiritual debt.
  Debt is actually the goal for many private companies to get prisoners, students and many others into debt for life many times, while the company “profits” at their expense. Predatory Capitalism is the Norm. Private Companies have taken over and Gov seems to have surrendered to them, sold their backbone for counterfeit $. In private prisons where the goal is to keep the “prisoner” a “prisoner” for life by turning prison into Corporate slavery. Forcing “prisoners” to work full days while paying them menial wages. Forcing “prisoners” to purchase basic items the prisons used to provide like cheap sandals. Private companies jacking up prices for things the “prisoner” is a captive audience for. Charging ridiculous amounts for “prisoners” to receive $ or necessities from family members. Charging high prices for prisoners to go to a funeral for a family member.
 Too many “prisoners” end up back in jail because of illegitimate debt  accrued while being, most often, il legitimately incarcerated in the first place.
 Students are more in debt than ever before due to Private.

 Some students have started buying each others debts instead of allowing the banks to do it who are just looking to prey on and keep recycling this IL Legitimate debt.
 Just like the crisis in Greece, it’s all about having the right relationships with those who are Genuinely looking out for your interests and WANT to see you self sufficient and strong.
 Using the situation of Portugal’s drug problem in 2000, after criminalizing and jailing the drug users and ADMITTING it only made the problem worse, began implementing actions that actually SOLVED problems instead of stoking them for fake “profit”.
 I feel, here, that it needs to be pointed out the fact that $ is being used to divert people away from what’s real and Natural.
 It’s important to know that $ does not come from nature and can be created from nothing. It is also created from debt. Extracted basically, from the unsuspecting public. So, to the public, $ should actually be seen as the enemy, a weapon being used like a gun pointing at your head to get you to surrender your Natural resources; your blood, sweat and brain power, in exchange for a worthless, counterfeit piece of paper that devious bankers created by enslaving the masses.
 The “family” system is exactly where the same thing takes place. In many, not all, but a lot of “families” where there is no real connections, no real trust, communication, values, respect, fitness, where “parents” are simply too immature and irresponsible to be good leaders and role models to their children. The outcome is the same, the parent emotionally enslaves the child. They steal the natural resources from their children and put their own needs first instead of the other way around. This creates psychological, spiritual and physical debt in the child. The natural flow that’s supposed to go from parent to child is, now, being diverted from the child to the parent. The very people the child needs to rely on to be clean and trust worthy are blatantly betraying that trust and robbing from the very people they are entrusted to Give to.
 Factually speaking, what other kind of speaking should there be? There is no CLEAN trough/ person for the child to “drink” from. Everywhere is dirty and contaminated. No one is available to be there purely for the child without being stained and giving the child a misaligned reading. That child then becomes misaligned themselves and doesn’t know it. Diverted, lost, disoriented and believes it’s their responsibility to meet the needs of those so they can then be in a position to meet the needs of the child, which is physically impossible.
It’s a Familial Ponzi Scheme! Its a complete and cruel trick because it actually leaves the child physically deprived and emotionally in debt constantly trying, ineffectively, to get what it NEEDS from people who simply don’t have it to give because the resources of compassion, understanding, patience and love have been depleted and no one is replenishing and cultivating it. It’s GMO over Organic!
 This can only lead to the horrific situations being created all over the world. Places like Guantanamo, CIA black sites, the newly discovered Homan Square in Chicago’s south side where there’s nothing stopping Chicago Police from basically kidnapping anyone off the street and holding them there without charge, without a lawyer, without being read their rights, being held in solitary confinement for hours and days at a time.
 Just so people get an idea, this is exactly what many “families” are like and what many children are treated like. The way many children are Cultivated, are “farmed”, like animals to slaughter. This is what the “family” systems create. These are the kinds of people “families” are “growing”. Nature and nature’s process of cultivating healthy, organic children where parents actually GIVE FREELY has been destroyed for fake $.

 In an article I read recently about divorce,, it doesn’t mention abuse or domestic violence, called Divorce, Children & EMOTIONAL INCEST by, Culture of Life Foundation, uses My Exact Words,, Emotional Incest. That’s the Exact term I’ve used to describe the psychological Debt that “parents” pass down to their children. 
  In this article it talks about everything I’ve been talking about for over 30 years. This is the Original Debt, the ultimate betrayal where children learn to perpetuate their own emotional, spiritual and physical debt by being caught in an Emotional Ponzi Scheme. The article talks about the “adult” using the child to feel their own needs after a divorce at the expense of the child. Granted, the parent might not be intentionally or knowingly doing this but, the result is the same regardless. Parents should always be focused on meeting the needs of the child FIRST. 
From the article, 
  Too often these days, children are not given the primacy of focus that is their need, and their right, when parents struggle in a marriage.  Some have used the term “Emotional Incest” to describe what happens when a spouse is absent (through divorce, when a parent is widowed, or even in an intact marriage where spouses are emotionally estranged from one another) and the remaining parent relies too heavily on a child for emotional support.  In such cases, “[w]hile no physical boundaries [are] crossed and no direct sexual contact [is] perpetrated, the parent or parents willingly enlist the emotional support of the child in healing his/her own unmet adult needs.  In turn, the child becomes the confidant or emotional spouse of [the] parent.” 

 I was reading about this kind of thing and trying to get people to be aware of this 20 years ago while reading John Bradshaw. He was a master at writing about these types of issues and called it “surrogate spouse”. A parent using the child to fill their needs at the child’s expense when the other parent is unavailable physically or emotionally. 
 This sets a child up to be in Debt for the rest of their lives. It creates addictive behavior in the child and sets them up to be in abusive relationships never being able to figure out how to get what they NEED. The relationship they learn is just One Way. The “parent” essentially, is doing the same as the U.S. does to other countries when it moves in to steal that countries resources. That is what the “Parent” is doing to their child,, STEALING the child’s resources rather than building them up like they’re supposed to do. If they child asserts their needs and the parent is in Emotional Debt from divorce or having their Emotional needs robbed by their “parents”, those people can’t help but do it to their children because it will be “normal”. Just like it is normal to the Bankers and the Corps, because of the way they were brought up, to believe it’s their “right” to enslave the entire world.
  This is the same scenario the “Justice” system and the Prison system is creating,, when they arrest and jail people for non crimes, for basically being a Normal, healthy person, the private corps can “profit” from having “prisoners” in jail, the “parent” is doing the SAME! Using the child and cheating the child out of what they Healthily deserve. A child’s healthy needs and intelligence becomes “criminal”, something the Emotionally indebted “parent” cannot afford to allow. The parent unconsciously starves the child emotionally, inevitably keeping the child from being able to grow to maturity and eventually Leave the parent. 
 I felt this early in my life,, like my wings were being deliberately clipped so I could not leave. My mother really believed I was here to be emotionally responsible for her, to take care of her emotional needs at my expense, which is Physically impossible because the Child doesn’t have it and cannot afford it. This keeps a child,, into “adulthood”, trapped in a Vicious Cycle of not knowing how to, or even that they are allowed to have their own needs met. The child’s,, and later “adult’s” physiology is literally Constructed to bleed out, to worry about everyone else while No one is there for them. The child has NO leverage from which to gain any momentum since the people responsible for providing it are “out of service”. The child is caught in a PONZI SCHEME of an Impossible situation of trying to meet the needs of the “parent” so that “parent” can then, in return, meet their needs. Of course, this is a Catch 22 because the child cannot meet the needs of a “parent”. It’s the Biggest Ponzi Scheme and has been around for decades which No one talks about which I believe is at the root of many if not all the abuse in our society. People in Emotional debt perpetuating it and unable or not wanting to stop it.  
 I filmed Thurs. here in NYC outside of City Hall where they were holding a rally against Commissioner Bratton adding 1,000 More cops to the NYPD. Just like in the “family”, the needs of the people are non existent. MORE aggression, MORE oppression,, MORE arrests,, MORE criminalizing “health” and people exercising their RIGHTFUL Needs, like the child in the Debt family. Just like Bill Binney explained about the NSA doing the Opposite of what works to get more $$ and crete MORE Problems so they can expand the NSA and criminalize even MORE Americans! The “family” is just the micro cosm. 
 Those in “charge” don’t acknowledge and change something that doesn’t “work”, because they do not have the same agenda as the rest of us. Their idea of “Working” is not the same as it is for us. For them it IS working when they get Billions more to build another data storage facility for the NSA in Bluffdale, UT. 
 Unlike Portugal did to solve their Drug problem in 2000,, after seeing that criminalizing and imprisoning people for being ill only made the problem worse,, Portugal actually WANTED to solve their problem and was committed to doing what ever it took by hiring a panel of doctors and followed exactly what they said. The drug problem decreased by 50%. 
 From the previous article, Children need the time and space to grieve an absent (or less frequently seen) parent, and need the adults in their lives to guide them in this process, not expect emotional support from them.  As difficult as a loss can be for an adult, it is at these times when our children really, REALLY need us to be the adults, providing them with the support they need to grow through the loss, staying closely connected but with appropriate boundaries, being a shoulder for them to cry on, while holding back our own tears and fears.
Heaven forbid we can expect the same from those entrusted with running our country. 
 A child is already being put into Debt by a divorce and gets put into even More debt emotionally by the other parent using that child to fill their needs. Then, decades later, their “gov” is doing the same thing to them. 

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