Joe Banister, IRS Whistleblower, Health is Criminal

 Joe Banister, former IRS agent turned whistleblower, was one of the guests on my radio show Tues. evening on Awake Radio  along with Marcy Brooks, the juror in the case of Whitey Harrell as depicted in Aaron Russo’s documentary America; Freedom to Fascism.
 The main point I try to make when I write is to connect the macro cosm to the micro cosm and that what happens on larger scales happens on smaller ones. Most people do not see or pay attention to what’s right in front of them because they are not present. Most people are not taught to live in the moment and are, in fact, taught the opposite.
 It’s simple; the work place, no matter what the job or organization, is a larger “family”. What ever rules and behavior people learned at home will be carried out at work. The work place will be the “parent” that many people didn’t get to separate from. Most people will not challenge the “parents” at work and, instead “choose” the paycheck and the pension over justice and their Moral health. It is a clear picture of the lack of fitness of the “family” system being carried over to the work place.
 Challenging “authority”, like Joe Banister did in a very matter-of-fact way over 15 years ago when he was doing exactly what the IRS trained him to do; report waste or fraud. When he brought his findings to the attention of his “superiors” he was asked to resign. When he did the work, did the “fitness” and the research and found that the Gov and the IRS were deceiving Americans for decades about being required to pay income tax, his “superiors” couldn’t handle the fact that he was smarter than them and used their position of illegitimate authority to bully him.
 This is the same exact dynamic that occurs in millions if not trillions of dysfunctional families.
 The same thing happened to me simply by behaving in the healthy way you’re supposed to. Just by innocently and intelligently having a healthy response to a dysfunctional environment and pointing it out to those who are supposed to respond and be on the ball, the whistle blower gets slandered and discredited as those who are so invested in the delusion and LIE use all their might to crush health and truth.
 Many families do the same thing. They don’t have the leverage and courage to call things what they are, live in reality and set the bar higher so they go along with the lies, the lack of fitness, the co-dependency and the enabling.
 If people do not call things what they are in the home, do not call co-dependency, enabling and dysfunction what it is at home, it inevitably will be carried over to their place of work and people will simply be acting out the role they played in their family out in their job.
 John Bradshaw spoke about how the needs of the child gets sacrificed for the needs of the family. The child doesn’t get to be who they are and are forced to be what the family needs and their expense. If the dysfunction of the “family” is not looked at and dealt with where children are being intimidated into submission and forced to surrender their identity for the system, they will be doing it all of their lives.
 No matter how you slice it, it all comes down to fitness and health. No matter where it is, the “family”, work, or the white house, dysfunctional relationships are dysfunctional or abusive relationships. As long as people are unwilling to look at their own unhealthy behavior and at least be willing to work on it, things will continue to be unhealthy.
 Life comes down to what it comes down to. There are opportunities for for growth and fitness every minute of the day if a person is willing to seize it.
 Every second of everyday people can choose to do what they always do, live unconsciously, or practice being conscious, courageous and fit and do something different. It can be a very small act in a better, healthier direction.
 If bailing out and choosing the paycheck and pension is the way people want to live then they will have to face the consequences at the end of their life when they find how unfulfilled and meaningless the pension turned out to be. Maybe, who knows. Maybe some will revel in that choice.
 Fitness is the only true satisfaction physically, mentally and Spiritually. Just like physical fitness, to a point, brings freshness, energy and vibrancy to a persons life, how can mental/spiritual fitness not provide the same thing?


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