Prison; just a smaller Society/ Lessons about Organizing from a "Prisoner"

 Years ago when I read John Gray’s Mars and Venus on a Date he wrote about “conditions”,, that we had to create the right the conditions for a relationship to happen. Yoga is about the same thing,, creating the conditions,, setting the stage for Nature to take over.
 In a recent article by Chris Hedges on Truthdig,, We Kill Our Revolutionaries,, he writes about a man named Carlos Sanders, 52 years old, renamed Siddique Hasan after becoming a Muslim in Ohio State Penitentiary. Chris Hedges writes of the hard and poverty stricken start Siddique had growing up with his mother who had her first child by the age of 12 and her last, fourth child by age 19. How his father was abusive to his mother before disappearing when Hasan was 5. He and the other children survived on his mother’s meager salary of house cleaning and cooking jobs. The 3rd of 4 children, Hasan spent brief stays in foster homes and never made it past the 5th grade. Hasan had been in juvenile detention facilities since he was an adolescent and until today had spent only 17 months out of jail. He took to the streets with his older brother growing up and engaged in petty crimes.
 Hasan has been on death row since 1993 when he was convicted for leading the uprising in April of that year at the Southern Ohio Correctional facility with four others. He had always rebelled. He plotted a mass escape from a juvenile detention facility when he was only 15 years old and another escape from a county jail a year later. He was part of a hunger strike in 2013 with other prisoners from death row that made “authorities” of the prison finally agree to physical contact during visits from relatives, more items at the Prison Commissary, give prisoners permission to use computers to look up legal research, longer phone conversations and recreation time.
 one conversations and increase recreation time.
“I am a human being,” Hasan said. “I don’t like being locked up, deprived of my rights, told when to go to bed, when to eat, when to shower. These things hurt a person physically, emotionally and psychologically. No human being should be caged like an animal.”- Truthdig
 Even animals shouldn’t be caged. 
  Criminalizing someone like Hasan who came from a challenging background, abuse and poverty instead of giving people like him the help they need is a clear sign that the system we live in is completely Inhumane and does not care one way or the other about creating the conditions for a better world. All those running things care about is $$ and power and making the world worse. 
 I find myself in a complete state of disbelief that we live in this kind of world and that so many people sit by and do nothing to stop it. We see our neighbors in need and do nothing. How much worse does it have to get before people step up?

 I was reading books on the abusive/ dysfunctional/healthy family at a young age as a natural response to all the abuse and neglect growing up and being completely ripped off as a child. Every time someone didn’t listen to me or take it seriously when I told them how poorly I was being treated in my house, people were piling on the psychological debt more and more. Every time people don’t respect people and nature and respond to legitimate grievances by those they are supposed to be responding to and protecting,, it’s the equivalent to piling on and packing down gun powder and creating the conditions for a huge explosion to occur. I naturally turned to wanting to know how to make things better,, how to make healthy relationships that actually Work. You have to admit that things are not working before you can turn to other alternatives and try another way. But, if you’re making $$ maintaining the status quo or you’ve been “conditioned” to not acknowledge when you’ve made a mistake so you can then do something to change things, the more the psychological debt will perpetuate and worsen until we’re all living in manufactured Hell.
 The more “human beings” do not respect how nature/physics works and are at war with it and continue to resist the fact that ALL people are a part of nature and require basic respect, the more we will be creating a huge psychological debt. The answers are right in front of our eyes that the methods being used do NOT work! and yet those in charge continue with them even harder.
 When we learn to ride a bike and we fall off it’s normal and automatic to evaluate what we did wrong and compensate the next time and continue to do that until we can ride a bike. Why doesn’t that apply to every action we take in life? When those who have sold out to the system have the mis belief that some part of the population are worthless and have no value because of some misfortune that occurred in their life early on getting them off on the wrong foot or because of their culture or religion, instead of looking to turn people and situations around, the natural law inside the person can’t help but assert it’s innate intelligence and do what ever it has to to get the leverage it needs.
 This is simply natural law. For “man” to fight it is Insanity and a sure path to eternal damnation if you ask me.
 Before converting to Islam Hasan sold drugs and protected people for money in prison. He organized prison gambling rings and extortion rackets and was the over seer of many enforcers. He said Islam had changed him when he put the knowledge into practice.
 Hasan hopes the prisoners will organize a hunger strike and nationwide work stoppage to improve the conditions in prison such as a wage increase from the $1 for a days work to a legal hourly wage.
 Hasan wants there to be boycotts of the overpriced commissary items and for prisoners to only buy necessities like toothpaste and not to buy things like junk food. Hasan says he has no faith in the courts and legislature to bring about change. The only recourse left to prisoners is to organize mass civil disobedience.

  “Prison authorities never give you anything without a fight”, Hasan said. Prisoners should refuse to work unless they get a fair minimum wage. Hasan said anyone who tries to organize a protest will be removed from the general population or transferred to another prison. This is how the prison keeps the prisoners divided and weakened. Hasan recommends letting prison authorities know in advance of a protest. Tell them the demands without surprises and give them 60 days to resolve the grievances. If it’s a surprise protest all they will do is a lock down.

 Hasan has learned lessons about resistance that apply not only to the 2.3 million Americans that are incarcerated but, also to society where civil liberties are being stripped and the creation of a surveillance state is reflecting the prison state more and more.
 “Those who rebel must know how systems of power work” says Hasan. for resistence to be effective”.

When u really look closely at it, the system IS totally backwards! Those who are closer to nature’s process due to the circumstances and conditions they’re forced to grow and live in, the hardships, the challenges, are the ones who end up in jail for exposing those who have hijacked the system and are imposing their GMO, man-made, “privileged” deception onto everyone else.
 People who have lived with incredible challenge like Hasan are the ones we should be exhaulting. They’re more “organic!” They’ve been through way more of natures Organic processes Much more, sometimes many times over and have proven themselves over those who look good on the outside but many times are fake, GMO, “privileged” people who are born right into positions of power like most of those who occupy political and financial positions today and skipping over actually Earning anything. Those with the leverage have fooled everyone and choose more GMO people to put in power to keep the fake, GMO regime going. Only those who are Organic and healthy enough will see through it.
 We’re fast becoming a society that will be worshiping, full on, a completely man-made god, golden calf, if we don’t take action and mobilize soon like Hasan has expressed.
 When society looks to criminalize vulnerable people like Hasan and take complete advantage of their unstable and unfortunate history rather than help them, you can bet you’re next. It’s clear that normal human behaviors like cooperation, compassion and giving are being completely exterminated and replaced by nothing but hatred, torture, brutality and total inhumanity.
 What Hasan is describing that is absolutely necessary is constructing the sturdy foundation we needed when we came into this world and didn’t get. We, instead, inherited the opposite; slipping, sliding, hanging off a cliff by a twig, dealing with it like a champ and Still the system criminalizes you. It has NOTHING to do with man’s “laws” and everything to do with Natural law, leverage and physics.
 The system is crashing in on itself like many family systems do. The entire point is about LEVERAGE, physics. Parents should be giving their children leverage. Providing a healthy enough of an environment where the parent is there for the child, to reinforce the child so the child can gain internal strength and worth. Parents are supposed to be mature and responsible people who can emotionally afford it when their child challenges them. Children, by nature, are supposed to be difficult, emotionally immature and unskilled.
 If the parent collapses under the weight, the entire family system crashes. When the parent is the first one to criminalize the child for being a child, for having and being healthy and normal, nature has become the criminal, health and nature’s process is the criminal for essentially being what it’s supposed to do.
 Sociopath man has accrued so much arrogance, has tipped the system already too much to bow to his misaligned state of Emotional imbalance that the ptb think they’re normal. That’s our fault for not living under natural law and allowing ourselves to be diverted away from our natural instincts.
 When I was growing up I was naturally and rightfully looking to the parent to be there for me. That “parent” was doing the same, wrongfully looking to lean on me and make me responsible for them. This inevitably crashes. This is many families. “Parents” actually criminalize the child for exposing the incompetence of the parent when the child is simply being normal. The “parent” should be taking on the responsibility themselves, not making the child out to be the problem. This is the Slight of Mind in how the Emotional Debt gets passed down. More and more of an Emotional load is dumped on those who cannot afford it. Then their criminlized for not being able to carry it!
 This is exactly what is happening to our entire society. People are looking to the System to lean on while the system is robbing and leaning on you!
 The prisoners like Hasan are realizing and doing what needs to be done. Getting in touch with reality and physics and what works. Breaking the vicious cycle of unconsciousness and stepping into the moment exerting natural law and the fact that All humans require respect. The prison ends up being an extension of the dysfunctional, deficient “family” where prisoners keep sliding further into psyche debt, further into anger and hatred. And rightfully so. The system is not there to help anyone get out of  emotional and physical debt,, only to profit off of it. 

 Like I was forced to do in my house growing up, I had to do it, I had to be the one to stop the vicious cycle, to stop the fighting as best as I could. It wasn’t easy and I can’t even say I was successful. But, I could clearly see and feel that the more I pleaded, appealed, we were continuing to fall and spin out of control. It was clear she wasn’t capable of taking charge and doing what needed to be done. This is what Hasan is saying about the prison system. Pleading to the “courts” and legislature IS the problem. Looking to the problem for the cure IS the problem. We need to look to each other. Raise each other, give each other what we need because the system and “family” sold us out, took away our leverage instead of helping to increase it. 
 What needs to be realized, also, is that even if you didn’t grow up like me or Hasan, that is the deception. If you weren’t raised in a “brick house”, to Be a brick house, have healthy people to lean on to build yourself as a sturdy healthy adult, you will have the misconception that you’re doing alright. It’s about Fitness, physically and mentally, being as Optimally fit as one can be. Not just having a job and paying bills. 


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