SPRING RISING in DC and Everywhere!! End Endless "WARS!"

 This past weekend was the 12th Anniversary of the U.S. Attack on Iraq Shock & Awe and 4 days of panel discussions, sit ins, demonstrations, rallys & marches.
 I went down Fri and filmed 3 panels on Fri afternoon & eve.
 The first one was with speakers Kevin Lucey who lost his son to suicide after serving time in Iraq.
 It was a pretty emotional discussion during the Q&A afterwards where members in the audience made some very important points, while another Vet broke down expressing the limits to which your body and soul get pushed to in the name of “liberty” and “security”. The subject was brought up of “masculinity” and how the establishment uses that and other terms like “patriotism” to get soldiers to engage in atrocities and acts of complete brutality. It is not “patriotism” or “masculinity” what so ever.
 Videos of the talk will be found on the World Can’t Wait youtube channel. Some will be on my youtube channel, April Watters.
The psychological, emotional & spiritual debt left on the souls and bodies of the soldiers overwhelms them. The pain is unbearable and they end up taking their own life after realizing what they’ve done. After leaving the war mentality environment and having the time to reflect and get in touch with what they truly feel, the sense of knowing the truth and what they took part in comes rushing in.
 The sense of knowing that the distracting system wants to drown out in ALL of us, wants to seduce in ALL of us to buy into the “war” propaganda. It isn’t only the soldiers who get seduced into believing they’re standing up for and protecting their country from “terrorists”. These men, some very young, get caught up in the support and the misinformation the public has about “war”.
  What many of the soldiers realize and are unable to admit is the total farce of what the U.S. “gov”/banks/corps are creating in these far parts of the world. What becomes blatantly obvious to many of them is the fact that They, themselves are the Terrorist inflicting misery and death on an entire culture of innocent people. That the U.S. Military is the aggressor, Not the defender like the propaganda would have the American people believe. We are not in the middle east for “humanitarian” reasons or to “protect” women & children. We are there to dominate that countries resources and topple their Governments. The U.S. Doesn’t want any country to thrive and give this country any ideas on how to be Democratic and healthy.
 A member of the audience during the Q&A  after panel with Iraq Vets Against the War and Military Families Against the War mentioned Basic training and how it mind F k’s and if you have any humanity you’re driven out of BT unless you can suppress it and become a “mental killer”. Then you get to Iraq where they dispense 15-20 different drugs freely after what the soldiers see around them. If you turn to the Chaplain for help he turns you into your commanding officer. Frontline Psychiatrists debrief the troops then make them go out and do the same the next day.
 If you have any compassion for those you’re killing you get threatened to be killed by your own drugged up, wacked out troops! When you come home and try to get your humanity back, a flood of emotion and the realization of what they were forced to take part it pushes them to kill themselves.
“The suicides are not because people are weak”, he said. “They’re driven to do that by the madness of the system that we’ve got”.
 The troops are also being deceived and victimized into committing acts of such horror under the complete farse of “patriotism” and Saving your country. OMG!


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