WAR IS WAR, from Abusive Familes to Iraq!

I’m still writing about the Spring Rising, End Endless Wars event from last weekend. This is going to be the 3rd blog written about fake Wars, hidden wounds, Moral Injury, Posttraumatic Stress and Suicide.
 Since attending the rally and the panel last Fri. I’ve felt a sense of belonging and bonding with those who shared on the panel and in the audience. The feelings and experiences shared are feelings I’ve had and have tried to express all my life and was not allowed to. Basic truth was and still is a crime.
 Healthy feedback is criminal. Wars in the “family” system are no different and leave the same scars as the emotional scars left on soldiers in Iraq and else where.  The “family” system, like some of these wars, in which the public does not want to believe are propaganda. The people do not want to believe their “gov” would betray them, lie to them, create illegit reasons to go to war so Corps who make the weapons can “profit” from killing manufactured enemies. The reality that people do not want to believe and the misinfo they ingest by the very “gov” that’s screwing them over is what keeps the ball rolling.
 The “family” in many cases is the same. People go by the title of family as people who “care”, “protect” and look out for your best interest. Many people do not want to believe the fact that, in too many instances, this is not the case. The “family”, even neighbors and extended family, are those robbing, abusing, diminishing, undermining, dividing, emotionally torturing and enslaving. People have gotten so used to the slow, gradual deterioration of our health and freedoms they can’t see it. It’s become normal for “family” to be divided, to be estranged and dysfunctional. For members to not support each other and treat each other poorly.
 Speakers on the Friday panel spoke about the brainwashing that is prevalent all over our societies and “families” of “Be Tough”. Veterans in the audience shared about the Mind F of basic training and if you have any humanity or compassion you will not survive it or forced to be turned into a killing machine.
 In discussing suicide, one Vet shared that “suicide is not weakness”, “you’re driven to it!”
 The same Vet mentioned “Uni Cohesion”, male “bonding”. The gang mentality they brainwash you to participate in to convince yourself that your a real man.
 Pushing anyone to do things that go against their gut, their instincts and their morality leaves a Physical and Psyche injury no different than being beaten & raped. The healthy mind/body connection is actually Dislocated and needs to be reset, if that’s possible. Of course, once it’s dislocated it’s not as easy to put it back.
 PLEASE see videos of the talk on my youtube channel April Watters.  Living in an unhealthy environment where “parents” USE their children just like the Military does. There’s NO way around it as long as parents are teaching children to go along with a system that is run and controlled by Corps and Bansters who know NO Limits to “profit”. Every resource, if there are any left, any trace of Humanity and compassion will be rendered Extinct! Is this the world YOU want to live in? Is this the world you want to create and leave to ur children? How far will you go to help the Sociopaths go even further Sociopath?
 Even if you’re not being told by your boss to kill innocent civilians when you go to work everyday, what we know is just and moral and what we do not want to do has become the norm. It might be a more slow and gradual route but it’s the same direction with the same destination none the less.
 No matter where or who you are, the body Knows when someone is telling you to do something that is not moral or just. Whether it’s a “parent”, which my body instinctually challenged like Ray McGovern challenged Donald Rumsfeld, a boss at work, or people in the Dirty house, we need to question and dig deeper instead of simple taking it for granted that even parents are acting in our best interest. We have ALL been programmed to go along and perpetuate the Machine that serves the few at the expense of the many. That system has crossed the line of “progress” into destruction a long time ago. The system is forced to manipulate nature and manufacture fake situations and “terrorists” to function.
 “Home” was the same as the military or Prison for me. It was clear I was being trained to go against what was in my best interest. To accept a debt that was not mine and to bail out those who were responsible and who should have been held accountable.
 At a young age, the mind/body hasn’t been brainwashed yet. It naturally kicks in even if we have been programmed. The body’s wisdom and limits will take over no matter what. The autonomic nervous system that functions beyond our conscious control will override and do what it must to preserve us when we’re pushed against the wall.
 At the Fri panel last week, Kevin Lucey spoke about his son when he returned from Iraq, “he was a shell”, Kevin said, “he was not the same person we sent”. Kevin spoke of his son prior to entering Iraq as a “fun loving” kid. I think of how many people in our society are walking “shell” people. After 40 years of working at the same unfulfilling job, everything being reduced to $$ value and nothing more.
 I have to refer to my favorite quote by James Madison. I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of the freedoms of the people by  gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.
  A soldier being blatantly told by his “superior” to kill, rape and mutilate civilians is an example of the sudden & violent. Living ones life, working and going along for 40 yrs is an example of the gradual & silent.

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