WOLFGANG HALBIG, Threatened for asking Questions about Sandy Hook, FOIA hearing Postponed

  I took a ride to Hartford CT yesterday, March 31, with a friend who is a supporter of Wolfgang Halbig. Wolfgang Halbig has lived a life of serving the public as law enforcement officer, school official, safety expert who has been seeking some answers to some simple, basic questions about the Sandy Hook school “shooting” which occurred on December 14th 2012. I heard many things about Sandy Hook being a hoax but, I didn’t put much effort into it. You can only take so many “conspiracies”. I was all set to go to another event when a friend, who has spoken with Mr. Halbig and has looked into the story, said they were taking the ride to Hartford CT to support Mr. Halbig for a FOIA hearing with himself, the chief of Police and the school board. He showed me a couple of things about the story and how things just didn’t add up so I decided to take the ride and meet Mr. Halbig in person.
 I expected there to be a small crowd when we arrived there but, there was 3 other supporters of Mr. Halbig and Mr. Halbig’s new attorney. We met one supporter who was very up to date on everything about the case and has done a lot of research on the subject and began filling us in while Mr. Halbig conversed with his lawyer in another room.
 Once Mr. Halbig came out we all went into that same room and Wolfgang Halbig filled us in on what was going on.  There was supposed to be a FOIA hearing that Mr. Halbig waited 19 months for, since Feb 27th 2013, that he found out was “postponed” til the end of April. Mr. Halbig said it’s illegal to postpone a hearing unless agreed upon by both parties involved. He said he was not informed of this action by any official documentation. Mr. Halbig said his lawyer o.k’d the postponement without his consent after Mr. Halbig paid him 10k. Mr. Halbig said he was informed of the postponement by his former Lawyer, Paul Spinella, at 10:10am on March the 23rd because the attorney representing the school board and the PD had an urgent matter out of state. A supporter of Mr. Halbig’s sent the FOIA documents to him and not even his own lawyer. “I had to learn from somebody who really cares about America”, WH said. If the supporter had not sent WH the documents via email he never would have known.
 Mr. Halbig proceeded to tell us more about what was going on while myself and one other supporter filmed. Mr. Halbig said Monte Frank, the lawyer for the city and school board was not out of town on urgent business but, riding a bike for gun control. WH wants to file a grievance for having the hearing postponed without his consent. “How is that having higher priority than representing your clients?” WH asked. “I have to waste donors $$ to fly up here, for what? They’re jerking me around”.
 WH said the Commissioner who was supposed to hear the case didn’t postpone it until 2:30 in the afternoon, “how did my attorney know at 10:10 in the morning?” “There is such corruption in the state of CT, I’m embarrassed for the people of this state”.
 There is no way they can postpone it again, “I’m letting Monte Frank pick the date”, said WH “and I will be here”. The hearing is scheduled for late April, the 24th or 30th.
 “This is CT in it’s finest hour” said WH. “This FOIA commission is supposed to be for the people, supposed to be about transparency”. “When you have people in this office that don’t care about the law, I have serious problems with that”.
 “I only got involved because 2 cops came to my house”, a week before Christmas 2014. Another supporter said that’s what got him involved. “You don’t threaten Americans” he said. WH said, “You don’t threaten a former cop who’s asking simple questions”, said WH. The supporter went on to mention the fact that thousands of dollars in donations went to a fraudulent cause people believed was real. The cops scared WH’s family and told him to stop asking questions about Sandy Hook or get arrested by CT state police. “Can’t ask questions? That’s one of the greatest gifts we have as Americans, the right to ask, the right to know the truth. And they’re telling me if I don’t stop I’m going to jail, No.”
 Guess how many people know what the conditions of the schools are in Newtown CT? A lot of people see those reports. “Why can’t I see those reports? it’s Public record, what’s the secret?”
 WH spoke about the deteriorating condition of the school; lead paint, asbestos, PCP which comes from contaminated ground water.  The children will get serious life long health risks if they attended that school. “Why would a parent who loves their child send them to a filthy school?”
 The crime scene photographers and videographers for the CT forensic crime squad went in on Dec 14th 2012 at 3:58pm, it’s on the time stamp, and showed the condition of the school. “It’s not me making it up” said WH, “it’s them showing me how filthy it is. It’s their videos, it’s their pictures”, “and it’s not even ADA compliant”.
 The FOIA commission says, you have a RIGHT TO KNOW, “the people in this office don’t care about the law”. When people don’t care about the law, “I think we got serious problems”.
“The people in this office are struggling to find the answers, they don’t know what to say”, WH.
“What I find offensive is how the gov calls us Truth Seekers, they question our integrity, our patriotism and love for our country”. “We better get ready, cause if that’s what going to be allowed across the country, you’d better get ready for what’s next”.
 Attorney Monte Frank has never attended a school board meeting. Colin & Wolf also represent the city of Newtown, the PD and the school board and appointed Monte Frank. How do you conduct school board meetings and you don’t ever see Monte Frank?
 “I can’t wait for those witnesses to be here”. “I could care less what Monte Frank has to say, I care what the super intendent says, what the director of facilities says, what the chairman of the school board says, what they police chief Mike Kehoe is going to say”. “They have to speak”.
 WH said when he went into Newtown they treated him with silence, at the hearing WH will get to ask them questions.
 “All this drama for 7 simple questions”. -WH How many people have knowledge of a crime being committed? “Accessories to a crime, This is huge and it starts at the Gov office”. “I and the Lt Gov were notified that something like this might happen”, -Gov Molloy of CT. 
Videos of interview https://youtu.be/uULpcCasc5E  also, https://youtu.be/wpUYB-NFoiY


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