Wolfgang Halbig saying! SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG!!

Keeps happening. Relating to more and more people who are saying what I’ve been saying all my life since I was 6 or 7. Everyone, sooner or later will be confronted by it. Only question to ask is, which direction will you go?
 Went to interview Wolfgang Halbig Tues in CT where he’s been waiting 19 months to have a FOIA hearing. He lives in Fla and has to waste $ flying to CT to find the hearing “postponed” without his consent. He, like I, is finding out how deep the corruption goes. There is no law. Those entrusted to uphold “law” are doing whatever they want and pissing all over it.
 WH is doing nothing more than I did at a very young age. Be healthy and normal. Do what healthy people do, point out the obvious and ask questions. To be met with such hostility and aggression to simply being non threatening shows us how far into tyranny and oppression people have allowed society to go.
 The ptb have gone so far off the deep end for the sake of the “profits” of the Corps and the people who work at these jobs don’t ask enough questions or challenge the ptb enough, leaves that much more work for an upstanding man like Wolfgang Halbig and others like him. No different than a sick body and the White Blood Cell count is low and the WBC that are fighting the disease are too few.  Its obvious that there are more people on board with and go along with the corruption than there are those who speak up and resist. Little by little people let things slide when they could be strengthening themselves and their souls. Just like poor eating and exercise habits, over time people get overweight and sick from lack of exercise and not being mindful of what they ingest. Everything comes down to health & fitness mentally, physically & spiritually.
 We are in crucial times. People need to do some deep soul searching and ask themselves what they’re going to do when their back is pushed up against the wall and forced to choose to either stand up or go along.
 What I have to point out though, is that it might not be that blatant. You might just find yourself there and wonder how you got there. Its the living by default, the going along for the $ at the expense of ones soul, justice and truth. The not exercising and resisting the whole time. What do we think we’re creating when we don’t challenge ourselves and those around us? When we surrender natural law for man’s injustice. We’re creating a totally Genetically Modified world. Man making Nature over entirely. Everything and everyone Fake, manufactured so the ptb can continue getting their addiction fix of fake “profits”.  I certainly do not want to live in that world. I don’t like living in the world we have now. Can’t imagine what it will be like in 10 years if it continues.
 If it doesn’t scare the SHIT out people that Corps like Monsanto want to sue Gov for regulating their Socio-pathological addiction to raping and piliging the earth and the most vulnerable on it, there’s something wrong with you. If that doesn’t register in your mind as the truly terrifying reality that it is, you need to get checked. But, even that doesn’t make sense because in a world that’s that far into Mental Climate Shift, that might be difficult thing to do.
 That’s why I learned Meditation and Yoga in the early 80’s to counter and help me deal with taking on what WH is taking on when I was 6.
 All Wolfgang Halbig is talking about is the same thing I was. A certain quality standard. No matter who you are, its normal & healthy to expect a reasonable amount of standard from those around you, from those in “power”. Its healthy to hold authority to quality standards whether it’s parents or the city of Newtown CT or whether you’re Bowe Burgdahl having no choice because you’re pushed right up against your own instincts and autonomic nervous system. When its your own Natural law that kicks in and takes over and you’re being criminalized for that! Something is seriously wrong!! We’re being brainwashed that Nature is wrong! That’s truly SICK!
 Matthew Hoh was on Democracy Now and Amy mentioned soldiers being Criminalized for having fear! That’s right! For having HEALTHY fear! For being Normal! Saying this as a kid. Being normal & healthy is criminal. This system has people so in conflict with their own nature, with their own health, its either go into psyche debt so the Sociopaths can stretch even further or trust your bodies and your psyches wisdom and say “NO!”
 The courage to say “No” and for the people to organize is the real wealth we need.
 Wolfgang keeps saying , All this drama because of “Simple Questions”. That’s just it,, Simple and Basic is the Enemy of Corruption and Truth. That’s how we know who the enemy is,, Like Holding a Cross up to Dracula, posing simple truths will make the Sociopaths react with aggression and arrogance.


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