Emotional Abuse of Police

The emotional debt a person gets into starting at a very young age perpetuates over time into their “adulthood”. The unexpressed anger and valid grievances people had as children carry over throughout their life and either destroy them and their Spirit or gets acted out on others. People can live their entire lives unconsciously and never realize they’re living a totally Inauthentic life. Living out what they were programmed to be and not who they organically are. Their bodies might “know” things and try to do things to get a persons attention yet, a person might have no idea why they do or feel as they do.
 I spoke with a lawyer on the phone today about a pretty well known case. I had a question for him about the case that I wanted to ask. About how judges, DA’s, police do what they do that, to me, is obviously corrupt. His response was basically, “that’s the way it is, what I’ve been dealing with for 40 years”. His attitude was very “adjusted” to this way of dealing with things. He said the average person has no idea how bad it is. “This is the way they are” as if it was normal. I asked him how we get it out to the public that its the norm for “law enforcement” to pull all kinds of underhanded things to til things there way. He told me that was what he’s been trying to do. My response was that it was the fact that people just don’t want to believe bad things and that’s exactly what enables people like cops and the “gov” to be as corrupt as the are.
 I told him challenging “authority” is what I’ve been studying and questioning all my life. The dysfunctional, abusive “family” system.
  In the words of Daniel Ellsberg who exposed the Pentagon Papers back in 1971 about his own father who fell asleep while driving which killed his sister and mother, if family can be fallable which kills their own family, then what is the Gov like? Not a direct quote. Watch, The Most Dangerous Man In America, Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers. And his father wasn’t an abusive or neglectful parent and look what can happen. Imagine what people can do who really don’t care about you.
 People who don’t even regard the “gov”, judges, police, lawyers, mayors as fallable people who need to be checked on, who can do no wrong is ridiculous and an infantile way of thinking. Not to excuse the wrong doing


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