Free Your Mind Conf. This weekend in PA. Many great speakers but, Mark Passio was the one I was most interested in hearing. I’ve been familiar with his talks for almost 2 years now and saw him speak in CT this past fall.
 I never heard anyone speak and say exactly the same things I’ve been saying for decades, except for the Cult Symbolism stuff.
 As far as the Natural Law stuff he talks about and the Family Abandonment, he’s right on in my book.
 A weight was lifted from me this past weekend when he got into the reasons people are Order Followers. He talked about all the things I tried teaching people about the abusive, dysfunctional “family” for decades. That was what I studied my whole young life after “growing up” in blatant abandonment, co-dependency, those who should be protecting and serving, instead, being completely incompetent with impunity. Being made to be the criminal by the age of 7 for simply having healthy responses to the blatant dysfunction. Health and truth were clearly the enemy in my house. They shown too much of a light on the blatant dysfunction that no one wanted to admit let alone take any action against. Natural Law exposes people for what they are and instead of them just admitting it, what’s been revealed right out in the open they deny, cover up and worse, pawn off on YOU!
 What is being spoken about more and more these days with Police killings I was saying about the “family” system for 4 decades!
 Mark Passio, pointing out the cowardess of Order Takers and that it’s contradictory of having Real Consciousness. Order takers abdicate personal responsibility to a false “authority” thereby claiming no responsibility for their own actions. When, in Reality, in Natural Law, that’s not possible. Natural Law records everything. Calculates everything. There’s no way around it.
 Mark described Order Takers as having deep self loathing due to low self worth and lack of self respect from Parental Abandonment. He hits the nail on the head! Again, there is no getting around Natural Law!
 Nature is recording everything that happens. Children reveal the truth about the abilities and maturity level of the “parent” and mirror it right back to them. No different than what happens when learning any activity like skiing, riding a bike. If “parents” can’t handle the honest feedback Not coming from the child but, coming from Natural Law! The “parent” will pass off the responsibility that belongs to Them onto their child.
 We have a blatant disregard for Nature in our Fake, man made society treating the environment and children like they’re here for our pleasure and use rather than our care.
 We gotten to the point where we live backwards, debt based and we’re Stealing from the Future rather than passing down the value we’ve accrued. “parents” don’t grow up themselves, then pass their emotional debt onto their kids. People are too busy chasing fake $$ at the expense of real wealth that comes from within, that comes from maturity, responsibility and real growth,, a Ripening, if you will.
 Mark spoke about simple right and wrong,, and Right action is not doing harm to another, which has been confused in this world. Due to the Fake $$ system, people have been bought. it’s simple. People do everything for $$ instead of what’s Right. In their minds, what’s Right is what’s right for them which they believe is what ever “pays”. Not realizing they’ve sold themselves and others out. Putting Man Made $ before Natural Law is what people have been conditioned to do. How can people know the difference between right and wrong when their minds are so misaligned? As long as the minds of so many people are so imbalanced and they do not know it, they cannot know right from wrong behavior, As long as people are bought, they cannot know the difference between right and wrong behavior. 
 I just watched Democracy Now and the discussion about the TPP and how Wikileaks has released the fact that the Corporations want to have the “right” to SUE “gov” for putting any regulation on them and interfering with their Claimed Future profits!! Does it get ANY more Sociopath than that? Is there ANYONE who sees the Complete Mental SICKNESS besides me? It’s because everyone has allowed themselves to be BOUGHT that their instincts and Health have deteriorated that they no longer have the Brain Cells to stand up to total Profit JUNKIES, ADDICTS, SOCIOPATHS who are bent on Destroying the Planet! Debt begets debt, like going into shock, if it isn’t interrupted, it perpetuates. Being in Mental Debt and giving into Corps, Addicts with $ at the expense of health and Sanity, perpetuates itself once it gets put into motion. Before you know it, you’re so far into soul Debt,, you can’t regain yourself. Once you’ve allowed yourself to be bought and get hooked on Fake Man-Made $$, unless you realize the direction yo’re heading in and head for a 12 step program for Corporation/Profit Junkies, you’re done as so are those in your wake. 


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