The BP Oil Spill,, Nature doesn’t forgive! WHY should WE?

 The same thing is happening Globally. The unconsciousness, the carelessness in the pursuit of “profit” is destroying our entire planet and the people are helping.   The BP oil spill is just a metaphor of a Global crisis in the relentless pursuit of “power” and “control” by those who hijacked the leverage of the system. What they cant hijack is Real leverage which comes from Natural Law. As long as the people align themselves to man’s rigged and enslaving system they will lose their leverage because that’s what the system is designed to do. If we, instead, align with Truth, with Natural law, which man has diverted away from, we can engage our true power and acquire our rightful leverage.
 Obama is now calling Venezuela a “terrorist threat”! Call Obama the Terrorist threat! If we don’t call it like it IS, they’ll call it like it ISN’T and use that slack against us! Its how NATURAL LAW works!
 We’re meant to own our Own Power! Not be “electing” Fake “leaders” to babysit for us indefinitely because all that will do is lead to our Indefinite DETENTION! We are not meant to follow a “leader” all our lives. We’re meant to BE the leader of our own lives! If we allow ourselves to be led, we be led right over a cliff!
 The 2 cases in the previous post about the 2 black men who were on death row for decades then fully exonerated talked about Presumption. How its already PRESUMED before hand that those in suits and behind desks have integrity and are Trustworthy and those who are regular citizens and black are automatically Guilty. It’s Totally Unconscious !
 There is NO Question! We NEED more Conscious awareness! More nature and cleanliness. What good is anything if we don’t have that first? And it’s the accumulation of that Unconsciousness that perpetuates itself leading to a completely imbalanced system going even further out of balance.
 Take the cases of those 2 men and magnify it 100 times to get what we live in Nationally and Globally.
 If lawyers, judges, prosecutors can and the state invests in More Policing, More prisons, more prosecutions and None on providing defense then what is it on a larger scale? What is Obama, Dick Cheney, John Kerry and Condolezza Rice?
 If the lawyers, judges and “law enforcement” can refuse to look at newly found evidence that can free an innocent man, if it is what attorney Bryan Stevenson said and you fair better being “Rich” and GUILTY than Poor & INNOCENT.
 That is a very Powerful statement! It translates into Innocence is GUILT.
 Saying this when I was 7! The more vulnerable you are, the less leverage and resources you have the Guiltyier you are! That’s the way Man’s Anti Nature system works! The Innocent and vulnerable Are INNOCENT! And deserve Protection! Not prison and Death Row for 30 years!
 The dysfunctional “family” system functions the exact same way. Without even realizing it and sometimes knowing it, people criminalize their children. Make them out to be the problem, the “emotionally disturbed” when they were made that way, inherited it, like Chevron dumping in the Amazon.


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