Does it Get any more Sociopath?

 If it isn’t excruciatingly obvious by now that we’ve allowed Corporations to gain way too much leverage I don’t know what it will take. Everything has gotten so imbalanced because we’ve allowed ourselves to lose touch with our mental Fitness and Nature itself. Once we lose a sufficient connection to Nature, we’re SICK. That’s ALL there is to it! If we don’t value and respect nature, we’re done. There’s no way around it. But, again, because we’re disconnected from nature we won’t  grasp that. We might read it and be, “oh, it can’t be that bad.” Or, “oh, that can’t ever happen”. Which are just more signs of being disconnected from Nature to a severe degree.
 Lori Wallach from Public Citizen talked about the report Wikileaks exposed about Corporations wanting the “right” to Sue “gov” that tries to “impose” environmental regulations on them for loss of “claimed” future profits. Hello!! Are people getting this?? How Dare the environment have a healthy response to being disregarded by Corporations unlimited Psychosis! How dare nature not allow itself to be bought off.
 How blatant does it have to get when Nature, health, the environment are showing us that we’re destroying it yet, Corps STILL want to suppress limitations on themselves, they are So far into Psychosis and Profit addiction and WE are the Co-Dependents, can it get?
 No amount of fake, man-made $$ will let anyone over on Natural Law!! Stop the $$ addiction! Nature is giving the signs and signals as plainly as it possibly can and that’s exactly what Corps want to ignore?? How much more Sick can shit get?? How much more Sociopath can Corps get? How much more addicted can we get?
 I’m baffled because I’ve been teaching myself about Dysfunctional relationships ALL my life. The clarity I felt at such a young age was such a punch to the gut, it was a healthy response to seek healing and knowledge. The blatant dysfunction and abuse of the “family” system was/is so thick, it’s unmistakable. A person can’t help but have a normal response to it. Then, you’re put into even More debt when your healthy response is met with resistance.
 This is what is now happening to protesters finally exercising their rights. They’re finding out how bad we allow things to get when you get beaten up for justly demonstrating. All the protesting, the marching against Police brutality and killing is just a larger example of what I lived in my own house as a child. Being disrespected, devalued, humiliated, emotionally tortured and beaten down. Made to feel like YOU are the criminal if you stand up for yourself and have a healthy amount of dignity and self worth. If you’re not living beaten down, you’re a Criminal! How dare you want respect, how dare you want what’s rightfully yours. How dare you not allow “family” to rob your worth and treat you like shit. You’re “selfish” if you need a  Healthy, reasonable amount of respect.
 Because people have taken it and lived with it for so long, because the Sociopath Corp heads have bought out all the Politicians in “gov” and own everything, they’ve rigged everything in their favor which perpetuates their getting even More! Now that’s its gotten so imbalanced and the Corps and those they bought out have accrued such a deep amount of Psychosis they’re having INNOCENT people criminalized  for profits in jails, courts, police & lawyers. Even blatantly Killing them out in the open!
 Is fake, man made $ really worth all that? Are we really that blind that we can’t see that a very significant line was crossed a Long time ago?
 Again, because we’re not connected to nature in a healthy way we do not recognize it. 


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