Have to WALK THE WALK, Not just pay for FREE Your MIND conferences

“The People United Will Never Be Defeated” is a chant I hear repeated at protests and marches. That’s just it, the people are Not united and have a long way to go to be united to the point where they will make significant gains to counter the leverage and momentum of the ptb.

 I just found out today that people who stayed in the same room as me at the Free Your Mind Conf last weekend left my coat behind that I asked them to bring home from the hotel that I had left in the closet of the hotel room.
 It was a warm day the Sunday myself and one other friend left the Conf last weekend while 3 others stayed in the room one extra night. I realized I left my coat in the closet in the room about a 1/2hr or so after we had left. I immediately called one of them and texted that I left my coat in the closet. I spoke to them and texted so it would be in writing. I specifically told him it was in the closet so they would get it and not miss it.
 I thought one of them had it all week long. Its been an entire week and I just found out none of the 3 who stayed the extra night had my coat. They left it behind. I was told by one that the other guy had it, he texted me on Wed. I texted AND called that guy and got No reply! Had he told me earlier in the week that he didn’t have it either I would have gotten in touch with the hotel days ago instead of a week later about getting my coat back. It’s the fact that the longer I wait to get in touch with the hotel the lesser the chance of getting my coat back. Hotel staff can tell me there was no coat found.
 My point is, what is the point of going to a Free Your Mind Conf. to hear an Awesome talk by Mark Passio if it isn’t going to change you at all. If you’re just going to go back to being your old self when Mark’s, cutting through the BS talk is over, what’s the point of spending the $? Spending the $ is not going to make you a better person. You actually have to do the difficult work and look in the mirror. What’s the point of spending $ to stay in a hotel when you’re not going to walk the walk? What is the point of activism and “consciousness” if friends can’t even rely on each other to bring their coat?
 This is why the 1% are depopulating us. People don’t make enough effort to be there for each other, to have each others backs. If this is the slack behavior people are going to engage in when dealing with each other then its a NO BRAINER the PTB are enslaving and exterminating us. People are not on the ball, not sharp. Can’t even be there for each other. This is the kind of low bar behavior I’ve been trying to point out about my wonderful “family” system since I was very young. Because people are your “parents” they think they have a license to lower the bar, get away with treating you like shit and get away with it. This is the EXACT reason the Police are beating people down. Why the system treats the people like slaves and criminals. Because there are no families and no True friends who are sharp and make an effort to be on the ball for one another.
 This is Exactly the kind of behavior that needs to be looked at and addressed.
 Mark Passio stood and spoke on Sat night about looking in the mirror. Its all about stepping up, raising the bar, love, compassion, being there for each other and how Order Followers are destroying the Sacred Feminine. It’s coming together for each other that is going to change things. Treating each other with more thought, more regard.
 I’m just looking at the Math, using this seemingly insignificant example to take a close look at to see how you’re doing. How else do we see ourselves and our behavior? The facts show that not enough effort and thought was put into grabbing my coat. People just don’t CARE enough and this is exactly what Mark spoke about. Care.
 This is the kind of behavior I’ve dealt with all my life. Disorientation. Going in circles. People not admitting to things so situations perpetuate. I was conditioned all my life to let people off the hook, to lower the bar for people, to “forgive”, so people can continue to do the same thing over and over. Not to acknowledge what the facts are so we can get oriented and change direction, adjust ourselves and move correctly. We have to be PRESENT to do that. We have to LOOK so we can see how we’re doing. If people want to trivialize the opportunity to see how they’re doing and not look close, then you’re better off saving your $ and staying home.
 As long as people set a low bar for themselves, have No interest in being fit and using facts right in front of them to do so, then no amount of $$ Federal reserve notes spent at a Free Your Mind Conf is going to help.
 When people let you down for so long, for decades, when those around you who should be “protecting and serving” use their relations to be a slacker rather than a Step up to the Plate r, when people since you’re young, take advantage of their position to steal, get away with treating you less than, they create debt where accrueing should be taking place. No one really looks close enough at the Math, at the Reality. They don’t want to hear or know the truth and use it to sharpen themselves.
 This is what it’s ALL about. Being PRESENT. Paying Attention. What else are we doing? Why are we at a Free Your Mind from the enslaving system conf?
 I would think you’d see some change, Some adjustment, the slightest hint of someone being effected by that great presentation Mark Passio gave. You would think it would be tangible and yet I feel people are exactly the same.
 Mark spoke about those in the room, and it was a large conference room, being the “illuminati”. Taking back the meaning it has come to be known as something sinister and redefining it to it’s original meaning, to Illuminate. I had an small ambigram of Illuminati tattooed on my left arm over 10 years ago to take back the dark meaning it had come to be associated with.
 We have to love and support each other AFTER these conf are over and carry on what we were taught. Actually Live it. I used to see that at the Omega Inst when I was on staff there 15 years ago. It’s one thing to pay for a workshop but, we also have to Do the hard, dark work.

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