The decapitation of Freddie Gray, what I feel is an obvious metaphor, symbolic, of what has been done to us for decades, is now literal. I have shared and blogged about the Decapitation of people many times figuratively. The ptb gradually separating us from nature, from reality, from ourselves from truth, spinning their web of lies more and more to try to confuse what is plainly obvious.
 The Crushing of the Spirit of people in their own homes by their own “parents” is just the micro cosm of this macro cosm.
 Those Baltimore Police MURDERED Freddie Gray in broad daylight in plain sight. There is NO way around it! They can spin all the BS they want which only reveals how truly sick and utterly despicable they really are!
 Freddie Gray’s spinal cord was 80% severed! And his voice box crushed! Holy Hell!! What kind of sick Motherfuckers are we dealing with? These cops are clearly being trained to KILL and that they will be protected. They clearly have NO respect for life Or Themselves! Cops walk around condemning the people of Baltimore and every other town as if they’re clean, while THEY are the DIRTIEST MFr’s walking!
 Then! An “attorney” from the Police Union says that Freddie was resisting arrest and would not walk when, in FACT, Freddie was already a Quadriplegic and could Not walk BEFORE he was dragged to the PD van! How DARE this Lying bastard! No matter how Blatantly clear things are, these Psychos try to Deny reality and desecrate Freddie Gray after they MURDERED him for making eye contact then running from Your “holiness” the police! I’d run too if I saw the face of cops! These cops Broke Freddie’s neck! Then try to blame him and say Freddie would not walk when we was already paralyzed! By THEM.
 THEN! The “president” of the police union, this piece of shit, Gene Ryan had the AUDACITY! To say that the protesters were not giving the cops Their Due process!! And were making the cops guilty of murder Before they were even tried!!! When that’s EXACTLY what those cops did to Freddie who is Now DEAD!!! WTF! Gene Ryan says, he cops didn’t even get their day in court and the protesters wan them in jail”. How Fucking DARE he!! The people have the right to go a make a citizens arrest! Where’s Freddie’s day in court GENE??? This guy is so fucking arrogant and so used to being smug and getting away with shit while condemning the public, it just spills off of him.
Take this system down!
Dominique Stevenson has the common sense to come out and point out exactly that. Where was Freddie Gray’s due process? Freddie was Tried, Convicted and Executed. That is a ridiculously obvious question to ask. But, not for Gene Ryan who is totally blinded by his self deluded Ego and arrogance.
 After hearing the common everyday brutality the people of Baltimore suffer and the hands, and the mental abuse, by cops, it’s normal to run because people know the cops will find any reason to harass them. Just like the child of an Alcoholic, abusive parent knows to hide when “dad” or “mom” comes home because they know that “parent” will look for Any reason to hit that child. This is what we’re living in.
 That is what this country has become. The abusive “family” system ALL because of Capitalism! To suck up to Bankers and Corps who piss on cops and consider them lower than dogs!
Baltimore has the highest rate of incarceration in the state of MD. The neighborhood where Freddie was arrested has the highest rate of incarceration in the state. “The rate of incarceration can’t be separated from the aggressive policing that takes place”, said Dominique Stevenson from the American Friends Service   Committee in Maryland, who was arrested at a protest in Baltimore voluntarily to keep an eye on a 17 year old girl who was arrested for civil disobedience.
 Eddie Conway from Real News Net interview 30 people from the community who witnessed the incident. A police camera that has been used for years to arrest the public for drug deals suddenly stops working the day Freddie was murdered! How convenient! “That camera would have been directly over Freddie Grays head”, said Conway. For the cops, that camera is working just fine! Like the rest of the rigged system.
 One witness said one cop dropped his knee down on Freddie’s neck while Freddie was held face down on the sidewalk by other cops. From there on Freddie was incapacitated. The cop severed his spinal cord 80%! The cops then, later, shackled Freddie’s legs and threw him back in the van.
“It isn’t a high crime area it’s a Broken Windows policing area, said Eddie Conway, where residents are arrested for sitting on their own steps. The people are not even allowed to sit on their own steps, the police will come and harass them”. 10, 11, 12, 13 year old juveniles end up in the prison system.
 The protesters calling for truth and justice were called a “Lynch Mob” by the Baltimore Police Union for rightly standing up for justice. “As a woman of African American decent, I find that statement offensive”, Dominique said. “Many people at the protests were willing to come up and speak to us about their abuse at the hands of police”.
 Because $$ is the ultimate goal, everything is backwards. Nothing can be straight up as long as the sociopaths deny the fact that everything they do is for $$. The victim/abuse cycle will continue.
 It wasn’t for 40 mins until medics were called. Freddie would be in the hospital for one week and died on April 19th.
 All of the officers who were involved in killing Freddie Gray were SUSPENDED WITH Pay! One refused to give a statement.
 Larry Bell, former Baltimore City Council President said ‘Baltimore has had a long history of these kinds of incidents. Since the age of technology and everyone has a cell phone with cameras’. “Over 20 years ago I was one of those people who led the struggle to try to get Civilian Review, that’s something that has been resisted for many, many years”. There has been a “camaraderie” in the police dept.
 Police misconduct cases has cost the city of Baltimore $6 million since 2011. One woman, Ms Floyd, said a cop took her face and ground it into the sidewalk in 2009. “I was grabbed by my neck from behind. I was struggling because I didn’t know who it was, ‘get off of me, leave me alone, why you doing this’. “They don’t answer your questions, they just tell you to shut the hell up”. When Barbara Floyd was across the street watching another incident a cop grabbed her, “he put his knee in the small of my back, grounding my face into the pavement. He kept telln me to ‘lay down,’ “I was already down”. Barbara Floyd received a settlement of 30k.
 Larry Bell talked about how the problem became exacerbated in early 2000 when former mayor Martin O’Malley began 0 tolerance policy. ALL the Tolerance for Them! 0 for You!
 They’ve been arresting people for petty, nuisance “crimes”. More and more arrests and a devaluation of black life. “We need to have jobs in these communities”. “We haven’t talked about the ways black lives are minimized. We are economically depressed and more $$ has gone into prisons than has gone into jobs. Leadership is out of touch with the people on the ground”. ‘It isn’t rocket science to see that something went wrong. We need responses to be a lot faster. The length of time that this is taking is inflaming the people’.
 When it comes to criminalizing the public it’s lightening speed!
 When it comes to looking at themselves, they drag time and give themselves, the criminals all the “due” process they want!
 This doesn’t take a Genius to see what’s going on. The Corporations and the police “profit” off of criminalizing and dehumanizing the public. The people have been Sold Out! That has been established long ago!
 Billy Murphy, attorney for the Gray family said that police brutality is a pervasive problem in Baltimore. “Typically the police deny, deny, deny no matter what the FACTS are. Its not unusual for them to PROMOTE the cop even after he’s been found guilty of brutality.” I had a case with a $44 million verdict against the PO where a PO rammed a client into a brick wall in the back of his holding cell and  paralyzed him from the neck down. That PO was promoted to Sergeant after the verdict against him”. The city refused to pay and made us appeal at every level”. “We won the appellate court at all levels and still they wouldn’t pay”.
 Congress member John Conyers introduced a bill against racial profiling.
 Former police chief said running is not enough to stop someone.
 The neighborhood where Freddie Gray was arrested was called a “high crime area” on Democracy Now. How about referring to the Police Dept as the High Crime area? The “white” house as the High Crime area?? The NSA, Wall St, bank board rooms????
 Too many good people unconsciously start out with a shifted perception and automatically consider the people the criminals and their neighborhoods when it’s the Corps and the Politicians who are the Real Criminals! Start shifting your thinking!
 “The perception of black men and the value of black men is on display” says Larry Bell.
 “There was a death without a trial, without a jury, without a sentence. There was an execution. It’s 1984, it’s Double Speak to call protesters a Lynch Mob, said Eddie Conway. They’re blaming the victims, they’re blaming the people who suffered, the lynching for protesting about the lynching about their behavior. Its obsurd”
 The doctors at John’s Hopkins Hospital already said the injury Mr Gray suffered had to be a very strong contact he had with somebody”, Larry Bell. “You don’t have to be rocket scientist. We need to have some people charged. Cops suspended and still getting paid inflames the people”.  “The feel there’s a 2 tier justice system, one for police and one for citizens”.
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