Like PLASTIC, man-made Epi-Genetic Modification programing doesn’t break down in Nature.

From the Neck Down issues won’t be solved by from the Neck UP solutions. Like they literally did to Freddie Gray is what the system and those promoting it Are themselves; Decapitated. They live from the Neck UP Despite the FACTS, the, from the Neck DOWN reality glaring them and everyone in the face.
 I’m confused because I don’t get how this is a surprise. We all see the reality, we all know this country is all about $$ over everything else. The Prison State mentality is moving in every neighborhood. Is there anyone who doesn’t know that? The FACT that people like Freddie Gray were living under the conditions they were living with in the First place shows the Sacrifice Zones Chris Hedges writes about in places like the Mid West and the Dakotas with the Native Americans and places like Camden, NJ.
 The Mental Illness of those who have ASSumed the position of “authority” is becoming more and more apparent.
 It’s Organic Nature vs Man Made, Epi-Genetically Modification (to use Mark Passio’s term, I called it Basic Genetic Modification) of Reality that, despite Nature’s signs & symptoms, those who’ve assumed the position of recycling that Debt and GMO program Refuse to awaken.
 Like plastic, Epi-genetic modification doesn’t break down easily in Nature. When the Plastic mind set of the Capitalist mind set comes into contact with something genuine, it actually has as adverse reaction. It responds by clinging to it’s Epi-Genetic Modification even more! It grips down even tighter into itself becoming an even higher concentration of Epi-Genetic Modification.
 All those saying the Rioters are bad or “thugs” clearly show the same GMO program. I guess the earthquake in Napal is to. All of us are connected to nature, like it or not and human beings are going to have a healthy response to being oppressed and imprisoned. Let’s hold the Oppressors and the Profit over people and the planet Corps and Banksters responsible!
  People don’t know Nature from GMO since living in a man-made habitat for so long. Nature doesn’t need to ask, it doesn’t need permission, it doesn’t need anyone to like it. The Earthquake in Napal isn’t wrong or bad. It Is.
 Nature has to, eventually, give back an Equal and opposite reaction to what’s being initiated against it. That’s how natural law works. Like it or not!
 My favorite quote by James Madison; I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedoms of the people by  gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by sudden and violent usurpations.
 Those who’ve Assumed the Position of power have done so by Epi-Genetic Modification, NOT organically in reality. Because their fake, GMO $$ has been used to divert people away from Nature and their organic instincts people have allowed themselves to get  unfit from the neck Up and neck Down!
 You can say what ever you want and complain about the rioters but, they are showing the system the truth. They are a valid symptom of a world wide systemic problem that not enough people are addressing. When not enough of the population takes issue with the fact that an entire neighborhood, entire towns are being turned into Debtors Prisons those being marginalized and sacrificed the most will revolt. That’s natures intelligence.  A heart attack or illness might be an inconvenience to the $$ system but it’s necessary none the less to get our attention back to nature.
 Man is nearly completely done making nature over to his $$ image. When people want to measure how they’re doing in life success wise, do they measure themselves against man- made or Nature? All my life I’ve been an advocate for fitness. Real fitness. Its only by aligning with Natural Law that we measure true fitness. If we measure ourselves against how much materialism or “power” we have as opposed to how much we’re loved and connected to community, we have fake fitness.
 A youtube video hosted by Law Enforcement educator and whistle blower Eddie Craig entitled, Secrets the Police Don’t Want You to Know he made a basic point that does not take much thought. If more people fought traffic Tickets than fought them, the system would DIE! Exactly! The people are afraid of their power. Eddie explains in the video how the entire system is exactly conducted like the Debtors Prison that grew out of the corruption in Ferguson. Eddie didn’t make that connection because I think his video came out prior to the Ferguson incident. That’s what they’re doing to ALL of us.
 Eddie Craig said its because people give in and Pay illegal tickets that FEEDS the monster! For “convenience” sake, instead of taking off from work and making the time to Measure oneself against Nature and stand up against the system, they give in and buy their way out of the situation temporarily. What they’re really doing is fueling the Machine that will use their energy against them. This is what happens when people live by man-made instead of nature made, instead of fitness. When you look to use your fake $$ to handle a situation, all that does in Natures terms is create more debt, more lack of fitness and ADDS to the ever increasing GAP between $$ and Natural Law.
 It isn’t about $$ it’s about how Healthy a person is and how they use their $$. If someone looks to avoid real Fitness and use their $$ to buy their way out of being fit, you’re aligning yourself with Fake, Man-made and further away from Natural law! Over time people are accruing their self made prison!
 The system is all a LIE! The same with the IRS.
 The system is Extorting us!! It’s playing us for FOOLS! And the more you think it’s not so serious the more it adds up to a Debt “Health Account”.

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