KNOW YOUR RIGHTS when dealing with Cops with Eddie Craig

 Tmrw eve on Awake Radio I will have Eddie Craig as my guest. Eddie Craig, soon to be has a video on youtube viewed over 200,000  times entitled; Secrets Police Don’t Want you to Know, which discusses the Fitness people need to have, the Fitness people gave up, in dealing with Police.
 Eddie says at the beginning of the video, “the American people  are no longer in touch with what their basic, common, unalienable rights actually are”. “We’ve been indoctrinated into surrendering them to the State and those we judge to be an “authority” over us for far too long”. Quotes on authority mine.
 “The indoctrination process has to be done slowly and people don’t even notice any longer, that they’ve been deprived of those rights until it’s far too late”.
 “There’s no such thing as Constitutional Rights”, says Eddie Craig. “When is comes to the American people Constitutional Rights don’t exist. Our rights are inalienable or inherent at Birth”. “They’re given to us by the Creator. Not by “gov”. We created that document to serve us not the other way around”. “The Constitution was created to limit THEIR power and Authority, Not ours! And when they refuse to operate within the boundaries of that authority that’s when you and I the inherent right to take them to task and hold them accountable for what they do”. “We’re being ruled by Judicial Opinion not by law and not by Constitutional limitations of governmental authority”. “We have to start going to the source, the people we have put in place as law makers. When we get rid of a bad law maker we cure a dozen symptoms right off the bat. The more we get rid of bad law makers and put in actual people that Care about our rights and the Constitutional limitations on gov first, the better off we are”.       “The best Gov is the Gov that governs least”- Thomas Jefferson
 “Take back the power that belongs to us and use it accordingly”.
 I’ve blogged about this many times and I have to say it again here. What Eddie Craig is talking about is the exact same thing I was pointing out and saying about the abusive “family” system all my life. Here it is again. Eddie Craig is coming right out and saying it in plain English the way I was at age 6, 7, 8 and on. Those who are supposed to be protecting and serving are doing the exact opposite. The cops are there to use your ignorance against you for revenue generating and see you as guilty! It’s what happened to me in my own house by age 8. It isn’t just the police, it’s ANY “authority” person. All “Parents” to some degree, are all working for that same system and teaching their children to go along with a system that’s working against them. Simple. It might not have been as obvious to some when they were young like it was for me but, unless people grew up with awake and conscious parents who really cared and taught them their rights and fitness, then you were sold out.
 Listening to Eddie Craig I can hear the fitness I’ve been talking about all my life. People have allowed themselves to neglect their connection to health and how natural law works and be diverted by man and the system he’s been diluting and taking away our rights more and more.
 My body went into fight/flight mode at about 7 or 8 years old and never came out. I taught myself by reading many books on what healthy relationships are and my body knew instinctively that my rights were being violated in my own house. I feel enraged when I hear people like Eddie Craig and Mark Passio saying the exact same thing I was saying for decades and was dissed by everyone around me who I needed to be on my side. This is the result of people Not listening to me for over 44 years! The body does not lie! I had more sense at age 7 than any “adult” around me and stood up to “power” and pointed out the violations being done to you right in your own home. There wasn’t ONE “adult” who stepped up! I will Never get over that. I will never get over the utter complacency and lack of fitness that people exhibit in this country! The system is completely upside down! When you have to be your own lawyer, be your own cop, be your own parent, doctor, dentist. What else? That is part of the debt though. It isn’t only about fitness, its about the fact that some people are being psychologically taxes to death! I mean, you have to be able to rely on someone! You can’t be on guard ALL the time! You can’t be hyper vigilant and never be able to relax and trust that someone isn’t going to be putting themselves first at your expense. If “family” doesn’t even really care about doing right by you and you have to watch out for them, the body doesn’t ever get a chance to rest and regenerate. It’s physically and mathematically IMPOSSIBLE to  be on guard with everyone! Which is how I feel at this point. I was RIGHT as a 7 year old and knew better than the losers around me and they’re Criminalizing me! It’s so twisted. The young are telling the truth through their actions and the system is too blind and capitalized to see it. A person needs to have Some one on their side being there Just for them to lean on in order to be able to stand up to those who will do harm and to even recognize those who will do harm.
 Where is the video on how to stand up to abusive “family?” We need a video for that because there are too many people growing up and not being taught their rights by parents and who’s rights are even being violated BY parents just like the Police are doing. Everyone is gradually choosing man made paper over Natural law and instincts. Even those getting screwed.
 The step father in Baltimore who’s stepson broke the police car window with the traffic cone turn himself in are now finding out what happens when you think you’re doing the “right” thing in a system that plays by an entirely different set of rules. Did those 5 cops who beat, shackled and severed the spine of Freddie Gray turn themselves in? Just like in Eddie Craig’s video on how to deal with police, the family of that boy are now finding out they gave up their own rights! Their boy is being held at a higher bail than the cops who killed Freddie Gray. They’re now on TV complaining and being outraged to the 500k bail for their boy and the 100k, I think, for the killer cops! They’re finding out, yet again, like it isn’t obvious enough that these cops psychologically abuse and beat the already, that they screwed themselves by doing the”right” thing in a corrupt system. Like I’ve done too many times to count. Its become too blatantly obvious that the laws of physics has been “altered” by the rigged, for profit system so any slight move you make and you hang yourself and your family.
 This is what I mean when I talk about “family” and parents who are not fit and aware of their rights. They end up doing harm to their own kids thinking they can trust the system. You can’t!
 Parents need to be teaching their kids what Eddie Craig is teaching. Fitness. Parents should be helping kids to be fit in life. Not doing them harm. People are so used to their enslavement they feel strange when one of them, mostly the young, has the courage to step up, like I did at age 7. Its the “parent” that beats the kid into submission and beats the instinct to fight back right out of them!
 I’m not advocating smashing police cars but, when the entire system has failed these kids and they get beaten by cops everyday and see their friends killed by cops, NO one has the right to judge their behavior for breaking some police window! It’s totally justified!! It’s the Least these kids can get away with.
 The cops don’t need to beat the people. They do it to themselves!
 I KNEW my parent was not on my side as a kid. I KNEW to stand up and challenge the Fake authority. Kids are smarter than “adults” who’ve sold out and the kid who knows better than the “adult” gets criminalized! No one teaches these kids then they’re going to judge them for acting out?? The system totally sold these kids out and they KNOW it! And “They’re” the criminal for rising up the only way they know how!
 My question is,, WHO is there to rely on? Who is there for young people, and older people to rely on who are not there to Capitalize on you and use your lack of ability or knowledge against you?
 If there are more people in the system willing to go along for $$ than there are countering it and actually CARING about people, the scale will tip.
 There are videos on youtube showing citizens standing up for their rights to cops. When you do what’s right and people are not used to it and you make people feel bad about themselves, they don’t like you! Instead, it’s their own unfit behavior they should give up. The same way people choose to over eat instead of being trim. Choose lack of exercise instead of being uncomfortable.
 The people in the video literally had to mentally wrestle the cops! I read a similar technique in John Gray’s book, Children are from Heaven 20 years ago. He was teaching parents to stand firm and repeat their direction over and over and not be waived by what the child came back out them with. Parent, “I want you to brush your teeth and go to bed”, child, “I hate you, you never let me stay up”, “brush your teeth and go to bed”, “can’t I just stay up a little longer?”. “I want you to brush your teeth and go to bed”.
 That’s what I’ve been advocating for decades. Mental wrestling and fitness to gain your rightful leverage. I was not very popular. No one but me felt the need for it and now we better hope we haven’t lost so much leverage we can’t regain it.
 Not everyone is going to have an easy time questioning and challenging a cop.
 I felt the Emergency need for relationship fitness over 44 years ago for personal and professional interactions. The setting of boundaries, conscious communication skills.
 I learned and read from growing up in an abusive family that anyone who is truly on your side will not ask you to surrender the very thing they’re supposed to be teaching you to protect. Even husbands, sisters, brothers, cousins. People do not have healthy, fit interactions.
 These tech with police need to be used with anyone especially those in “Authority”.
 We can’t  take anything for granted. We must cultivate fitness or it will not exist. No one will do it for us. Capitalism is seeing to that.


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