The Baltimore police union wants Prosecutor Mosby out!

For me things are clear. I studied psych all my life. I studied as extensively as a person could on Emotional Health and balance. I studied it so intensely because I came from it. When you’re young the body seeks it naturally. Nature knows what to do if people just stopped interfering.
Because I had no one else to rely on to plead my own case. Because I was made to be the guilty one in the “family”, framed and scape goated while neighbors and other “family” did nothing. The lack of mental fitness in this society is staggering. The level that people have been fitted to function according to man’s fake system instead of Nature is extreme. The fact that many people do not realize how much is also extreme.
There is literally NO emotional or Mental health in society unless you actively seek out alternatives and even then it’s difficult to get away from the $$ machine since nature usually gets diluted the second something gets commodified. It takes truly committed people to use $ for good. Over time anyone can get complacent.
The attorney for the Baltimore PD is now actively seeking for the State Prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby to be removed and her indictment of the 6 officers who murdered Freddie Gray overturned!! Full blown corruption out in the open. Video cameras irrelevant!
We’re literally experiencing a full blown dam burst of corruption right in front of us. It cannot be hidden any longer. If people decide to accept it and live with it like they’ve been doing for far too long (which is why its that bad now and that much harder to counter). If people don’t have fit families and relationships at home and don’t call “loved ones” out on there stuff and instead live Co dependently for the $, people will do the same thing with the system. They will accept what they think they’re worth. There are not many people who will walk away from $ in an abusive relationship unless the abuse is severe. But, if the abuse came on over time, the victim just might be too beaten down to muster the strength to leave. Unless a neighbor or co-worker or someone steps in and gives them a place to turn.
It’s much easier to prevent someone from putting you into a headlock than to get out of one once you’re in it! We’re IN one! And those who put us there are NOT letting go!
I get a bit confused at times watching Democracy Now and the guest she had on to discuss this today. The conversation sounds too much as if they’re talking about a legitimate judicial system instead of the system we all know to be and the one Amy herself has covered, the $ and Corporate profit over justice and Human rights!
The corruption is in our faces as plainly as can be and people are still using adjectives to describe it. Unsure of whether it’s a dictatorship or not and as if we have a legit judicial system in the first place.
I know it’s a news show but, where’s the outrage? People should be outraged at the blatant arrogance and spin the BPD union attorney put on it. The more they respond as if attorney Mike Davis is making some valid defense instead of coming from a place of complete and utter arrogance, the scale will never be tipped towards the reality that cops (who are representitive of the entire, militarized, brutal system) are getting what they should have gotten a long time ago! The longer people get away with getting what they want instead of REAL justice, they’re that much more into their mental imbalance and have more of a firm grip. It will that much harder to pry their fingers off of it.
Marilyn Mosby called for an independent investigation on the cops in the Freddie Gray case. She based her decision on the FACTS and evidence of that investigation. How clearer does it have to get? Freddie Gray is DEAD. He died in Baltimore PD custody. It doesn’t get any clearer! But, of course, it’s the cops who are being treated unfairly. Any detection of mental imbalance here?People are getting a Crash corse in Mental health, and it WILL get worse.
I knew early on I had to get Fit! That those around me didn’t use justice, what’s right or facts. It was a dictatorship and the exact attitude Eddie Craig describes in his video on how to deal with police. “It’s a Dictatorship”. Period! And again, the people have only themselves to blame for allowing it to got this far. How much more abuse do you need?
I’ve tried to teach people about the signs and symptoms of abuse for decades. I knew as a child that it didn’t matter who’s right it mattered Who had the “power”. When I got older and more powerful the tune changed pretty quick! When my emotionally tortuous mother saw I could now over power her she did a 180 and started acting like the victim. She had everyone fooled and made me out to be the criminal! This is NOT family!! This is not justice. This is immoral and corrupt!
If this is the American “family” how can we possibly be shocked at what we’re living with today?
We’re creating an entire world of garbage and pollution. Why?
Eddie Craig who has the site Rule Of Law Radio, who teaches people how to protect their rights when dealing with Police says the exactly same thing about police as I was saying when I was 6, 7 and on about the “family” system. Why do we tolerate this? The “family” is the greatest violator of the rights of children. We need to be there for children who are mistreated and abused in their own homes. Who is there for them when the very people who are supposed to be protecting them are the abusers? Its worse than brutal police because the child has no one!


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