PAY YOURSELF and Family FIRST, we could TAKE BACK the OUR Country!

There is a reason why I titled this blog, nature dictates to us, not the other way around. People do not seem to get this basic fact. I continuously speak to people who think its the other way around. People have drifted so far out of alignment from nature they actually believe they know the coordinates instead of admitting as a society, we’re lost. “There’s nothing you can do about the bankers and the corruption” and debt so natural law better just “let it go” and get used to it.
People perpetuate the very thinking that needs to be uprooted but, again, they don’t want to work that hard so natural law better lower the bar. The fact is. Nature does not forgive or forget. Nature does not “get over it”, nature does not “let it go” until it’s needs are satisfied and it’s demands are met. Period. People can have the attitude all they want that the bankers can’t be held accountable, that the corps cannot be stood up to, that Cheney, Bush, Obama & Rumsfeld cannot be convicted on crimes against humanity so it’s the people who just have to find a “comfortable” place with that.
Well, natural law says. To hell with that! That’s the exact attitude that needs to be turned around. That’s the exact attitude that needs to be uprooted and cleaned out. That’s exactly the attitude that the Earth First movement and the Occupy movement were trying to bring to light in institutions that are like, Capitalist run away trains violating people’s rights for $$, like “health care” & the just us system. Nature will rebel and push people to stand up one way or another, the easy way or the hard way.
I received a call from a friend yesterday asking if I could come and pick her up. She was driving to her parents in Bklyn from NYC with a sister and had a fight. She said her sister was yelling in her face and would not let up so when her sister stopped at a red light my friend jumped out.
This is going to happen more and more as long as the psycho, un natural, for $$ over humanity and truth system stays in place. Nature is not the “bad guy”.
Its a no brainer. Math is math, physics is physics and it’s not nature that’s the inconvenience by giving us clear feedback, it’s US! For not getting it!! How dumb are we? It’s amazing people ever learned to walk.
My friend was saying her sister was upset about unresolved issues from the past, feeling robbed of certain things. Their parents aging and needing more care putting pressure on her. I didn’t get all the details but I don’t need all the details to know the truth. The truth tries to express itself so it can get resolved whether in places like Baltimore or in the family system. People have gotten way to comfortable believing our GMO, fake, corrupt, man- made system is real. They forget it isn’t and that there is a force much greater and much more intelligent underneath that’s been covered over. We’ve been disconnected from it for so long and are trained to do the same thing to our healthy feelings and truth. Push them down, get over them, drown them with drugs, shopping, sex and alcohol. I try to teach people basic truths like Listen to the body. The body knows, nature and the earth Know the truth. Sure, it isn’t going to be easy to push back the “power” of the junkie ptb, the Koch Bros., the bankers, big real estate, the “billionaires” who cheat and steal to get what they want but, what else do we have to do on this earth? What else is more important? That’s what needs to be done. Nothing less and “By any means necessary”. People tell their family members to “get over it” and “let go” of healthy, valid, justified feelings because they’re  too greedy! While we turn around and say we can’t arrest bankers and war mongers for killing and stealing from millions of people throughout history. Do people see what’s going on here? Can we see how we’ve adopted such bad social habits that make the “rich” more Sociopathic while shrinking down the very people we should be supporting? Right, it’s our sister who’s venting of missed opportunities in an unskilled way who’s the criminal. We hold those around us to ridiculous and unrealistic standards totally unconsciously while we allow Police & Military to kill with impunity and for the NSA to spy on us and the “gov” to pass the NDAA.
The Psychos that Be can do what ever they want, be as extreme in inhumanity as they please and “there’s nothing you can do about it” yet our relative having a valid meltdown needs to get a grip. The more enough people do not stand up to the out of control lunatics the heavier the weight at the top will be putting more and more pressure on those at the bottom causing them to pop like popcorn kernels.

People continue to perpetrate the injustice on their own family members who lose it by embracing feelings that have been forced into hiding for decades and expect them to conduct themselves with poise and skill?? While Sociopaths have no limits and regulations on their lust for power and $$?? Why would anyone go along with this?
We’re all connected. We can’t expect out of control power junkies getting away with corruption to not have an effect on the people.
The family system is the micro of the macro. The “family” functions very similarly if not exactly like the country/world. The “family” is notorious for abusing and passing down the emotional debt to the vulnerable much the same way as a Corp dumps their toxic pollution on indigenous peoples of the amazon. This is what people are Finally waking up to. This is what I’ve tried to get people to address for decades. The injustices and corruption of the family. Its all connected to the larger corruption. If “family” members are not willing to look at and deal with issues and hear those out who feel they were robbed or violated in some way and those who they feel infringed on their rights, own it and apologize and take steps to improve, then why should we be shocked that we have a “gov” that openly violates the rights of it’s citizens and wreaks destruction on innocent people all over the globe for power?
If the “family” system uses the children for the emotional garbage dump of the “parents” then why shouldn’t the “gov” do the same?
It’s precisely because people don’t own their rights and stand up to their own “gov” that the innocent and vulnerable have it dumped on them. Many people are too cowardly to push back against the system and instead let the bill fall where it doesn’t belong, on the innocent. This has become normal such that fitness is the enemy. That’s what the poor and marginalized are; the human garbage dump. The emotional garbage dump.
The Fact is, the “family” is doing the work for the “gov” and corps preparing them later as “adults” to tolerate their enslavement and accept the debt while the ptb, “too big to Jail”, “parents”  are not held accountable. How can it be otherwise if most parents follow the system and do not question or challenge their “gov”, or know their rights? How many “parents” teach their children their rights, or to be who they’re meant to be in life, to stand up for justice and be considerate of others? How many “parents” raise their children to their fullest expression in a healthy and balanced way? How many parents are conscious of not passing their emotional garbage onto their children? How many parents reach their full level of emotional health and maturity first so they, then can teach that to their children? How many “parents” live their dreams so they can show their children how to live and be happy and healthy?
We live in a debt based world. Live it up now, leave debt and pollution for your kids to inherit. That includes Emotional debt. It’s all part of this corrupt system. The family is just the smaller version.
Teaching kids to live smaller or more GMO’d from the way they’re meant to.
My friend says to me referencing her sister, “you can’t change the past”,  “the past is in the past and we have to let it go”. I don’t know about those reading this but I disagree whole heartedly. When people want to find truth they seek out history. We turn to the evidence and the facts. That’s what we should do everyday. That is what Yoga practice is all about. Having an inner compass, knowing where we are in time and space and knowing what direction to move.
Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it. -George Santayana Spanish-American philosopher.
Are we going to allow Mad Men to disorient us and force us to live in utter confusion because bankers and corps are “too big to Jail?” Are we going to allow ourselves to live in complete psychological and spiritual pollution because the ptb are Junkies for profit? Are we going to continue allowing the innocent to take the hit for the Psychos that Be because it’s too hard to hold them accountable?

This is what all the recent protests are all about, Black Lives Matter, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Jullian Assange, the whistle blowing is all about and why the truth tellers get sentenced to jail time while those they expose as the real criminals and liars do not. People do the same to those who upset the status quo of the family system. It’s too uncomfortable and too much work to start digging up old issues, old wounds. But, in order to heal and find justice that’s exactly what’s needed. What else is there to do? Keep the debt perpetuating?
Are the Central Park 5 supposed to just get over being falsely arrested and jailed for over 10 years for something they didn’t do? Just “get over it” and “let it go?” Why should they? Again, it doesn’t matter who it is, if people are responsible and harmed the innocent, justice should prevail, whether at home or in society. Why should children from abusive or emotionally harmful families have it any different than the CP5? Any innocent person deserves justice. Will anyone who falsely imprisoned the CP5 ever do jail time? Why the hell not? Why does the city get off with just a $$ pay off? Why did the CP5 have to wait 25 years when they were exonerated back in 2002? Why is the system so swift when it comes to imprisoning the innocent and get cases over with so the cops & DA’s can have their fake careers when “just us” moves at a sloth’s pace when its the other way around and the exonerated deserve, at least, an apology and compensation?
This is what I’ve been asking about myself from living in a totally neglectful, emotionally abandoning and abusive home. Why shouldn’t adults be compensated for being abused in their homes as children? Of course they should. We must turn around the One Way system. Why should the innocent and vulnerable have to accept being screwed and robbed in their own homes by their own “parents”, the very people they need to reply on for guidance and leadership? Why do we set up the entire system to be constructed in a, for $$ only, dumping the Debt on the innocent and nature, and not set up for real justice by holding the real perpetrators accountable. The whole point is to turn the tide around and put a stop to dumping pollution in the Amazon, the BP oil spill in the gulf, possible Shell drilling in the Arctic, fracking, the TPP, bankers dumping their arrogance on the public while people like Freddie Gray and Eric Garner get publically executed for nonsense. Why? Because the system is set up for the vulnerable to be the garbage dump of the for- profit- over- decency system. And people like my friend are playing right into it.
I feel that the “family” system is worse than “gov” abuse because in the family the children are totally innocent and see the parent as some god that can do no wrong even when that parent is abusive. The child will take on the blame in many instances, because the child needs to see the parent as competent. If the parent is ill then what will happen to the child?
The same thing happens as adults. People do not want to admit their “gov” is ill and needs to be overthrown. The people, if not raised by healthy parents, has the same debt-based attitude towards the gov. They can’t see it as bad because they need it. The same dynamic happens in Any dysfunctional, Co-dependent relationship. Both parties inter- relate in debt based ways, depleting each others energy instead of charging each other. Same thing happens with my cell phone. Charge goes down instead of up when trying to charge it.
Children NEED parents they can look up to and rely on. There is no compromising nature. They need emotionally healthy people who can be there for them and handle a child’s healthy outbursts. If the parent is immature and emotionally damaged, they will get triggered by their child’s healthy behavior and get caught up in a child to child conflict. This is why the emotional debt can perpetuate indefinitely til the parties involved bleed all there energy out and the relationship economy crashes. Because children didn’t have a healthy parent to charge their battery fully and drained it instead, later when they come together to try to form healthy relationships the same thing happens. They don’t know how to relate to feed a relationship. They end up depleting each other. The healthy exchange is off balance.  Even fairly healthy people can experience this. Most people don’t receive a “full charge” of their esteem from their families. They end up living and working for $ and never attain their full capabilities where they’re able to make $ being who they’re meant to be. Too many people think being an “adult” means just having a job and paying bills while never reaching for their dreams. Then, they pass that unfulfilled life onto their children.
This system is proving that we need to be fit and courageous to stand up to the Sociopaths that Be. Because people don’t take the life that’s rightfully theirs the ptb take our share and use it against us. That’s how physics & Natural law work. There’s No Way around Natural Law.


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