We are fast becoming completely disconnected from how nature works. In this fake, man-made habitat we’ve created man has over ridden nature, has over emphasized the intellect over the body and is fast on our way to total self destruction.
I’m calling this post Monsanto Family because of the relationship disconnect from nature we are currently in. “Families” are not raising “Organic” children, although I’m sure that there are some conscious parents that make an effort. What I mean by that is that, most “parents” do not Raise children to their fullest expression or to be who they naturally are. Don’t take my word for it, all we have to do is look. Look at the state of our world, of this country. People do not grow to full maturity and divert to man-made $ instead. “Parents” who teach their children to place $ above being who they naturally are, are “raising” Monsanto humans. The further from nature we get, the further from Nature we get. It’s a Debt cycle that will perpetuate itself til exhaustion like Altered Mental Status.
It is not hard to figure out that our man-made system is in direct opposition to Natural Law. We are not living in alignment to the way Natural Law works. Is there anyone that can argue that? I’m sure there are plenty. Corps and those who work for them and all those who are bought and paid for. Those people are ill and addicted to fake “profit” just like a Junkie. This is serious.
The “family” system, neighbors and the community that keep each other down and punish anyone who tries to rear their head and look above the prison. That’s been my experience all my life. It never was the bankers or Corps directly that do the oppressing. They might be the ones in the shadows pulling the strings but, it’s the people who perpetuate it and enslave themselves and their children.
Self worth and health is the real wealth. A healthy amount of self-confidence, self respect and regard is how people should be raised. Does anyone even know what that is anymore? What does it mean to raise children healthily?  To know their rights? We have literally sold our children out for GMO, man-made, illusion of wealth. We’ve sold our True Value, our essence, our Spirit for some gadgets, materialism, the illusion of a career and the illusion of power. Real achievement must be done in REALITY.
Relationship fitness is about the way nature and fitness actually work. The direction fitness and health actually go in. People have turned the direction fitness is meant to flow in and have helped turned it the wrong way and perpetuate the wrong direction by not paying attention to their bad habits.
I like to talk about optimum health & fitness. Most people never reach their full potential physically, emotionally or spiritually. They’re brought up to a certain point then stop. As long as the people stop growing and the banks and corporations continue to grow, you don’t have to be a physicist to see what’s going to happen. Its a mathematical certainty. Real wealth is optimum health and knowledge. Reaching our fullest, optimum level of fitness so we have better leverage to counter those who’ve hijacked GMO power. If we’re only raised so much then stop learning, stop growing, stop challenging ourselves, our real wealth will only be getting spent from there. We won’t be facing life with a Full bank account of wealth and those who have more leverage will continue to gain more while we will lose more of our “battery charge”. Obviously it isn’t $ that is the answer, it’s the mind set of the person. “Good” people don’t get anywhere going after $ because they’re competing with people who are not going after $, they’re using their and YOUR “inner currency” of manipulation and deceit. The people must own our Rightful share of assertion.  We must use our Rightful share of our Innate currency, our fitness, our knowledge to get ahead and not think that $, the fake currency, is the answer. We must exercise our True currency or we will lose. That’s the lesson. The fake currency of $ will only make us lose more of our True currency if we don’t realize this.
If people are not raised with some level of fitness, of some level of engagement in the family to know what it feels like to be treated appropriately, how can people recognize when they’re being mistreated? How can people recognize when their “gov” is robbing them of their rights if they were never taught they even had any? There must be some Definition between family and the outside to be able to recognize one from the other. If family doesn’t treat one with worth and respect, people won’t notice anything is wrong when they’re being disrespected or abused. That’s why people who grew up in domestic violence end up marrying abusers or being an abuser.
Then, families need to turn to their community to get help from their “family”, like I did when I was young. I was looking to people outside the family to save me from my “family”. The fact that no one sees a problem with this is more psych debt added on. Instead of neighbors recognizing this as a problem that needs to be addressed and turned around, that this is a sign of a serious social problem, they ignore it and allow it to perpetuate and lead to even larger social problems we have today.
These kinds of family/social problems are social diseases that need healing. People clearly accept the low standard of health they deserve if they allow these kinds of issues to be ignored and left to spread.
We’ve clearly chosen, unconsciously or consciously, to put $$ and man-made over health and Natural Law. The more people can admit that so we can begin turning things around the better chance we have of surviving.
As long as there are more GMO people addicted to man-made, fake $$, the more were finished.


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