CHERYL DORSEY, Bringing a Gun to a Pool Party, Cop suspended

Cheryl Dorsey spent over 2 decades at the LAPD and wrote the book, The Creation of a Manifesto: Black & Blue, in referring to officer Casebolt, said, “I see a “Bully”. Casebolt was the TX officer who responded to a disturbance in McKinney TX and began corralling black teens and pinning down a 14 year old girl wearing only a bathing suit, pushing her face to the ground and leaning his knee on her back. The 14 year old girl failed to obey Casebolts orders which is why she was targeted. Cheryl Dorsey called it, “contempt of cop”, when you don’t do what an cop says there’s a “price to pay”. In many cases that price is death but, luckily that didn’t happen here. “That officer needs to be fired”. Cheryl Dorsey went on to say that if we looked into this officers past we would find a history of complaints of over zealousness, excessive force and that the Police Dept does what many Depts do which is to “minimize & mitigate that bad behavior” then, the officer “lives to offend again”. This isn’t the first time Casebolt used his weapon as a “Bullying tool”, an “intimidation tool” to get the teens to sit down and shut up.
Amy Goodman even asked if Casebolt should be charged with assault on top of being fired. “Isn’t this outright assault?” Cheryl Dosey’s responded by saying that if that were an average person they’d be charged with a “litany” of charges, “assault with a deadly weapon which is a felony”. Cheryl also mentions the fact that the other officers there are culpable and aided Senior officer Casebolt instead of trying to get him to stop    or stand down. The other officers blindly followed his orders to “go get that MFr”. Is this how Sr officers train jr officers?
When asked by Aaron Mate what needs to be done Cheryl reply, “officers need to be psychologically evaluated intermittently”. Cops get tested when they first get hired then that’s it. Based on what Police are subjected to on patrol daily it makes sense that they’re evaluated periodically. Cheryl said we have to check the officers periodically to make sure their “heads on straight, that they’re not jaded”. Cheryl spoke about Depts not promoting officers based on time on the job but on cops showing Compassion and empathy for people and have that determine if an officers advances. Looking at people as if, “that could be my son, daughter or sister”.   When its found that officers aren’t meant to be officers they should be fired, not resigned, so there’s a record and that officer can’t move from Jennings PD to Ferguson, like Darrin Wilson did, and kill Mike Brown.
I completely agreed. We change the oil in our cars and get them tuned up don’t we? When anything or anyone gets used and abused it needs maintenance.
I’m writing this blog because this woman highlighted what I constantly try to bring to light. The total lack of mental health and healing. The macho attitude that if you admit you need help you’re weak or, God forbid, a “sissy”. I can’t believe we still live with this nonsense. It’s just basic Math and accounting that when things get used and spent they need replenishing. Its physical, not anything else.
This is why I tried teaching people about Yoga practice and emotional healing for decades so that people can just learn to Tell the TRUTH about what you feel. We get into psych DEBT when we maintain that mach BS of not wanting to acknowledge reality and the fact that we’re spent and need to refill. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that! It’s that, For profit, Capitalism, excessive machismo attitude that’s taken over so we can push nature and our bodies to their limit for $$ that must END!
There is never any reason to compromise our health. Done means done and we only get situations like this when we deny facts and our emotional health.
There is NO getting over on Nature!! The facts will always reveal themselves no matter what we do! Why not just admit it??
These types are situations are signs that man’s system is Ripping away from nature. Its CLEAR that Nature and health are not aligned with the “job”. People have been so conditioned to surrender their mental and physical health for $ and in the job of a cop it just shows up more.
It’s the same reason I write a lot about the “family” system and “parents”. How can children fire parents if they’re not suited to the job, which there are many? This woman Cheryl Dorsey is holding the same standards I tried to hold with my own parent when I was a child and received the same response from people of minimizing the wrong doer’s behavior like PD does with cops.  Man made system is functioning at one pace, fast, make $$, and nature is functioning at another. Even when the facts and evidence are glaring people in the face many would rather deny the reality an perpetuate the Osteoporosis system, the digging into the muscle and bone system, the macho system rather than admit we’re digging into the muscle and bone.


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